We Breed, We Train, We Care as a Family!

New England MSK Family & Friends Coat Care/Grooming Workshop & Get Together

 This workshop will teach you coat care and maintenance and basics of  grooming for new owners, advanced show grooming for groomers and owners  who want to learn.  

The plan is for me to groom one side of the dog and the owner or pro groomer who is grooming/planning to groom this BRT would groom a second side. 

Of course i will be there for Q&A and hand on help! 


Non Midnight Solo BRT owners are welcome to join us!

BRT is high maintenance breed.  Correct tools and techniques will keep your Blackie's coat at its best and will save you time! 

Non MSK BRT owners are welcome to join us! Please text/call Carol Meehan for availability 617-816-7693 and to reserve your spot.

  I am so looking forward to seeing/meeting  our family members. I am very excited to see our BRTs growing!  

We always learn a lot and have fun no matter what we set to do together!  


MSK is going to Christmas Pet Expo Nov 23-24, 2019!

There's much to see here. Much to do!  If you and your MSK BRT would like to volunteer at our booth #439 , please call/text PM or email  Jean to schedule Cell 226-456-0247 


Introduction to Parkour Sport April 25th, 2019


 6 pm to 9 pm 

At Oxford Dog Sports Hall 

We had a full house.  Several teams earned PKD Novice titles afterwards. 

Click to view Flyer  .

MSK Family Re-union at Ang's June 1st, 2019


 We had another fantastic  MSK family re union and Fun day. 

Thank you so much for making this day such fun! We hope to see more of you next year!
Please visit out Photoalbum on Facebook 

and Photo  Gallery.  

2019 BRTCC Nationals Sept.7th, 2019


MSK Kennel was well represented and did an amazing job! 

Congratulations goes to :
Natioanls- Judge- John Muldoon, Ireland
Kicka - Select Bitch
Chopa - Winner Dog
Honey - Best Junior Puppy
Am Show   Judge. MS S . Bell:
Luna- Best of Opposite Sex
Raven - Select Bitch
Chopa - reserved Winner
Honey - Best Junior Puppy
Click Here for FB Full report

Canadian Pet Expo April 19-21, 2019


 MSK and our BRTs did a fantastic job. 

Created thousands of people over Easter weekend at the Expo. 

 Archie( Zues x Meeka) and Luna passed CGN. 

Please see pictures on our site 

and on FB 

CGN tests with Jean Brown


 London Canine Association Show

on July 14th, 2019- 24 teams entered! 

KW Pet Expo - A Show for Pet Lovers  

May 5th, 2019 

I was a CGN evaluator with my assistant Luna. 15 teams passed CGN!

at Kitchener Memorial Auditorium

TT Aug 10th, 2019


 TTAC had a great TT.  Thank you Kim Pritchard and K9 Solutions for a well organized event.

27 teams were entered , 22 successfully passed Temperament test and received Certificates. 

Thank you Irena Polonsky and Kevin Barrett for an outstanding job!