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Tavo's Full name:


  Midnight Solo Carved in Stone,  

TOT (Birch, Anice, Clove), 

PSD- SDN(Scent Dog Novice): NC, NS, ND, NB, NE, PSD-SDA (Scent Dog Advanced):AC, AS, AD, AB, AE, 

PSD-SDE (Scent Dog Excellent): EC, ES, ED, EB, EE;  PSD-BED (Bronze Excellent Distance)

CHU N/N  JLPP - clear.   Hips- Good , Elbows , Cardiac, Eyes - Normal 


  DOB: July 9th , 2016 


SIRE: Bruin - IABCA Int Ch. Midnight Solo Urban Myth, CGC, TT, TDI, RN, RATI  

DAM: Meeka - CKC CH,IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja,  CGN,TT, UKC   PTN, PTA,PTS,PTM, PTE, NN- Novice Nosework title:NC,NE,  NV,NI; Advanced   Nosework Title: AC AI AV AE; Superior Nosework  Title: SC SI  SV   SE  MC UWP RATI  RATN  URO1 URO2  UKC HDN.  

Owner:  Teri MacMillan, Boston USA
Co- Owner: Jean Brown

CHU N/N  JLPP - clear.   Hips- Good , Elbows , Cardiac, Eyes - Normal   


Tavo Lives in a busy and creative household 

Tavo is an agile, happy, creative  and active male that loves scent work and is doing an excellent job at it! 

When he came into Teri's family, she had Standard Poodles.

Tavo's older "sis" BRT Inka keeps him on his toes!

They play together and both love and compete in Scent detection. 

Tavo's Achievements:

Scent detection - Performance Scent Dogs Club:

TOT (Birch, Anice, Clove)- Target Odour Test Titles

PSD- SDN - Scent Dog Novice title:

         NC- Novice Container Search Title

         NE - Novice Exterior Search Title

         ND - Novice Distance  Search Title

         NS - Novice Speed Search Title

         NI - Novice Interior Search Title

         NB - Novice Building  Search Title 

PSD - SDA - Advanced Scent Detection Title:  

         AC- Advanced Container Search Title

         AE - Advanced Exterior Search Title

         AD - Advanced Distance  Search Title

         AS - Advanced Speed Search Title

         AI - Advanced Interior Search Title

         AB - Advanced Building  Search Title 

PSD-SDE-Scent Dog Excellent  Title

        EC- Excellent Container Search Title

        ES- Excellent Speed Search Title 

        ED - Excellent Distance  Search Title

        EB- Excellent  Building  Search Title

        EE  - Excellent Exterior Search Title

        EB - Excellent Building  Search Title 

 PSD-BED (Bronze Excellent Distance)