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Midnight Solo Foreign Affair CGC AKC NTD ITD ATD DMWYD NTD ITD ATD


DOB: November 24th, 2017


SIRE:  Zeus - AKC Champion Cerebrus of Seven Oaks  

DAM: Meeka - CKC CH,IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja,  CGN,TT,  UKC   PTN, PTA,PTS,PTM, PTE, NN- Novice Nosework title:NC,NE,  NV,NI;  Advanced   Nosework Title: AC AI AV AE; Superior Nosework  Title: SC SI   SV   SE  MC UWP RATI  RATN  URO1 URO2  UKC HDN. 

Owners: Igor T. MD, USA 


Vader's Accomplishments:

Canine Good Citizen

Novice trick Dog Title - DMWYD

Intermediate Trick Dog title 

AKC Novice trick Dog


Vader's accomplishments:

CGC - Canine Good Citizen 

Trick Dog Titles

AKC Titles:

 NTD- Novice trick Dog Title 

 ITD - Intermediate Trick Dog title

 ATD - Advanced Trik Dog Title 

DMWYD Trick Titles:

DMWYD- Do More With Your Dogs 

NTD- Novice trick Dog Title 

ITD - Intermediate Trick Dog title

ATD - Advanced Trik Dog Title 

Intermediate trick Dog title Starring Vader