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KICKA, my Loyal Sidekick

Kicka's Full name:


GCH CKC  CH CKC   CH UKC  CH PKD  TDCH Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva,
                      SN (SC SI SE SV) MI MC CKC RN RA RE RM CD CD-X UCD URO1 URO2 UWP PKD-N  FF1 FF2 FF3 UN1 UN2 UN3 IN1 IN2 IN3

Best in Show (UKC)

TOP UKC Show BRT in 2018 - #3

HIT- High in Trial x 16 

 Top Canadian (CKC) Show BRT-   2018 - #9

  Award of Merit in 2018 Nationals:  Award of Merit. Judge Ursula (Timmy) Ralfe
                              Top CKC Show BRT in  2016, 2017  #7 in Canada
                #1 CKC Obedience BRT 2018 and 2017
          #2 CKC Rally Obedience BRT 2017, 2018
                                                           BRTCC Versatility Dog Designation - earned in 2017                                   
1st BRT in Canada to earn Master Rally title 

High BH In trial

Kicka earned FIVE Champion titles, 64 titles in total not counting 16 HITs and BIS

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DOB: September 20th , 2015


 SIRE:  Wriley- Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN  RA  RE  RAE TD  ADC- SSS  AGNS AADC.  

# 1  CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014  

 #4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.   

Top CKC Agility BRT in 2015.( #1 in Canada)  

 1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE title 

 1st CKC TD titled BRT in Canada (Tracking Dog)     

DAM:  Viva- CKC CH. UKC CH IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion  CH-PKD TDCH 

Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres ..etc..

AKC Achiever Dog  

#8 Show BRT in Canada 2014  

#1 CKC BRT in Rally Obedience in 2016

Viva has earned 66 titled in total

Owner: Jean Brown , London Ontario Canada

Health Checks

Kicka Lives in MSK Headquarters


  Kicka, short for Sidekick is my canine partner.  She is funny, happy, gorgeous, impossible not to fall in love with. My SideKick is a life force with great problem solving skills, up for anything, learns with great zeal, loves to please.
Kicka is a true testament to MSK Breeding program & my training skills. I see so many wonderful traits, body language & habits in Kicka passed down from generations of Midnight Solo amazing multi talented working BRTs. Every day I am blessed seeing glimpses of Wriley, Viva, Marley, Moses and Rusah in my Sidekick.

So far my Kicka exceeded all my expectations. 

She is successfully competing in 9 different modalities: IPO or Schutzhund: tracking, obedience and protection; Nose Work - Scent detection; Competitive Obedience, Rally Obedience, Parkour Dog, Conformation, AKC  & DMWYD tricks. 

I am very proud of my girl!
My hope and prayer is that I will be able to lead her to her full potential.  

Videos of Kicka

Kicka's Achievements. 60titles,16 HITs. Best in Show:

60 titles, 16 HITs.  Best in Show:

CKC GCH- Grand Champion of Canada

CKC CH- Champion on Canadian Kennel Club

UKC CH - Champion- United Kennel Club

CH PKD- Parkour Dog Champion

TDCH- Trick Dog Champion

CGN- Canine Good Neighbour
TT- Temperament test
BH- High BH In trial (Schutzhund obedience and TT)
FPr1 - Schutzhund (IPO) Tracking Title - Level one
FPr2 - Schutzhund (IPO) Tracking Title - Level two

UWP- United Weight Puller title-  UKC

URO1- Rally Obedience Title Level 1- UKC 

URO2 - Rally Obedience Title Level 1- UKC

UCD - United Companion Dog- Obedience title-UKC

CKC RN- Rally Obedience Novice Title

CKC RA - Rally Obedience Advanced Title 

CKC RE- Rally Obedience Excellent Title

CKC RM - Rally Obedience Novice Title

CKC CD - Companion Dog Obedience Title

CD-X -Companion Dog Excellent Obedience Title

RATI- Barn Hunt Instinct Title

RATN - Barn Hunt Novice Title 

Scent Detection Titles:

HDN - Novice Handler Discrimination

HDA - Advanced handler Discrimination

5 Pre Trial Titiles- Locating a hidden scent in one of     12 boxes in 1 minute: PTN - birch, PTA- anice, 

PTS - clove,  PTM- Myrrh PTE-  Vetiver 

NN Novice Nose Work Title:

    NC- Novice Container Search Title

    NI - Novice Interior Search Title

    NV - Novice Vehicle Search Title

    NE - Novice Exterior Search Title


AN- Advanced Nose Work Title:

   AC - Advanced Container Search Title 

   AI -  Advanced Interior Search Title

   AV -  Advanced Vehicle Search Title

   AE - Advanced Exterior Search Title

SN - Superior Nose Work Title:

  SC - Superior Container Search Title 

  SI - Superior Interior Search Title

  SE - Superior Exterior Search Title

  SV-  Superior Vehicle Search Title

MI - Master Interior Search title
MC- Master Container Search Title

Parkour Dog Titles a.k.a Urban Agility:

PKD-N - Parour Dog Novice Title 

FF1- Four Feet On Specialist Level 1 Title

FF2 - Four Feet On Specialist Level 2 Title

FF3 -  Four Feet On Specialist Level 3 Title

UN1 - Under Specialist Level1Title

UN 2 - Under Specialist Level 2 Title

UN 3 - Under Specialist Level 3 Title

IN1 - Four Feet in Specialist Level 1 Title

IN2 - Four Feet in Specialist Level 2 Title

IN3 - Four Feet in Specialist Level 3 Title

Trick Dog Titles:

DMWYD: Do More With Your Dogs Titles:

NTD- Novice Trick Dogs Title

ITD - Intermediate Trick Dogs Title

ATD - Advanced Trick DogTitle

ETD -  Expert Trick Dog Title

AKC NTD - Novice Trick Dogs Title

AKC ITD - Intermediate Trick Dogs Title 

AKC ATD Advanced Trick Dog Title

AKC PTD - Performer Trick Dog Title