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Atlas' Full name:

 Pallada Atlas of Sherwal, CGC, AKC RN. 


DOB: April 28th , 2015

 SIRE: Yukko Lajosh s Bostora Vostochnogo
DAM: CKC CH. Sibirski Medved Chernaya Koroleva

Owner:  Teresa Wooden, MI, USA 

Co-Owner:  Jean Brown

Atlas Sired our "G" Litter in 2018 , gave us 8 great puppies


Atlas is a magnificent huge male:

When Teresa, Atla's owner contacted me about a puppy, the idea of bringing Atlas into our MSK family was born. 

Atlas flew from Alberta to Toronto, spent a week with me before going home to love and be loved by Teresa. 


  " I was searching  for a very special type of  dog, with the soul of a companion and the heart of a lion.  I am an artist who works late into the night  in my  studio, my husband travels and is home only on  weekends.   

For years we had Airedales  who, with their intense loyalty and courage,  gave me a sense of security while  I worked alone in my studio.  After  our  last Airedale passed, I thought I would never find another to take  his place in  my heart and at my side.  But then Atlas  came into our  lives, and he has been everything I could have hoped for.                        The first thing you notice about Atlas is his  size.  He is big.   Really big.  He has startled more  than a few people  on state park trails as they think they are encountering a  bear!  He  is stunning in appearance and  draws a crowd wherever we go.  He is a   magnet.                          

Atlas is extremely well-trained and obedient.  In  fact, having had dogs of several breeds  for my entire life, I can say  that I have never had a dog that was more willing  to train and work for  me than he is.  We  achieved AKC Canine Good Citizen and AKC Rally  Obedience Champion last year.  He passed the entrance exam for a very  strict  certified therapy dog program.  My work  does not allow me to  pursue more titles, but I have no doubt he could earn them  with ease.    


Close the deal

  Atlas’ main job is to be my companion and  security, and this  he does extremely well.  He is incredibly  loving to  everyone in the family, loves children and family dogs, but is equally as guarding against strangers. He will  put himself between me and any  stranger, and in a very calm and quiet but  steadfast manner, will  arrest their approach simply by his presence.  If they continue to  advance, his low growl is  all that is needed to stop them in their  tracks.                         Amazingly, however, if I introduce any  stranger  to him and give him the “okay”, he becomes a wriggling mountain of  happiness to greet them.  He is extremely  well trained and responsive  to my direction.   In addition, he guards our rural home and alerts if  any dogs, people or  vehicles come onto the property.           At home he is the most loving, snuggly, playful  dog we’ve  ever had, and retains the personality of a puppy even now.  He would love to crawl up and sit on our  laps, but at 140+  pounds he is banned from the couch.  He is constantly at my  side as if attached  by an invisible thread…getting up and following me from  room to room,  lying beside me as I work, sleeping beside my bed.  His devotion to me  moves my heart, and I know  I have found the companion I was seeking.    Plus, I feel 100% safe staying alone all week, knowing that he will have   the courage and presence to protect me if needed.  He is amazing.