are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book

2010 was a wonderful year for Midnight Solo family. We had organized several educational and fun events for BRT community and our extended family; attended many shows and performance trials, where Midnight Solo BRT's did an excellent job representing our breed in both CKC and AKC. Several new titles were earned, new friendships built, great time was shared with old friends, new puppy owners joined our family welcoming home one of our puppies.

We thank all Midnight Solo extended family and breeding partners for your support, friendship and dedication to our kennel's vision and to your beloved BRTs. We are looking forward to see you all and hear wonderful stories about your Blackie's adventures, success in show and performance events.

Our dear friends and Midnight Solo puppy owners, have a wonderful Christmas.

May God Bless you and your families in all areas
of your lives in the New Year.

We wish you lots of hapiness, good health and sucsess in everything you chose to do in 2011.

Please stay in touch.
We love you all.

December 1, 2010 Pre- Eukanuba 2010

11 months old Puppy Uriah (Rusah x Onyx) got 3 point major at Pre- Eukanuba shows. We are very proud of you, Uriah, and wishing you many more successful shows.  Congratulations to Deb and Ken and thank you for all your hard work.

Congratulations to Csar, son of our Marley for placing BOW and finishing AKC Champion title in Pre-Eukanuba shows.  Great job! 
Midnight Solo Family is sending lots of hugs to Anita, proud and dedicated owner of Csar (Ch Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC, CD, RN, RA, RE, RAE).

Photo report and details about Draft Dog Excellent trial

Please check it out to see what it is all about.

Thank you Dr. Sue for wonderful pictures of Rusah

October 22, 2010 Eli recieves Invitation to Eukanuba 2010

Eli with Mr Mel Holloman Best Puppy in Specialty

show accomplishments earned him an invitation to Eukanuba 2010.

It is a huge honour for 11 months old puppy. What makes it double special that 2 of our BRTs got invated: Eli and his Grandma Rusah

We congratulate Shannon, owner of Eli and thank her for love, care and training

Huge thank you to all people who contributed to Eli sucsess: Olga for grooming, Mr.Mel Holloman, Shannon and Jean for showing Eli, and of course Moses and Janetta for producing such a gorgeous BRT

Way go go Eli and Shannon

Upcoming Event: BRT Grooming Seminar by Olga Kornienko

Date:: November 13, 2010.
Location: Southfield MI. Pre-Restration Only. Space is limited. Details are posted on Zastava Site

October 15-17th, 2010 London Canine Association, Luda earns CDX title.

Congratultions to Luda on earning CD-X title.
Well done girl!

I entered Luda in 2 trials even though she needed only one leg for her CDX title. She did great, qualified in both trails with 185,5 on Friday and 186.5 placing 4th in Open B on Sunday.
Thank you Natella and Leon for such a wonderful working girl. Luda is full of energy and enthusiasm, she is always ready to work and play, often too eager to please me, which hinders her precision works and scores, but she is such a joy to work with! Luda, you make me simile, I wish I had your energy!

I would like to thank Tara, Ang and Steve for coming to the trail to watch us working and supporting our team!

Tara Congrats on Hero's RE title!

Luda's idea of healing: "Why not jump up and kiss Jean while I am at it, to show her how Happy I am?

October 9th, 2010.  Our 1st Schutzhund Experience

Luda and I entered Sch. A trial to see where we stand and what we need to work on for our Sch1 title.
Sadly we did not pass, but learned a lot.  When I went to BH with Luda and Sadie in the past, there always was a handler meeting with a judge prior to each phase of competition to explain judge’s preferences and expectations.  Unfortunately there was no such meeting at this trial. I was first in the field and was very nervous and it most definitely did not help.  However we have gained lots of field experience and are confident that we will do much better next time.

October 1st, 2010 Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ontario

All Breed Test for Draft Dog, Draft Dog Excellent, Brace Draft Dog and Brace Draft Dog Excellent

Congratulations to Rusah on earning Draft Dog Excellent CKC title.

Rusah is the 1st and only BRT to date with such accomplishment.
We thank our Judges: June Ward and Rick Connell from Ontario and Wanda Tait from Alberta for a wonderful experience in the field and are thrilled that we got Qualifying ribbons from all 3 judges.
We are honored to have such a hard working, intelligent BRT like our Rusah.  There is nothing we tried to teach her, she did not do with all her heart. When she learns anything, she just remembers and does not need to be reminded, she just does it!  Rusah you are a huge blessing.  We love you, bear-girl!
Rusah’ s full name is OTCH-X Multi Ch Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGN, CD, CDX, UD, UDX, OTCH, DD, DDX, CARO RN, RA, RE, Certified Service Dog.
The most impressive thing is that Rusah earned all her titles while she produced 4 wonderful litters, which takes a lot of time and energy on her part.

DDX is a very complicated test. It is by far the most difficult thing Rusah and I have accomplished.

Rusah did marvelously in all the parts of this very challenging test and is the only one qualified in DDX at this trial! (3 teams were entered and competed) I am so proud of our Rusah!

Please click here for full report and pictures from the trial

Thank you Dr. Sue for wonderful pictures!

October 1-3, 2010. Monroe, MI. Monroe Kennel Club, AKC.

Milana (Midnightsolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, RN, RA) was shown in conformation and participated in AKC Rally  Trial.
Friday: First leg toward AKC Rally Excellence title with QS 95 out of 100 and 1st place in Rally Excellence Class!
Sat and Sun Milana placed BOB and Best puppy in breed. Nicely doen Olga and Milana. You Mom Rusah is very proud of you.

September 18-19,  2010 Goodells, MI. St.Clair Kennel Club, AKC.

Milana (Rusah x Onyx) finished AKC RALLY ADVANCED Title at 8 months of ageMilana placed 1st in Rally Advanced class both days with QS of 98 and 100. Way to go Olga and Milana team!

3 our puppies were also shown in conformation:
Eli (Moses x Janetta) placed BOB and BOS
Liza (Marley x Veta) placed BOB
Milana aka Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, RN, RA palced BOs, earning 1st point towards AKC conformation title.

Great job Liza and Julie, Milana and Olga , Shannon and Eli.

September 11, 2010

Scarborough Select German Shepherd Schutzhund Club

Sadie palced hight in BH

BH stands for Begleithund which literally translates “companion dog”. It is a test which was designed to test dogs to see if they had a stable enough temperament and you have a solid obedience routine and good control of your dog to continue in the sport of Schutzhund.

CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, TT, CGC, CKC CD-X, RE
(Rusah x Setextra Vassili)

with the basket she won and High BH certificate
  The BH is a three sub- tests: impartiality test, an obedience test and a traffic/public safety test.

The impartiality portion is quick and very informal. The judge checks to verify your dog’s tattoo or microchip number.  A dog must remain calm and neutral during this procedure.
The Obedience Part consists of two parts, the honor dog exercise and the heeling pattern. It is done in pairs, one team will do the honor dog while the other works and vice versa. Both teams enter a filed on leash, heel up to the judge and introduce themselves. One team will do the honor (down with destructions): you heel off to a designated area on the side of the field, then you sit your dog, take your leash off, down your dog and leave your dog,  and face away from your dog approximately 30-40 paces away.  

The working team will start at the judge's order after the honor dog is left in a down stay. BH healing pattern includes Sch. about turns, change of pace (normal, fast, slow, figure 8 around a moving group of people, etc) The pattern is done twice on and off leash, then there is sit in motion and down in motion with re-call and finish. The heeling pattern is always the same. Here is the pattern: http://www.kaltersberg.com/Obedience.htm
After that you will take over the honor dog position, leaving your dog in a down stay while the other dog works.

The 3rd part is a traffic test. It is a little different every time and really depends on a judge. It is somewhat similar to a traditional temperament test, without gun shots. The team will walk on a loose leash, no commands, while someone rides a bike near you, honks the horn, jogs near you, and walks another dog near you. This time we were also asked to go on a small High way with cars passing by. Then you walk through a group of people stopping to talk to one of them while your dog sits beside you. Then you will walk around a couple of cars while doors are open and closed, engines are turned on and off, things are dropped near your dog by a judge or a helper etc. The last part you tie your dog up to something, usually within 10 feet of all the other dogs doing their BHs and all of the handlers go out of site while the dogs are tied up. Then a person with a dog on a loose leash will walk by the sitting dogs. The dog doesn't have to stay in the same position but they can't act aggressive towards the other dogs.


Midnight Solo kennel did very well. We brought home 3 majors, lots of gorgeous rosettes and prizes.  All our BRTs qualified in Rally Obedience with very high scores.
Rusah placed Best Veteran, received Award of Merit at the Specialty, Best Brood bitch. 
Eli (Moses x Janetta)got his 3rd AKC major at 9 months of age, placed Best Puppy In Specialty and Sweeps and finished his RN title with score of 92, placing 1st in Novice A class.   
Milana (Rusah x Onyx) earned High in Rally Obedience trail at the Specialty. Congratulations to Zastava kennel on Milana’s placements and 1st leg in Rally Advanced with 1st placement in Advanced A class on Sunday and many other placing in conformation ring, Rally and Obedience. Click here for full Zastava National Report
Valora (Rusah x Marley) placed WB on Saturday and finished her AKC Champion title. Valora also got a leg in Rally Obedience.
Luda placed WB on Thursday and Reserve Winner at the Specialty, finished her RN title and got 2nd leg for AKC CD-X.
All our BRTs were consistently placing 1st in their classes.
We thank all our puppy owners for tremendous work they do with Midnight Solo puppies.  

AUGUST 27, 2010


We celebrated Rusah's 7th Birthday yesterday It is hard to believe that she is 7 already.

We wish happy birthday to All Rusah's littermates

Rusah is an amazing Blackie: intelligent, loyal, majestic, full of life. Rusah is irreplaceable part of our family She is a service dog for my husband Troy and loves him with all her heart.
She is a love of our lives, a joy to live with . Rusah is a social butterfly, who loves to travel and go everywhere with us.

Rusah is a rightful queen and ruler of our BRT pack She is a mother of many champions, obedience and rally titled BRTS ; several of her kids and grand kids are training to be service dogs. Rusah is one of the most titled BRTs in North America.

Rusah's full name is:
Multi Champion OTCH- X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, AKC CD, CARO RN, RA, RE,
Mobility Assistance Dog

To see more pictures of Rusah',
visit her page, Rusah's Achievements are posted here

Happy Birthday Rusah! We hope and pray you will continue to bring us joy and make us proud for years to come
We love you our Rusah-bear!


AKC Obedience Trials Aug 14-15, Lansing MI

Rusah earned 2 more legs in Novice B obedience with QS of 189 and 191, placed 4th in Novice B and got her AKC CD title.  Way to go Rusah girl!

Rusah is one of the most accomplished BRTS in North America.
To view her page, click here
To check out Rusah's titles, certificates and scores, visit her achievements page.


Luda earned her 1st AKC CD-X leg , qualifying with 184,5.  Well done!
2 more legs to go!

Click here to view Luda,s all accompishments and scores

August 6, 2010 - Eli placed AKC Working Group 4 at 8 months of age!

We thank Judge Robert E. Fetter for AKC Group 4 placing of young Eli on August 6, 2010 in Michiana Kennel Club.
Eli already has 2 legs in Rally Novice, CGC and 2 AKC majors (click here to visit Eli's Achievements page)
He is large, very promising young male with nice disposition and stable temperament of his Dad Moses. Eli is on his way to be a certified Service dog like his grandma Rusah.
Shannon and Eli, you are awesome!  We will be rooting for you two in many  successful shows and trials in a future.

Congratulations to Misha, our newest champion!

Congratulations to Carla on finishing Misha in conformation in ABI Dog Show. We are so proud of you!

Misha and Calra placed:

Reserve Best in Show
Group 1
Group 2 x 2
Group 3 x 2
Group 4
Best of Breed x 6
Best of Opposite Sex
Misha (our Marley’s Son) is only 13 months old, his full name is Ch Maximus the First, CGN, TT, HIC

Please visit Misha’s page to view pedigree and pictures.

ALL BREED OBEDIENCE FUN MATCH Date: Sunday  August 1st,2010

We would like to invite all BRTs in the area and all our students to attend Fun Match to proof your dog’s performance and have fun with us!

For directions and details visit our EVENTS PAGE



We thank Midnight Solo extended BRT family and friends that joined us for a great day together. Thank you for driving down to see us, show off your BRTS and share great food. We had lots of fun hanging out with you and our BRTS. Hope to see you all and many other Midnight Solo family members next year.

Please click here to see pictures and short report from the event

July16-18, 2010 Results in Obedience trials and Conformation shows

We had a busy weekend in Michigan. It was very hot and humid, but our BRTS did great despite of the weather: placed 4th in AKC Working Group, got 4 majors and 2 working titles in 3 days.

We thank Judge Mrs. Marcia Feld for placing Rusah 4th out of 21 dogs in working group ring on Saturday.

RUSAH got two 3 point majors; placed Group 4 and BOBx2, BWx2,WBx2,

Rusah’s full name is: Multi Champion OTCH- X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, CARO RN, RA, RE, Mobility Assistance Dog.

I was delighted to show my eldest girl and we all are very proud of everything she has accomplished.  


SADIE earned AKC CD title

SADIE qualified in 2 trials with a score of 192 and placing 2nd and 4th in Novice B.
Sadie also got 3 point major showing in Bred by class.

Click on Sadie’s full name below to see all her scores and certificates
CKC Champion Midnight Solo Siona Sadie,CGN, TT, CKC CD, AKC CD, CD-X, RN, RA, RE 

Click HERE to view Sadie's AKC NOVICE B Obedience trial

LUDA was entered only in obedience and got last 2 legs for AKC CD title.

QS 187.5, placed 3rd in Novice B. Judge Mr Randy Capsel. July 16, 2010,
QS 187 2nd in Novice B. Judge Barry Roland July 17, 2010

Good job, Luda

Click to view Luda's AKC Novice B obedience trial

Eli got 3 point major!

ELI - Midnight Solo Benann Elijah,AKC CGC, 8 months old son of our MOSES
Did exceptionally well, got 3 point major, BOB, BW and WD x 2 

Congratulations to Shannon and Eli, we are very proud of you both!

July 10-12, 2010 Midnight Solo BRT kids “rock” in Michigan!

ELI earned 2 legs in RN.

Huge congrats and hugs to ELI (MIDNIGHT SOLO BENNAN ELIJAH CGC) and his Mom Shannon for a tremendous debut in Rally Novice, earning 2 legs towards AKC RN title and placing in class both times :
QS 92, 4th in Novice A
QS 92, 3rd in Novice A
Eli is MOSES’s son and has the same sweet and happy personality as his Dad Eli is training to become a Mobility assistance dog like his Grandma RUSAH

Congratulations to ZASTAVA kennel for great Achievements of our canine kids Liza and Milana in Rally O and Conformation.  

LIZA earned AKC RAlly Novice Title.

Liza got her last leg in RN and a title with score 98 out 100 and 3 rd place in Rally Novice B Class!
LIZA, daughter of our very accomplished stud MARLEY, has lots of drive and always willing to work like her Dad.
Liza also placed twice Best of Breed with 4 points toward her AKC Championship! Way to go Liza! Thank you Olga, Julie and Bryan for all your hard work.


6 months old Milana got 2 RN legs.

Milana, RUSAH’s youngest daughter did amazing as well.
She placed Reserve Winners on Sunday over 2 year old BRT! Milana's debut in Rally obedience was excellent: she earned 2 legs towards AKC Rally Novice Title with
QS 85 out of 100
QS 97 out of 100, placing 3rd in Novice B.

We are very proud of Milana aka MIDNIGHT SOLO UNITY FOR ZASTAVA, CGC

July 6-8, 2010 Midnight Solo BRTs earned 3 more working titlesin Blue Water Kennel Club CKC Obedience and Rally Trial

Sadie earned CD-X and RE titles
SADIE is a first time Mom, whos pups are only 3 months old earned 2 working titles in 3 days CD-X and RE, qualifying and placing in class in all 6 trials.

Sadie’s CD-X scores:

QS 194 Judge Sherryl Bishop  Placed 2nd in Open B class
QS 196,5 Judge Michael Calhoun. Placed 2nd Open B class
QS 195  Judge Michael Calhoun. Placed 2nd Open B class

Sadie’s RE Scores:

QS of 99, time 1:29 Placed 2nd in Excellent B class    Judge Michael Calhoun
QS of 100, time 1:16 Placed 2nd in Excellent B class  Judge Michael Calhoun
QS of 99 , time 1:41 Placed 1st in Excellent B class    Judge Pierre Lalonde

We are very proud of CH. MiIDNIGHT SOLO SIONA SADIE CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, RN, RA, RE.

Click here for video of Sadie in RE trial.

MOSES, Sadie’s brother earned CKC Rally Advanced Title and got 1 leg towards RE, placing in his class in all 3 trials.

Moses’ full name is Ch. MIDNIGHT SOLO SUMMER STAR, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA

Moses’ Scores:
QS 97 time 1:45:58.  Judge Michael Calhoun. Placed 2nd in Advanced B class.
QS 94 time 3:01:19.  Judge Cheryl Bishop. Placed 3rd in Advanced B class.
QS 97 time 1:45:41.  Judge Michael Calhoun. Placed 2nd in Excellent B class.

Congratulations to Sue and Moses for great achievements and awesome teamwork.

Click here for video of Moses in RA Trial


    Congratulations to our friends and students BMD Emma and her owner Phyllis on 1st leg in RN

Rusah's top CKC working awards and 2010 Eukanuba invitation

It is a great honor to be a recipient of CKC yearly awards.  RUSAH received two CKC Top Obedience Dog Awards for 2009. Rusah also placed #7 BRT in Conformation for 2009. Rusah’s accomplishments in 2009 earned her an invitation  to 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December of 2010.  
Rusah is #1 CKC Obedience BRT for 2009! She earned the most points among BRTs competing in CKC Open and Utility obedience in 2009.
We are most excited about her 2nd award, Rusah is #6 in the total number of points won by all Working Group dogs that competed in CKC obedience in 2009, and this is a huge achievement.
Rusah is our first Blackie, our first love. Rusah owns both my husband Troy and I fully.  Not only she is the most  titled versatile working BRT in North America and a great ambassador for the breed, but most importantly she is the best companion and friend we could have wished for.  
Rusah is gorgeous, magnificent mature BRT , large with great movement and substance,  intelligent, independent yet extremely loyal, brave and dependable. Rusah is a wonderful Mom, who gave us 4 liters of lovely pups. Several of her puppies are trained as mobility assistance dogs like Mommy, one is already certified; many are CKC/AKC champions, most already have several working titles and designations, and ALL have exceptional stable temperament, drive and problem solving skills .

Rusah is turning 7 years old in the end of August.  We look back in awe at the things she has accomplished in between litters and heat cycles and being busy working as assistance dog for her most favorite human Troy:
Rusah’s full name is
Ch. CKC, RBCSWO,CMA, WDA, MBA, CFC  OTChX Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, DD, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, CARO RN, CARO RA, CARO RE, , Certified Mobility Assistance dog.
Top CKC Obedience BRT 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009
HIT BRT Specialty 2009, Highest Rally O score BRT Specialty 2009
RBCSWO Top Puppy Awards for 2004
Best Puppy in breed for 2004
Best Puppy in Group for 2004
7th overall puppy in RBCSWO for 2004
Way to go Rusah We are so proud of you girl!

July 5th, 2010 News from Marley's son in Arizona

We are very proud of accomplishments of Czar (MARLEY x Pasha) and would like to congratulate Anita and Czar for their accomplishments.

RN    March 5, 2010        16 months old
RA    March 27, 2010      17 months old     
RE    April 11, 2010         17 months old   
CD    April 12, 2010  at 17 months of age
Confirmation: 1st Major    June 19, 2010    20 months old

Czar’s full name is Sora's Pride of the Desert, CD, RE

Milana passed CGC test on June 23rd, 2010.

We are so proud of our baby girl MILANA (RUSAH x Onyx) who at only 5 months of age passed AKC Canine Goog Citizen Test!
All evaluators were commenting on her drive and working abilities and can hardly wait to see her in RAlly O trail in a few weeks . Way to go Milana and Olga!

Monarch Kennel Club CKC Show June 18-20, 2010

We thanks Judge Richard Felher for placing LUDA 4th in working group on June 20th in MCK CKC sanctioned show and for wonderful comments of her movement. Luda also placed BOB all 3 days

Cogratulations on a show debut to ELI (MOSES x Janetta), who placed BOS x 3, WD x 3, Best Puppy in Breed x 3 earning his first points towards CKC Champion Title.

Our MARRUSAH (MARLEY x RUSAH) who was shown by her owner Celyne did a great job, placing WB and BOW all 3 days.

Thank you all for a great weekend together!

May 30th, 2010 Herding Instinct test

MISHA (MARLEY x Veta) is the first Midnight Solo BRT with Herding Instinct Certificate. Congratulations to Carla and family. Well Done!


Elbrus (MARLEY x Jewel) placed BOB at 9 months of age.
We are proud of you , boy!

Temperament Test June 12, 2010

Congratulations to Obediah ( Marley x Rusah)  for passing Temperament Test on June 12.

Congratulations to Misha (Marley x Veta) for passing TT on June 12th.

We are happy to share that 2 sisters of Misha - Liza and Slada (Marley x Veta) sucsessfully passed TT as well!

2010 All Breed Temperament Test was organized and Hosted by us on June the 12th, 2010. 16 teams were entered, 8 of them were BRTs. We are thrilled to share that all BRTs passed TT. 


2010 1st BRTCA Annual Fun Day

BRTCA FUN Day held in Michigan was a great success! We had 50 people attending with over 25 BRTS ranging from 3 months of age to 6 years old,  had delicious lunch and lots of fun


2010 Annual BRT Fun Day is fast approaching

 Our ELI represented Midnight Solo kennel in Meet and Greet Fun Day promotion in a local Pet Store organized and conducted by Michigan BRT Team on May 8.


Carting workshop May 1st 2010 was a great success!

9 teams came long distance to be a part of this informative event hosted by our kennel and conducted by CKC draft Judge June Ward


May1, 2010
Midnight Solo's "V" litter is 5 weeks old!


April 24-25 Newest CKC RE title in our kennel!

Congratulations to Veronica and Abby, daughter of or MARLEY for finishing CKC Rally Obedience Excellence and earning RE title,  well done.

Veronica and Rob, thank you for dedication to Abby’s socializing and training.
Abby is wonderful ambassador for the breed: people and dog friendly, good worker and a great looking BRT.
Abby’s full name now reads BARENT"S NIGHT VALENTINA ABBY, CGN, RN, RA, RE
We are sending warmest hugs to all of you.

Misha earned CGN on April 17th, 2010 at Blue Water KC show!

His full name reads now: Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGN.
Congratulations to Misha’s owner Carla Cummins ! We are very proud of you and thrilled to announce this team’s first working designation.

We knew you could do it!  Misha was ready, but Carla was a bit nervous, like any person would be at the first CKC sanctioned test.  Carla did a wonderful job at the test working well with Misha and the team came out victorious.    We also would like to thank Darren, Ashton and Isabella for ongoing support to Carla and Misha.

Wishing you great success in working trials and conformation ring and hope you will be as successful as your Dad Marley  ( Multi Ch N.P Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii , CGN, TT, BH, DD, CKC RN , CARO RN, CD, CD-X)

April 14, 2010
Midnight Solo's "V" litter is 3 weeks old!


CGC at 5 months of age!

Warmest hugs and congratulations to Shannon and her 1st BRT puppy Eli on passing CGC on April14 ,2010.   We are very proud of Shannon .  You did it, girl!
Eli is the youngest BRT in Midnight Solo family to pass CGC!  We are looking forward to more achievements and hope that Eli will follow the paw prints of his dad Moses and Grandma Rusah. Eli is training to be personal assistance dog, for competitive rally and obedience and will try carting when matures.   

Eli, Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah , was born Nov 10. 2009 Eli is very promising young male out of Moses’ 1st litter  ( Ch Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CD, RN)

Our planned litter (7 puppies) has arrived
on March 24, 2010! 

Sadie, our princess, sweetheart and a great working female, daughter of Midnight Solo multitalented foundation bitch Rusah whelped lovely puppies: 3 boys and 4 girls.
It is Sadie’s 1st litter; she is an awesome Mom, doing great, taking excellent care of her puppies.
We can hardly wait for the pups to grow to be like their wonderful ancestors on both sides of the pedigree.

Details on Sire and Dam: pedigrees, pictures and achievements are posted on Puppies page under Our Current Litter Information (Midnight Solo V Litter)


One show/breeding quality female is available from this litter

March 12-14, 2010 CKC Purina National Charity Event

Luda (Ch. Kalinka’s Liberty, BH, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA)
Finished her RALLY Excellent Title, earning 2 legs with score of 100 out of 100 and Placing 4th in Excellent B class and 95 out 100

Luda also did great in Obedience , earned 2 legs towards CD-X ( Companion Dog Excellent Title)
1st trail Luda earned 186 out 200 and Placed 4th in Open B class under Judge Jeffery Lunder
2nd trial Luda earned 192.5 out of 200 , Placed 2nd in Open B under judge Ted Leslie Only 2 out of 8 Open B class teams qualified.

Luda is full of energy, never gets tired and always ready to work.  We thank Natella and Leon from Russian Pride for breeding such a great worker and gorgeous BRT

Our youngest Daughter of Marley, Slada (Russian Pride Midnight Star) 9 months old placed Best puppy In breed over 12 months old male

It was her first CKC show.  Congratulations to her owners Natella and Leon  We wishing you great success in show ring and many successful trials in Rally and obedience
Congratulations to Slada’s Mom Veta (Multi Ch. Kalinka’s Voennaja Taina, 14 BIS) , who got 5 points towards CKC Conformation title, placing BOB over male and female Specials on Sunday and WB on Saturday.  Way to go Veta!

February 26-27,2010

Congratulations to Laura M. and Scott E. owners of Midnight Solo Tutela Valora ( Multi Ch Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy imperii, BH, TT, CGN,  DD, CD-X, CKC  RN, CARO RN
x Muli Ch Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, DD, CARO RE, UD, OTCH-X, Mobility Assistance dogs) on getting 2 AKC majors in Chicago.

Our 16 months old girl Valora placed

Friday Feb 26, 2010 RW on under Judge: Mr Ronald H Menaker in BRTCA supported entry at Blackhawk Kennel Club Inc. 4 bitches were showed

Saturday Feb 27, 2010- WB and 1st Major under Judge: Mrs Patricia V Trotter International KC of Chicago Inc. 6 bitches were showed

Sunday Beb28,2010  WB and 2nd AKC Major under Judge: Mr Robert H Slay, IKC.   7 bitches were shown

We are so proud of Valora and would like to thank Laura for handling, grooming and training Valora Thank you Scott and Laura for driving from Orlando to Chicago to show our beautiful girl!  Sending you lots of hugs from your extended family and wishing great success in conformation and Rally O

February 26-27, 2010

Congratulation to Marley’s youngest daughter Liza , 8 mo who got 2 legs in Rally Obedience Novice B stream with a perfect score of 100 each time and placing 1st in Novice B with numerous competitors where Liza was by far the youngest.  Way to go Liza!  Your daddy Marley( Multi Ch Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy ImperiI, BH, CGN, CD-X, RN, TT, DD) is very proud of you!  

Midnight Solo Family wishes Liza ( Russian Pride Midsummer Night )  great success in her working and conformation competition and thank Olga Kornienko for excellent handling of Liza, Bryan and Julie for training, socializing and loving our little princess

January 23, 2010

Marley’s youngest daughter Liza (Russian Pride MIdsummer Night) successfully passed CGC test and placed Best puppy in Breed in AKC conformation show
We express deepest gratitude to Julie Allen, Bryan Rains and Olga Kornienko for training, socializing and loving her.  We are looking forward to Liza’s bright future in Rally, Obedience and conformation


Our Planned litter has arrived on Dec. 30, 2009.

Rusah had 3 handsome boys and 3 gorgeous girls.
Mom and puppies are doing great. Please visit our Puppies page for details and pictures.

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