are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous and Glorious New Year.

It would be wonderful if we could be with our friends and family who are far away. We want you to know that we miss you, think of you and hope to see you all in 2013.


December 15th, 2012 - New videos are aploaded on BRTmidnightsolo youtube
Teaching a 3 months old BRT puppy how to track. Click here to view this video

9 months old Yara's 1st encounter with a cat! Click here to view the video

December 9 th 2012: Congratulations s to our new Grand Champion!


Congratulations to Doreen and Rob, owners of Ulan and Julie Despot Ulan's handler on finishing AKC Grand Champion title a few days ago. Well done!

Please visit Ulan's page for more photos and pedigree.

November 26 - new video is uploaded on BRTmidnightslo youtube

Nov 9, 2012 Report on our sucsess at AWBRTA Specialty

AWBRTA (American Working BRT Association) held 1st Annual National Seiger Specialty Showfor BRTS in Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri on Nov 9th. Our kennel was representd by Eli (Moses X Janetta) and his owner Shannon Freeman, Bruin ( Onyx X Rusah) and his owner Cariol Meehan and 9 months old baby Yara (Marley X Sadie). 60 BRTS were entered over 44 shown.
We did GREAT and are very proud of our BRTS and their owners.

Please click here to see full report

Yara - Best Junior in Show

Bruin,Yara, Eli - won Best Kennel competition
Eli - Best in Showand earned Int IABCA Champion title

Bruin - earned Int IABCA Champion Titile , passed CGC and TD1

Eli and Yara also won BEST Breeding Pair competition. This show is a true testement to our breeding program.
We thank FCI judge Josef Mravik for great critiques and placements of our BRTS. Many thanks to Helene, Ed, Amanda, John and every one who was involved in organising the show and to all our friends for taking pictures and positng them on face book.

Congratultions to Amanda and Pilot on passing CGN.
Way to go Amanda and Pilot for passing CGN. We are proud of you both!

October 27, 2012 UKC show 9 Months old yara placed 2nd in adult working group!

Yara and I went to Grand River Kennel Club UKC show on Saturday just to keep her exposed to the show life. We enetered 2 shows .Yara did amazing. She placed 2nd in Guadrian group out of 6 dogs. Yara was the only puppy, she won over 5 adults. I was very happy with her ring attitude. Our friends Natella, Gabby and ira came to see us and took a video.

Video of Yara in her class

yara is a daughter of our 2 gorgeous multi talanted BRTS Marley and Sadie. We are so pleased with this litter. 4 puppies out of 6 already have CGC and training for rally and conformation.

October 22, 2012. First TR1 - Schutzhubd tracking title in our kennel and in Cadana!

Windsor Schutzhund training Club held a trial on Sunday under USA IPO judge Mike Hamilton. 9 dogs were entered in tracking.
The judge commented that Sadie is the 1st BRT he has ever judged and that she is a good looking dog.

The weather was good, but the filed was not very nice: lots of holes in the ground, the filed was dug up pretty bad by the machines that harvested hay recently. One of the dogs encountered a mouth on the track and was hunting it. Sadie was lucky and no mice jumped while she was on track. Of course I was nervous, because it was our first attempt in competitive tracking. Schutzhund tracking (IPO) is different from AKC /CKC tracking. We want to see steady, deep nose intense step by step tracking, casting is punishable by point deduction. It is 350 paces and the dog needs to indicate 2 articles on this track. 100 points is a maximum score, 70 is a passing score. Each article is worth 21 points. The judges like to see 2 of 90 degree left turns executed calmly and precisely. What can i say, Sadie did well, indicated both article and passed on her very first attempt. Wow!!!

Sadie is the 1st BRT in Canada and most likely in the USA to earn TR1 title. We are very proud of our gorgeous versatile working champion. Sadie had 2 litters of pups while training, earning her titles and hanging out with Midnight Solo family being a wonderful loyal friend.

Sadie's full name is CKC CH Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, TT, BH, Sch. TR1,DD,CGC, CD, CD-X, RN, RA, RE, AKC CD, RN

October 10, 2012 our Marley sired a litter of 6 in Germany.

Congratulations to Christine Skrinjar and kennel Tara's Sarja in Germany on a brand new litter of 3 boys and 3 gilrs whelped today.
The sire is our Marley, the Dam is Diva

Diva and the pups are doing great!!!!

We are very excited and can't wait t see more pictures!

Please visit Tara's Sarja kennel for more pictures , The pups are growing up!


October 2nd, 2012 8 months old Xena passed CGC test.

Congratulations to Betty and Xena team for passing CGC! Xena already has a Star Puppy certificate and is training for conformation. She is Betty's first BRT. We are thrilled with your sucsess Betty and Xena.
Midnight Solo Xena http://www.midnightsolo.com/Xena_page.html
is the 4th puppy from X litter with CGC ! Proud parents Marley and Sadie send you lots of hugs and kisses!!!!!

SEPTEMBER 27,2012 - A letter from our puppy owners in California.

Hi Jean!

 Ruso has fit beautifully into our lives and we wonder how we ever lived without him!  His life is filled with weekend soccer games, trips to the beach and hikes and walks.  Now that the kids are in school, he also comes along with me to drop the kids off and pick them up from school!  We do big family dinners at the grandparents house on Sundays and he loves to go.  Our vet has given him the nickname of "gentle lovebug" because he really is very calm and gentle.  You did a great job choosing a pup with such a family oriented personality.  My youngest son, Drew is so happy to finally have a partner who loves to go explore the  beach with him and is not afraid to get a little wet and sand on him!  Our other dog Josie has jokingly been referred to as a "cat" by my husband.  He says Ruso is a real dog who loves to play in water and run and jump!  Ruso walks beautifully on a lead when we walk around downtown, and he walks beautifully off leash at the beach and on hikes.  He is very calm and gentle when people ask to pet him and say hello to him.  In fact, he's so wonderful that we've even had him at parties with 30-80 people, and he just mingles and interacts so nicely!  

He has learned how to play fetch with the family.  He just started bring the toy back, then dropping it at our feet or in our hands.  He's not too interested in regular fetch balls, but he likes soccer balls and stuffed toys!

Thank you again for sending us such a wonderful little guy-he is the perfect addition to our family! We are very happy, proud owners of our BRT, and we couldn't be more pleased that we got Ruso from you!

Best, Katia

Russo is a puppy from Marley and Sadie . Thank you Katia and family for chosing and living Russo, please stay in touch

Sept 25, 2012 - Anushka passed all health checks and got CHIC numer!

One more CHIC for Midnight Solo grandkids! Daughter of our sweetheart Sadie passed all health checks and received CHIC #84180.

Congratultions to Suzanne and Bill Smith, owners of Anushka (AKC CH, IABCA Int Ch Zastava Vesna of Midnight Solo, TT, CGC)


Our young Yara (Marley X Sadie) went to an UKC sanction match and did very well on Sunday. Yara palced number one in Guardian Group, winning over adults!

Way go go Yara!

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 . Our 7 Months Old YARA Passed CANINE GOOD NEIGHBOR Test!

Yara is a 3rd puppy from our X litter who passed CGC /CGN at 7 months of age. Her 2 brothers did it much earlier!!!
We are extremely happy with these pups, their drive, looks and willingness to learn.

X litter has a tremendous potential and we hope that our exrended family members, the owners of these pups will continue to persue training for obedience, rally, IPO and show.

Very accomplished parents of this litter Marley and Sadie are proid of their offsprings and sending their love to the pups and their owners.

IABCA Int, Nat Puppy Champion Midnight Solo X-Terra Yara, CGN

Belated congratultions to Charm (Marley X Sadie ) for Star puppy and CGC !

Charm (Midnight Solo X-Ecutive Power) is the fisrt puppy from our X litter to pass his CGC at 6 months of age on Aug 11, 2012 and His Star puppy he got at 4,5 months old. Way to go Charm and Bunny. Well done, now the girls will have to catch up.

September 5th, 2012 . Our Remo passed CGC !

Remo (Marley x Sadie) earned his CGC on September 5, 2012, with AKC Obedience club GSLDTC (Great Salt Lake Dog Training Club). He was only seven months and 10 days old, the youngest in the class and only three dog passed.

Congratulations to extremely proud parents of Midnight Solo X-Caliber, CGC!!!

Happy 9th Brithday to our Rusah! Aigust 27, 2012

Younger Rusah

9 year old Rusah

Rusah, You are our 1st Blackie and you are truly everything we thought a BRT would be. You are our pride, our amazing friend, helper and worker for Troy. We love you and are very proud of you. You are a most loyal friend, protector and joyful companion. You are always there for us . You are retired now from shows and competitions with amazing achievements and titles before and after you name that are too numerous to list, but can be viewed on your achievement page.
Your temperament, structure, trainability, independent nobel spirit are passed to your kids and future generations of Black Russians. We love you , Rusah and hope that you will continue to be a blessing in our lives for many more years.

August 19, 2012 , RBCSWO shows


Copngratulations to Radmilo and Floyd team, 1st time in the show ring, great job! Floyd placed RW twice!

Floyd (Picture on the left hand side) is training in a sport of Schutzhund and getting ready for his BH.

Baby Yara placed BOS, WB and RW.

Thank you Rad, Natella, Leon and Gabby for a wonderful day at the show !

One more Midnight Solo offspring passed OFA hips and elbows.

Sadie's daughter Anushka passed OFA Hips -Good, Elbows-Normal. Hooray!
Congratultions to Anushka's owners Sue and Bill and Olga, owner of Anushka Sire Urs and Anushka's co-owner.

Anushka's full name is AKC CH, AIBCA Int Ch, Zastava Vesna of Midnight Solo, CGC, TT.

5 CKC Group Placings in 3 days at Temiskaming Kennel Club, August 14-16, 2012!

Our warmest congratulations to Tany and Doug Adams .
Bella, daughter of our Moses and Tanya's Janetta had a tremendous 3 days of showing. We could not be more thrilled about Bella's show carrier.


Bella (CKC Ch Barents Night Bella Donna CGN) placed:

Working Group 1 under judge Mr Ron Mahon

Working Grioup 2

Working group 4 x 3

Bella is currently number 2 BRT in CKC for 2012

Way to go Tanya and Bella team.

July 28-29, 2012, Birch Run, MI Great Lakes Sieger   IABCA Shows 3 new champions!
Show debut of 6 months old Yara resulted in Best Bred By Puppy in show , Reserve best in show and 7 group placings

We are done now, time to rest.

Please visit Yara's Page for more pictures

Yara turned 6 months old on July 26 and 2 days later went to her 1st show. Yara went to 4 shows in 2 days . I was very pleased with her showmanship, stamina and success:
Best Bred by puppy in show, reserved Best Puppy in show
Bred by puppy group 1 x 2
Bred By Exhibitor Puppy Group 2 x 2
Working Group puppy 1,2 3 place.

Yara is a very promising pup, following amazing carriers of her parents Marley and Sadie .

We are thrilled with Yara and her siblings Xena and Remo who are training in obedience and both got AKC STAR puppy Awards and getting ready for their AKC CGC tests!.

Int, Natioanal IABCA Junior CH. Midnight Solo X-terra Yara

We had a lot of fun on weekend of July 28-29. Puppy Yara was not the only sucsessful Blackie at the show:

Rusah's daughter Milana earned an international IABCA title with 4 V1 ratings and placed 2nd in working group. She was handled by her owner Olga Kornienko. Milana's full name is IABCA Int CH, CKC, UKC CH Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, RAE.
way to go Olga and Milana!

Sadie's older daughter Anushka received 4 V1 ratings and earned her IABCA Champion title as well. Thank you Sue and Bill for letting me handle your gorgeous girl!

It was great to see Lauren, Fred and Freddie with Marley's son Stoli who came to be groomed and to hang out .

Congratultaion to Anushka on her AKC Champion title and passing CGC.

August 4-5, 2012 Canfield, OH Steel Valley Cluster, AKC
Daughter of our Sadie from her 1st litter, Annushka is our newest AKC champion. She finished with 4 majors. We are very proud of Anushka and can not thank Bill and Sue enough for their hard work, dedication and friendship. We love you guys!

Anushka's full name is (AKC CH., IABCA Int. CH.Zastava Vesna of MidnightSolo, TT, CGC)


July 27-29, 2012

Congratulations to Tanya and Doug ( Barentsnight kennel) for great weekend in Kngston. Kids of Moses ( Ch Midnight Solo Summer Star, Cd, TT, CGN. RN,RA,RE) and Multi Ch Janetta Malahovskaja did very well.

Lily placed Best Bred By Exhibitor in Working group and BOS. Lily's full name is BarentsNight Black Velvet

Bella (CH BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGN) took BOB and BOS

Nicely done!

Valley Kennel Club, Lombardy July 23, 2012 _ CKC group 3 Win!



We congratulate Tanya and Doug Adams and Barents Night Kennel great day at the show with 2 sisters, daughters of our Moses (CKC Ch Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGC, TT, CD, RN,RA, RE) and their Multi CH Janetta Malahovskiaja

CH CKC, IABCA BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGN
placed 3rd in CKC Working group under judge Ms.R.Kemp

BarentsNight Black Velvet (Lily)
took : BOW and received 2 points CKC under Ms.R.Kemp

We are very happy for our grand puppies!


July 22, 2012

Our gorgeous Ulan
(AKC CH. Midnight Solo Ulan Chorniy)
placed select under judge Dr. Donald A Gill, handled by Julie Despot.

Congratultions to Doreen, Rob and Julie: a few more points to go for AKC Grand Champion title.!

July 8, 2012 West Friendship, MD National Capital Kennel Club, "Independence" AKC Show Cluster & AKC CGC Test

  Anushka (Zastava Vesna of MidnightSolo, TT, CGC ) with her handler  Mrs. Colleen Nicholson placed : Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners and 2 more points toward theAKC Champion title!
Anushka also passedAKC Good Citizen Test (AKC CGC) with her owner Suzanne.
Congratulations to Anushka, Suzanne and Bill on  excellent achievements of the day ! (In the picture Anushka (right) in Best of Breed ring)

July 8, 2012 Dexter, MI C.P.E. Agility Trial

Our Liza (IABCA Int. Ch. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA)participated in her first agility trial with the Canine Performance Events organization (C.P.E.) in Dexter Michigan.
Liza competed in four classes (Jumpers,Colors,Wildcard, Fullhouse) and took first place in all of them, earning her two new C.P.E.titles : CL1-H (Handler Games Level 1) and CL1-F (Fun Games Level 1)!
Her first class was called Jumpers and consisted of a course of jumps and tunnels, the second was Colors which consisted of two different courses and the entrant had to choose just one course and work around the rest of the obstacles. The third class was Wildcard which consisted of one course with three portions having a harder and easier option (for example weave poles and a tunnel).
Lastly was the Fullhouse class which is a timed free for all where each jump, tunnel or other obstacle have point values and in the given 30 seconds the entrant has to try to get as many points as possible.
Our congratulations to Julie and Liza team on wonderful results of their excellent work and Zastava kennel on their agility achievements.
Liza, your Sire Marley and all on your Midnight Solo family are very proud of you and your Human Mom Julie!


July 7th, Moses earned RE title in Blue Water kennel Club Trial

Congratultions to Moses and Sue team for earning the 3rd leg and RE title with the score 98 out 100 under judge Michaeil Calnoon and placing 2nd in RE A class.

Moses ful name is CKC CH Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGC, TT, CD, RN, RA, RE. Moses sired 2 great litteres . MAny of his offsprings are champions , several train and exell in varios competitive events such as Schutzhund, rally obedience and agility.

We are very proud of our Moses and thank Sue and Denis for their lfriendship and tremendous love for Moses.

July 2012 _ 2 more BRTs passed all health checks and got CHICs in our kennel!

Ulan and Bruin passed all health checks and received their CHIC numbers

Congratulations to Doreen and Rob, owners of Ulan and Carol, owner of Bruin. We are very happy for our boys!

Currently 3 puppies of U litter have CHIC, Uriah was the 1st one . Her CHIC 3 is 81543

U littter is out of Onyx and Rusah. Congratultions to Deb and Ken, owners of Onyx and Uriah. I know you are as proud as we are!

Pedigree of U Litter

Bruin (Midnight Solo Urban Myth, CGC, TT) passed all health checks and rieved CHIC #82557

Bruin's page

June 23-24, 2012 McHenry IL, Mid  Lake Australian Shepherd Club, UKC

Milana (CKC Ch. MidnightSolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RAE, CKC RN)  went on her first show in UKC (United Kennel Club) and did excellent job in show rings !
Results of her wonderful performance are: 4 x Best of Breed, 4 x 1 st place in Guardian Group, 140 points, 4 majors and finished UKC Champion title!

Congratultions to Milana, Olga Zastava kennel with brand new UKC Champion.
We are proud of Milana, daughter of our Rusah.


June 16th, 2012 the Blackfoot ID show. Ulan places 3rd in AKC Working group!

Congratulations to Doreen and Rob for another AKC group placing! Ulan placed 3rd in AKC Working group under a judge Bonnie Clarke handled by Julie Despot.

Ulan's full name is ACK CH. Midnight Solo Ulan Chorniy is well on his way to AKC GR CH title and is also training for CD.

Ulan is a son of our belived Rusah. His Sire is gorgeous Onyx.

Thank you Doreen, Rob and Julie for showing our lovely young male, We arevery proud of Ulan!

June 9th, 2012 CKC Orono show

Congrtaulatiions to Barents night kennel. Lily placed BOS, BOW and got 2 point win, handled bt Tanya Adams .

Lily is a daughter of our lovely Moses - CKC CH Midnight Solo Summer Star, TT, CGN, CD, RN, RA

Lily's full name is
BarentsNight Black Velvet Lily

Congrtulations to our friends Natella and Leon from Russian Pride kennel. Their male Rick, handled by Leon placied CKC Group 4 under judge Grant Townsend , Ontario County Kennel Club.

Rick is currently number 3 BRT in CKC for 2012.

June 2012
Congratultions to Marley's son Csar (AKC Gr. Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC,CD, RAE, service dog) for another AKC Group 1 placing.

2012 Carting Seminar with CKC DRAFT Judge June Ward was great!

We tahnk June and all the participants and guests for attending, giving it a try and having a grand time together. Hope you will continue practicing and persuing draft work with your BRT.

Please visit 2012 Carting Seminar Album and check 7 new videos we posted of the various age Blackies trying carting.

June 1, 2012 Happy 3rd birthday to Marley and Veta's Litter

Happy Birthday Misha (picture on the left), Slada, Liza, Mirabel, Tulula, Mavrik.
We love you all and wishing you many more happy years with your loving families.

We are especially proud of our 3 show pups:
Slada, Multi Ch. Russian Pride Midnight Star, TT, CGN. 5 Best in show placings

, CH Midnight Solo Maximus the first, CGN, HIC, TT, RN; Reserved Best In Show

Liza, IABCA Int. CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night ,AKC CGC, TT, AKC RN, RA

Coming up Carting Seminar with CKC Draft Judge June Ward on May 26th, 2012

Do not miss this opportunity.
Please reserve your spot early

Pre-registration ONLY. Space is limited.

This time we are hosting Carting seminar in TROY , MICHIGAN to accomadate our USA BRT owners.

The seminar is geared to both new and experienced teams. It is an interactive hands-on learning event. June Ward is a CKC Draft judge with tremendous amount of knowledge and passion for carting. You will learn a lot.

Semiinar is open to all breeds of adequite size and structure

All details are posted on Midnight Solo EVENTS Page.

Judge June Ward showing equipment

March 14, 17-18, 2012 York, PA  “Celtic Classic” AKC Show Cluster.

Our congratulations to Anushka  (Zastava Vesna of MidnightSolo, TT) on the beginning of  her show career!
Anushka was shown on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday this week by Mrs. Colleen Nicholson with following results: 2 x BOB and 1 x R.WB and 2 point toward AKC CH. Title!
Congrats to Anushka’s owners Bill and Suzanne Smith, great job guys!!! Good luck at upcoming shows

We are happy to announce the arrival of our planned "Y" litter on Feb 15th, 2012. All pups are happy in their new homes .

Newt and Marrusah have 6 wonderful puppies: 4 boys and 2 gilrs. It is Marrusah's 1st litter , she did very well in whelping and is a great Mom.

We are very excited about this litter. These puppies are kids of Newt, a great BRT and proven producer and our gorgeous talented Marrusah. Thiese babies are grandkids of our foundation BRTs Marley and Rusah.

We cannot wait to see them grow, muture and continue a great legacy of exceptional BRTs in their pedigree.

Click here to view information about parents, litter pedigree and pictures

BRT Grooming Seminar with Olga Kornienko is scheduled for APRIL 28th, 2012 In Southfield (Metro Detroit Area) MI

Olga is a good friend of ours, very talanted groomer, fellow BRT breeder (ZASTAVA BRT Kennel)

Midnight Solo hosted one of Olga Grooming seminars in London Ontario. It was a huge sucsess. Olga is an awesome, methodical teacher. She will go over the structure, proportions and balance of a BRT grooming, basics of coat care. Then Olga will groom a demo BRT with lots of explanations.

I have attended several of Olga's seminars and grooming demos and every time I learn something new.
Space is limited to approxiamtely 15 people. Please register early We already have several people confirmed and registered.

All details on Seminar, including agenda, registration, direction and accomadations are posted on Zastava Web site

March 3-4, 2012 Scottsdale AZ show. Ulan Placed Select twice for GR Champion points.

Congratulations to Ulan (Onyx x Rusah) for placing Select 2 days and earning 5 more points towards his AKC Grand Champion title.

Congratulation to Doreen and Rob, Ulan's owners. We thank Ulan's handler Julie Despot for a wonderful job she is doing with our young male AKC Champion Midnight Solo Ulan Cherniy.

February 2012 Marley's son Czar is elected as February Champion of Health by OFFA and won Award of Merit in 2012 Westminister show

Orthopedic foundation for Animals chose Czar as February 2012 Champion of Health is Gr. Ch Sora’s Pride of the Desert – Czar.

Czar is an asset to our breed. He holds titles in conformation, obedience, rally, and is an all breed Best In Show winner. He is also a working service dog.

We are very happy to see that czar's sire, Marley passes his great health, drive, working abilities and good looks to his kids.

Link To OFFA Champion of Health page

Congratulations to Anita Marlow, Czar's owner, Sora's kennel and his breeder Maria Mastoianni for AOM at the most prestigious USA show, Westminister 2012 and for OFFA Health Champion nomination.

We are proud of Marley's son Czar and his accomplishments.

Czar's full name is AKC Gr. Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC,CD, RAE, service dog.

Czar's pedigree

Midnight Solo wishes Happy Valentines to

all our friends and puppy owners.


On Feb 16th, 2012 our "W" Litter will turn 1 year old!

You are going to be 12 months old on Thursday! Happy Birthday little ones!

We wish our "W" litter to have a wonderful Birthday. We proud of every one of you. We thank your owners for the hard work in training in Obedience, Schutzhund and conformation, but most importantly for daily care and love they give to you.

Your Sire Mioses and Dam Luda sending their Birthday wishes and looking forward to hear from your Moms and Dads with new pictures and updates on your adventures.

Are newest Litter is 2 weeks old!

We are happy to share that On Jan 26th, 2012 Our Marley and Sadie became parents of 6 wonderful puppies.: 2 girls and 4 boys. Sadie is a very loving and caring Mom. Everyone is doing well, bringing us lots of puppy joy!

Please visit "X" litter page for puppies pictures, pedigree and parents credentials.

Feb 1, 2012. Marley's daughter Sophie passed OFFA hips and elbows.

We are happy to share that Sophie (BRT JEWELS TZARIN SVJETLANA) passed OFFA Hips- Good, Elbows - Normal. Sophie is also N/N for CHU.

Congratulations to Shelley, Sophie's breeder and to Sophie's owner Ted.

Here is a link to OFFA page.

Please give Sophie a big hug from all of us.


Portlant Rose City Classic, Jan 18-22, 2012.

Our young Ulan (Oxyx x Rusah's son) did exceptionally well in Portland cluster, earning 14 points towards his AKC Grand Champion title, placing BOB x 2 and Select Dog x 2.

Congratulation to Doreen and Rob, Ulan's owners. We thank Ulan's handler Julie Despot for a wonderful job she is doing with our newest AKC Champion Midnight Solo Ulan Cherniy.

Congratulations to Deb and Ken Lynn,owner's of Ulan's sire Onyx ( Snow line BRT Kennel) with the 3rd Champion from Onyx x Rusah litter.

January 19-22, 2012 Michigan Winter Classic AKC  Show/ Working Trials Cluster, Novi, MI Michigan
Milana earned AKC RAE Title

Congratulations to Olga and Milana for newest working title.

It was a very challenging weekend for young Milana , who just turned 2 yo. (CKC Ch. MidnightSolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RE, CKC RN) and her Owner Olga.

In 7 trials, competing 14 times , the team earned 14 QS , 11 placements in Excellent and Advanced classes and finished AKC RAE title ! Amazing job! (Full information on scores and placement you can see at Milana’s Achievements page.)
Way to Olga for navigating through 14 courses and coming out victorious! We are so proud of you ladies!

As Milana’s breeders we see quite a bit of Rusah, Milana’s mother in her: stamina and desire to work, affectionate, but independent , strong willed, but loyal, playful and a wonderful canine friend and protector. Olga thank you for a great job with Milana.

Congratulations to Debby and Ken Lynn, owners of Milana’s father, sire of our "U" litter Onyx


Congratulations to Ulan on his AKC Champion title!

Midnight Solo Ulan Chorniy
(Onyx x Rusah) did very well in a cluster and finished his AKC Champion title!

WD on Sat. Jan 14 and took 2 point.under a judge Christie Smith

BOB and a major on Sunday under a judge Sharon Weston (the enrty for Sat was 3 class dogs, 6 class bitches and a male Special)

BOW on Monday and a 2nd major.

Well done! Congratultions again to our handsome Ulan, his Mom Doreen and Dad Rob for a new title!

to Ulan, Our Newest AKC Champion.

We thank Julie Despot for an outstanding job hadling Ulan.

Thank you Doreen for loving, grooming, conditioning and training your handsome boy.

Well done! We are so proud of you!

As we entering 2012, we can’t help but reflect on the events of 2011.  2011 was a very successful year for our kennel.  We are grateful for every owner that loves, raises and trains our progenies. We appreciate all of you whether you compete in various venues or raising/raised a wonderful loyal companion.  Thank you for staying in touch and sending us great  stories and pictures, allowing us to see our pups grow and mature.  We love hearing from every member of our extended canine family.

Midnight Solo BRTs whelped in our kennel and sired by our males did exceptionally well in 2011 in many areas, such as:

#1 Canadian BRT in Obedience (1st place in CKC Obedience for 2011),
All top 3 Canadian Rally Obedience BRTS for 2011
Top 3rd and 5th Canadian Champions for 2011

Our BRTs won several BIS, finished multiple RN, RA and RE titles and earned one more Draft Dog title.
6 our BRTs passed official Temperament test in 2011.
Several of our offspings passed their health checks  and received CHIC numbers.

The events for  Midnight Solo family and BRT fancy this year were lots of fun, we  met many wonderful people and planning to have another carting seminar on May 26th 2012 and possibly Temperament test sometimes during the year.

We could not be happier with our canine kids and their owners.  Please keep it up and keep in touch. Hope to see you all in 2012!

Below are some of the titles that our BRTs and their progenies have earned in 2011:

Rusah placed TOP CKC Obedience BRT for 2011. Rusah, 8,5 years old  is retired from obedience competition with  5th Annual CKC top Obedience Award.
Rusah's Full name is Multi Champion OTCH- X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA, RE, Mobility Assistance Dog, Top Canadian Obedience BRT 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011. Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch, Award of Merit in 2010 NAtional Specialty Show. BPIS, Multiple group placing, Top CAnadian Conformation BRT in 2009.

Our BRTS took all 3 top CKC Rally Obedience places for the year. 

#1:  Marley (Multi Ch, BISS Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, CGN, TT, BH, CD, CD-X, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE, DD, BISS 2007, Top Conformation and Obedience BRT in CAnada for 2008)

Two of  Rusah’s kids placed 2nd and 3rd:

#2:  MIlana ( CKC Ch. MidnightSolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RN, RA, RE, CKC RN) Milana also finished her CKC Conformation title and RN and is working towards AKC RAE.

#3 : Moses (CKC Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CKC CD, RN, RA)
We thanks Sue and Denis for Moses’ success and Olga for Milana’s.

2 of our offspring’s placed #3 and 5 in CKC Conformation for the breed in 2011:

#3:  CKC, IABCA Ch. BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGN.  Bella also earned her IABCA Ch. title and got CGN. Bella is Rusah’s Granddaughter  out of Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA and Ch Janetta Malahovkaja.

#5 CKC Conformation BRT for 2011 is Marrusah (Ch. Midnight Solo Tsarevna Marrusah, TT, Certified Service Dog ) She is Marley and Rusah’s daughter  with exceptional drive, desire to work and gorgeous looks.


Sadie earned her Draft Dog and AKC Rally Novice titles (CKC CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X, DD, AKC CD, RN, CKC RN, RA, RE)

Eli (AKC Ch. Midnight  Solo Benna Elijah, CGC,TT, RN, RA, RE) son of our Moses took 2 UKC BIS and Best of Best placing, earned RA and RE title, currently working towards AKC RAE title.

Liza, daughter of Marley earned IABCA International Champion and AKC RA title (IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA)

Misha earned CKC RN Title and 6 points towards CKC CH title. (Ch Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGN, TT, HIC, RN)

Uriah (Rusah x Onyx) finished her AKC CH title at 17 months of age.

Marley’s Son  Gr.Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC,CD, RAE  earned AKC Grand Champion title, placed AKC BIS and  earned his RAE title.

Several BRTs whelped in our kennel or sired by our males passed Health checks.

3 kids of our Marley CHIC #47403:

1. Csar: passed all health checks, with Excellent rating on Hips and N/N for CHU.

2. Misha passed all health checks and received CHIC #74308, with OFFA FAir hip rating , HU/N for CHU. Misha's full name is (Ch Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGN, TT, HIC, RN)

3. Liza passed all health checks and received Chic #73676 with OFFA Good Hip rating. Liza's full name is IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA

2 kids of our Moses passed hips and elbows with OFA good rating.

ELI ( Ch Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE) OFFA Hips Good, Elbows- Normal, Thryroid, Patella, Cardiac - Normal. HU/N
Lily (Barentsnight Black Velvet) OFFA HIPS - Good, Elbows Normal

Thank you again our extended family for a great year!

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