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Meeka's Full name:

 CKC CH,IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion   Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja, CGN TT  UKC  PTN PTA PTS PTM PTE  NN- Novice NoseWork title:NC,NE, NV,NI; Advanced  Nosework Title: AC, AI, AV, AE; Superior Nosework Title:SC,  ,SI, SV,  SE; MC,MV EC UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1,URO2, UKC HDN. 

Versatility Dog - BRTCC 2016 

High In Trial x 4  

1st BRT in Canada to earn Nose Work, Weight pulling and Barn Hunt titles!  

1st Novice Handler Discrimination Scent Work  BRT in North America- Feb 2016.  

Dam of MSK "C", "F"anmd "I"  litters, Mom of many awesome show and performance BRT   


DOB October 10, 2012  

SIRE: Our beloved Marley -Multi Champion Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, BH CGN TT  CD CD-X  DD CARO RN  


BISS 2007 Canada RBCSWO, 

2008 Top  CKC Obedience BRT,  Dog Award CKC Top Conformation BRT, placed 6 in CANADA in  2008 , 

#1 CKC  Rallly Obedience BRT 2011
2x HIT ( High In Trial)
DAM: DIVA - Dt.Ch(KIT), Dt.Ch.(VDH),DK Ch.,Dt Jgds.Ch (KIT),L-Lgd.Ch.Kl.JgdD, Win.-Jgd Amst Cennaja Taras Sarja

Owner:  Angela Gradish  

Meeka is a wonderful Mom. She gave us 2 great litters of fantastic companions , show and performance BRTs.   Litter C (Bruin x Meeka - 10 great puppies) ; meet some of them: Reign, Katana, Tavo, Rogue.   

Litter F (Zeus x Meeka)  - 13 excellent pups among them are Raven and Zina.  



Meeka Lives with four kids & is very loved :

 “Meeka is my heart dog, not only is she my  training partner and  shadow she is also an irreplaceable part of our family.   Meeka has been  raised and trained with the help of our 4 children, they  all play an  active part in Meeka's life.  From my 12 year old who helps  with  Nosework training and comes with us to all our trials right down to my 4  year  old who has developed the most incredible bond with her, Meeka is  truly devoted  to our family.    Meeka has phenomenal working drive and  has excelled  in many different venues such as Rally Obedience, Weight  Pull, Barn Hunt and  Nosework.   This girl loves to work and her stamina  and focus are  amazing to watch.  Her protection instincts are strong  and she takes this  job seriously.  Meeka has passed all health checks  and is in excellent  physical condition.  She has also passed her Canine  Good Neighbour and  Temperament Test and is a true testament to the  breed”  


                                                                    Ang Gradish, owner

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Meeka's Achievements:

CKC Champion ,
IABCA International& National Puppy Champion 

1st BRT in Canada to earn Nose Work, Weight pulling and Barn Hunt titles!  

1st Novice Handler Discrimination Scent Work  BRT in North America- Feb 2016.                       
HIT - High in Trial Scent detection. Elite Container search.      
HIT - High In Trial - Scent Detection- Superior Exterior Search 

HIT - High In Trial - Scent detection-  Master Vehicle Search  x 2

CGN- Canine Good Neighbour 

TT- Temperament Test 

UKC Scent Detection: 

PTs - Pre Trial Titles: Novice, Advanced, Superior, Master and Elite

NN- Novice Nose Work title: includes Novice titles in all Four  Search elements: Container, Interior, exterior and Vehicles.

AN- Advanced NoseWork Title:  Advanced Container, Interior, exterior and Vehicles Titles. 

SN- Superior Nosework Title: Superior Container, Interior, exterior and Vehicles Search Titles.

MC- Master Container Search Title

MV - Master Vehicle Search Title 

EC- Elite Container Search title (5th and highest level)

NHD- Novice Handler Discrimination Title - scent work 

UWP -United Weight Puller Title 

RATI - Barn Hunt Instinct title 

RATN - Barn Hunt Novice title

URO Rally Obedience Level one  in UKC 

URO2- Rally Obedience Level one  in UKC 

Meeka's Certificates of titles and Achievements