We Breed, We Train, We Care as a Family!

We will choose a most suitable pup for you.

We observe all pups from birth


 When the litter is  whelped, we most likely  have deposits from people on our waiting list for a male or a  female puppy.   All applicants at that point have already  filled out our Puppy  Application, have been interviewed on the phone or in person and were approved to purchase one of our puppies.  Even though we are aware of  prospective puppy  owners’ goals and expectations for the pup they are  waiting for, at that time  we do not know which puppy will go to which  home. 

MSK litter is with a human 24/7


 Puppies are home raised  either at Midnight Solo Headquarters or by members of our extended Family.                       The  litter is well taken care of and socialized to  the best of our abilities,  exposed to different surfaces, such as  linoleum, hard wood, carpet, wood deck,  grass and  gravel in summer or  snow in  winter  and as many sounds as we can find life or on CDs.

Puppy Gym is introduced at 3 weeks of age.  We build drive, use flirt pole,  teach to fetch, 

Pups are Socialized & Handled


 Puppies are handled by many people and  children, exposed to a person in  a wheelchair, and other dogs.   In  the  first 2 weeks we implement bio-sensory program that is thought to  give an extra  boost to immune, adrenal and cardio-vascular systems,  giving our pups a great  start in life.  

Raised on Balanced Raw Food


 By the time pups are ready  to go to the new home, they have been handled, washed, blow dried and groomed  several times. 
We carefully observe the  litter, weigh them every  day for first 30 days to insure proper food intake and  take detailed  notes on each puppy, keeping in mind each family’s expectations.  

Basic Clicker & House Trained


We are proud of being the first BRT Breeder on a Map of Puppy Culture World, AKC Breeder of Merit. Our kennel is actively involved in Better Bred Genetic program.

MSK Pups are exposed to a baby dog walk, wobble board, tunnel, puppy pool.

We load the clicker, teach basic recall and several interactive games. 

Every pup is aptitude tested


 At approximately 7 weeks  pups are  vaccinated, micro chipped and carefully examined by our vet.  Then we  assess each litter and each puppy for aptitude for  learning, problem solving skills,  basic temperament trends and ability to  handle stress in various  situations.
When the test is completed  we spend hours  elaborating which puppy will be most suited for a family/person  that is  waiting for it. 

MSK selection process Works:


Our goal is to give each  potential  buyer a puppy that will fit their lifestyle and meet their  expectation  for the work their planning to do with our BRT:   lovely   companion, service or  therapy dog, dog, competitive obedience, scent detection , rally,  tracking,  SAR dog, show or Protection dog  etc. 

Make sure your goals are clear


It is also very important to us to place each  puppy  in a home where they can develop and grow up to their full potential:   physically and mentally. 

Trust us & your puppy will suit your lifestyle perfectly


 Puppies with open registration sold only to  people who share Midnight Solo’s vision for the breed and are able and willing to do the work it takes to raise an all round BRT that  excels in show ring, competes and is titled in one or several  performance modalities that the pup is most gifted in.  

We are committed to our Family


Our BRTs are our beloved companions,   our best friends  and partners, have excellent temperament, structure, health and earn  many  conformation and working titles before we consider breeding. 

We are Grateful to MSK BRT owners


It is only fair to expect the same level of commitment from our breeding partners. 

We are grateful to each owner for choosing and loving our Puppies.

Join our Canine family!


Looking forward to seeing our MSK family Grow.

If you share our passion and vision, contact us to reserve your puppy