are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book

As we entering 2012, we can’t help but reflect on the events of 2011.  2011 was a very successful year for our kennel.  We are grateful for every owner that loves, raises and trains our progenies. We appreciate all of you whether you compete in various venues or raising/raised a wonderful loyal companion.  Thank you for staying in touch and sending us great  stories and pictures, allowing us to see our pups grow and mature.  We love hearing from every member of our extended canine family.

Midnight Solo BRTs whelped in our kennel and sired by our males did exceptionally well in 2011 in many areas, such as:

#1 Canadian BRT in Obedience (1st place in CKC Obedience for 2011),
All top 3 Canadian Rally Obedience BRTS for 2011
Top 3rd and 5th Canadian Champions for 2011

Our BRTs won several BIS, finished multiple RN, RA and RE titles and earned one more Draft Dog title.

6 our BRTs passed official Temperament test in 2011.

Several of our offspings passed their health checks  and received CHIC numbers.

The events for  Midnight Solo family and BRT fancy this year were lots of fun, we  met many wonderful people and planning to have another carting seminar on May 26th 2012 and possibly Temperament test sometimes during the year.

We could not be happier with our canine kids and their owners.  Please keep it up and keep in touch. Hope to see you all in 2012!

Below are some of the titles that our BRTs and their progenies have earned in 2011:

Rusah placed TOP CKC Obedience BRT for 2011. Rusah, 8,5 years old  is retired from obedience competition with  5th Annual CKC top Obedience Award.
Rusah's Full name is Multi Champion OTCH- X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA, RE, Mobility Assistance Dog, Top Canadian Obedience BRT 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011. Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch, Award of Merit in 2010 NAtional Specialty Show. BPIS, Multiple group placing, Top CAnadian Conformation BRT in 2009.

Our BRTS took all 3 top CKC Rally Obedience places for the year. 

#1:  Marley (Multi Ch, BISS Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, CGN, TT, BH, CD, CD-X, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE, DD, BISS 2007, Top Conformation and Obedience BRT in CAnada for 2008)

Two of  Rusah’s kids placed 2nd and 3rd:

#2:  MIlana ( CKC Ch. MidnightSolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RN, RA, RE, CKC RN) Milana also finished her CKC Conformation title and RN and is working towards AKC RAE.

#3 : Moses (CKC Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CKC CD, RN, RA)
We thanks Sue and Denis for Moses’ success and Olga for Milana’s.

2 of our offspring’s placed #3 and 5 in CKC Conformation for the breed in 2011:

#3:  CKC, IABCA Ch. BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGN.  Bella also earned her IABCA Ch. title and got CGN. Bella is Rusah’s Granddaughter  out of Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA and Ch Janetta Malahovkaja.

#5 CKC Conformation BRT for 2011 is Marrusah (Ch. Midnight Solo Tsarevna Marrusah, TT, Certified Service Dog ) She is Marley and Rusah’s daughter  with exceptional drive, desire to work and gorgeous looks.


Sadie earned her Draft Dog and AKC Rally Novice titles (CKC CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X, DD, AKC CD, RN, CKC RN, RA, RE)

Eli (AKC Ch. Midnight  Solo Benna Elijah, CGC,TT, RN, RA, RE) son of our Moses took 2 UKC BIS and Best of Best placing, earned RA and RE title, currently working towards AKC RAE title.

Liza, daughter of Marley earned IABCA International Champion and AKC RA title (IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA)

Misha earned CKC RN Title and 6 points towards CKC CH title. (Ch Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGN, TT, HIC, RN)

Uriah (Rusah x Onyx) finished her AKC CH title at 17 months of age.

Marley’s Son  Gr.Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC,CD, RAE  earned AKC Grand Champion title, placed AKC BIS and  earned his RAE title.

Several BRTs whelped in our kennel or sired by our males passed Health checks.

3 kids of our Marley CHIC #47403:

1. Csar: passed all health checks, with Excellent rating on Hips and N/N for CHU.

2. Misha passed all health checks and received CHIC #74308, with OFFA FAir hip rating , HU/N for CHU. Misha's full name is (Ch Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGN, TT, HIC, RN)

3. Liza passed all health checks and received Chic #73676 with OFFA Good Hip rating. Liza's full name is IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA

2 kids of our Moses passed hips and elbows with OFA good rating.

ELI ( Ch Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE) OFFA Hips Good, Elbows- Normal, Thryroid, Patella, Cardiac - Normal. HU/N
Lily (Barentsnight Black Velvet) OFFA HIPS - Good, Elbows Normal

Thank you again our extended family for a great year!

Dec 30, 2011 Happy Brithday!


Our Beloved Marley turned 6 years old today.

Marley is gorgeous, healthy, accomplished BRT with stable temperament, excellent producer and most importantly an awesome dog to live with. He is very affectionate, lots of fun, loyal, and protective.

We thank Marley's breeders Lena and Alexander for such a great Black Russian and our son for training and socializing Marley.

Many more healthy fun filled years to you Marley!

Marley's full name is
Multi Champion Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii,


Many of Marley's kids passed health checks, are conformation champions and are awesome working dogs that excell in Rally, Obedience, train in Schutzhund, tracking and agility.

Marley was competing in CKC Rally Obedience this year and is top CKC Rally O BRT for 2011

Some of Marley's Achievements:

TOP Puppy Award: Best BRT Puppy of 2006  (RBCSWO)
2nd Top Dog in working group for 2006 (RBCSWO)
BISS 2007 Canada RBCSWO
2008 Top Obedience Dog Award (Marley placed 3rd in total points earned by BRT in CKC obedience)
CKC Top Conformation BRT, placed 6 in CANADA in 2008

To see all Marley's accomplishements, please click here.


Happy Birthday to our "U" litter, last litter of our amazing Rusah.

The puppies turned 2 years old today.

We send you all the best birthday wishes. We love and proud of you and your dedicated loving owners:

Milana (CKC Ch. MidnightSolo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RE, CKC RN),
Uriah (AKC Ch. Midnight Solo Ultimate Desire for Snowline)
Ullan (Midnight Solo Ulan Chorniy)
Bruin (Midnight Solo Urban Myth, TT)
Midnight Solo Umnitsa
Midnight Solo Ugo the Black

December 19th, 2011. One more of one offsprings passed OFFA hips with "good" rating.

Congratulations to Tanya and Doug Adams (Barents Night kennel) on OFFA Good hips and elbows for Lily!!!!
Lily is a daughter of our Moses (Ch Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, RN, RA, CD) and Ch Janetta Malahovskiaja. Lily is a granddaughter of Rusah. one of the most accomplished and titled BRT females in North America.

We could not be happier for Lily, aka Barents Night Black Velvet
Lily is currently training in Agility. We are excited to see working legacy of Lily's paternal relatives in this young girl and looking forward to her future achievements in trails.

Here is a link to Lily's OFA results.

December 10-11,2011. East Lansing, MI Obedience Club of Greater Lansing.

Congratulations to Zastava kennel for great weekend in AKC Rally obedience with 2 of our daughters.

Congratulations to Liza, Marley's daughter for her new RA title!

Liza (IABCA Int. Ch. Russian Pride
Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN,RA

placed 2nd in Advanced A class with a QS 95 out 100!

Way to go Liza and Olga!

Olga and Milana team earned 2 more legs towards RAE title, placing 2nd and twice 3rd in class with the scores of 98, 99 and 98 out of 100.

We are thrilled about your Qs and placings! You definately make your mom Rusah proud, keep it up , gilrs!

Milana's full name is CKC CH. Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE


OUR NEWEST LITTER , SIRED by MARLEY was whelped on September 23rd, 2011.

Jewel with her puppy Ben.

Our new puppy BRT Jewels Unno Benelli is safely at his new home in Northern Ontario and doing very well. Congratulations to Andrea and Jason for new addition to their canine family.

It is a repeat breeding of Jewel, beautiful large show BRT, and our multitalented Marley.
We decided to repeat this breeding, because we were vary pleased with the 1st litter, that produced wonderful large, stable BRTs with great conformation and working ability.
However this time we had only one puppy. We ar thrilled that Ben went to a wonderful loving home.
Benelli a very promising, healthy pup. He also tested N/N/ : clear of Bladder stone marker.

Parents of Ben passed all health checks and are very accomplished:

SIRE: Multi Ch. Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, BH,CGN, TT, BH,DD, CD, CD-X, CKC RN, CARO RN, RA, RE 

Marley's CHIC # 47403 Link to Marley's Health Checks

DAM: Multi Ch. Kalinka's  Joyau Noir  OFA link , OVC Link

Ben is adjusting well and will be showing and training in a sport of Schutzhund.
We are looking forward to receiving pictures and e-mails from Andrea and Jason to follow up with Benelli's progress in training and to see him grow!

Here is a link to Benelli's pedigree

Ben (Benelli) is 8 weeks old

November 11, 2011

Congratilations to Marley on his 1st leg towards CKC REA title , qualifying in Rally Excekkent B clas with score of 98 out of 100 and Rally Advanced B class with a score of 99 out of 100.

Marley's full name is Multi CH. Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, CGN, TT, BH, DD, CD-X, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE
BISS 2007 Canadian BRT Specialty Show

Here are the videos from this trial:

Rally Advanced Triial with Marley

Rally Excellent Trial with Marley

November 2011 Congratulations to Shannon and Eli for great sucsess in Rally Obedience and conformation and Passing OVC Hips anad elbows!

Well Done Shannon and Eli,! Lots to brag about: 2 legs towards AKC RAE, 5 BOB in UKC and 2 legs for URN. We are very proud of you!

We are also very happy to Share that Eli passed OVC hips and elbows. Here is a link to database.
Eli ( Janetta and Moses) is grandson of Rusah.

Eli's full name is AKC Ch Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE.


Sep 23; BOB CONFORMATION, Judge Marian Campbell

Judge Marilyn O’Neill 
              BOB CONFORMATION Show2,
Judge David Kittredge
              RALLY OBEDIENCE, Judge Marilyn Tomaszewski = score 97 3rd place

Sep 25; BOB CONFORMATION Show1, Judge Maude Tank
            BOB CONFORMATION Show2, Judge Beth Snedegar

            RALLY OBEDIECE, Judge Mary King = score 94 




Two qualifying legs towards RAE

Nov 11; RALLY OBEDIENCE, Judge Mrs. Mary Higden
              Rally Advanced B = Score of 86
              Rally Excellent B = Score of 90 3rd place

Nov 12;  RALLY OBEDIENCE, Judge Mr. Robbin G. Shea
             Rally Advanced B = Score of 92
             Rally Excellent B = Score of 99 1st place



November 11, 2011 Milana earned 1st leg towards AKC RAE title.

Congratultions to Zastava Kennel: Olga and Milana team earned 1st leg ifor their Rally Advanced Excellent title in Kalamzoo, MI.  AKC Rally Trials.

QS 90 out 100, 2 nd place in Rally Excellence B Class,
QS 89 out 100 in Rally Advanced B Class.

Milana is 23 months old a Daughter of our Rusah.

Milana's full name is
CKC CH Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, RN, RA RE

Nice job baby gilr! Way to go Olga!

November 10, 2011. Happy 2nd Birthday to Moses and Janetta's litter.

Happy Birthday to Eli, Bella, Lily, Zoya, Corrado, Ivy and Mechel.

We are proud of every one of you and wishing you many happy years with your loving parents.

This Litter was whelped in Barents Night Kennel 2 years ago. All pups are wonderful and perusing different venues, following paw prints of their ancestors:
Show star Mom Multi Ch. JAnetta Malohovskaya, CKC Top Show BRT 2008 and 2009 and Happy- go -Lucky Dad Moses (CKC Ch Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA)

Your Dad Moses sends you best Birthday wishes.


Several puppies from this litter train in obedience, Rally O, Agility; 2 are conformation champions, several more are currently shown.

We are looking forward to see this litter continue competing in several venues in the future. All the best to you guys!

This puppies are grand kids of one of the most accomplished female BRTs in North America, Rusah, who was CKC Top Obedience BRT in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2009,Top conformation CKC BRT in 2009 and was invited to Eukanuba in 2009. Rusahreceived BRTCA Versatility award in 2009, won Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch and Award of Merit in 2010 National Specialty. As a puppy Rusah palced BIS,
RBCSWO: Best Puppy in Breed for 2004 ,Best Puppy in Group for 2004, 7th overall puppy in for 2004.

To see pictures of Rusah, her titles, awards and health checks, please visit her page.

Below are pictures of 3 puppies from Moses and Janetta Litter: Eli, Bella and Lily.

AKC CH Midnight Solo Benan Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE

Eli has 7 points towards CKC CH title.

CKC, IABCA Champion BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGN

(On the left with her Breeder and owner Tanya Adams)

Bella is Currently Top # 3 CKC Conformation BRT for 2011

Lilly is training for Agility

Click here to see her training video

Oct 23, 2011 Moses' daughter Ch Barentsnight Bella Donna placed CKC Working group 4.

Congratulations to Tanya and Doug Adams and Barents night kennel for placing with 21 months old Bella in CKC Working group 4 under judge Shirley Limoges in Belleville and District Kennel Club.

Ch. Barents Night Bella Donna is currently # 3 BRT in Canada for 2011.

We are very proud of Bella, Daughter of Multi Ch Janetta Malahovskiaja and our Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CD, RN, RA (Moses)

Oct 15, 2011. Marley earned CKC Rally Excellent Title


We are happy to share that Marley earned 2 remaining legs for his CKC RE title last weekend in Tillsonburg.
Our team Placed 1st in Excellent B class with Qualifying score of 100 , time 1:45 and 2nd in Excellent B class with QS of 98, time: 1:46.

We had lots of fun. Marley's full name reads : Multi Ch.Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, BH, CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, DD, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE.


Photo album for October 1st Picnic in Michigan is posted.

Click here to view Pictures.

Happy Belated Birthday to our "T" litter

Sorry we missed your birthday, our lovely Blackies. Your sister Valora from Florida send best Brithday wishes to Marrusah, Obediiah, Lara, Molly, Maggie .

Your Midnight Solo family loves you . We are proud of every one of you!

Midnight Solo puppies and their owners are invited to Zastava kennel 's BRT picnic on OCTOBER 1st, 2011.

We hope to see many of our extended Midnight Solo family at BRT Picnic and BBQ. It will be a great opportunity to meet your canine relatives, other BRT owners and breeders. We are looking forward to seing all of you and your gorgeous BRTS on Sat October 1st.

For more details, time and directions, please go to the EVENT page

September News
AKC Rallly Obedience trial and Conformation, St Clair kennel Club

Sadie got her AKC RN title, placing 2nd in Novice B class with score of 98 under judge D.Haddock. Sadie also got her 1st RA leg with score of 99, placing 3rd in Advanced b under judge Del. Lunn.

Sadie's full name is CKC CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X, DD, CKC RN, RA, RE, AKC CD, RN

CKC Top Obedience and Rally O BRT for 2010

Milana, handled by her human Mom Olga, placed BOB and got 2 points towards her AKC CH title.

Milana, CKC CH. Midnight Solo unity for Zastava, TT, CGC, RN, RA, RE , daughter of Rusah from her last litter out of Onyz is magnificent! We are proud of all our babies, but have a very special place in our hearts for Milana, who is growing up so close to us, visits us very often and is definitely a member of our BRT pack.

Liza, daughter of our Marley got 2 points towards her AKC Ch title, placed BOB, WB and RW, handled by her owner Julie.

Liza's full name is IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN

Olga and Liza team earned 2 legs in RA, placing 1st in Advanced A on Saturday under judge D.Haddock.

Congratulations to Zastava kennel, Liza's owners Julie and Olga. Liza's Mom Veta from Russian Pride and grandparents Natella and Leon send their congratulations and hugs.

Marley's Son got BIS, congratulations to Czar and Anita!

GCH Sora's Pride Of The Desert-Czar CD placed BEST IN SHOW under judge Mr. Paul (Pogo) Thomann on Sept 17th, Three Rivers Kennel Club, Gray Summit, MO

We are very happy for Czar and Anita and congratulate all involved in raising, training, handling and grooming Czar!

We are very proud of s Marley,s son.

Click to see Czar's pedigree.

17 moths old Czar

High in Class in Utility Fun Match with Sadie

Sadie and I went to practice for Utility obedience in Fun match, organized by GRKCOW and did pretty good for her 1st ever try in utility level. Sadie was high in class. It was a beautiful day, nicely organized event.

We had a great time.

Sept 11, 2011 Temperament Test

I was invited to judge a Temperament test hosted by Grand River Kennel Club of Waterloo Wellington. 11 teams were entered, 9 qualified. Our congratulations to Rick and Leon R. , the only BRT team entered and qualified. I want to thank Olga G. and Sandie for a great day together and the GRLCW for hosting wonderful event.

New videos of our Black Russian are posted.

Marrusah's Busy Day .

Marrusah helping her Mom to clean up after a meal

Showing Marrusah - CKC Group 4

Marrusah helping with house chores

Draft Dog competion - Sadie earnes her CKC DD title

Sadie having fun at the beach

CKC Ch Midnight Solo Tsarevna Marrusah, TT, Certified Service dog ( 2nd generation) CKC CH Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, TT, BH, CGN, CD, CD-x, RN, RA, RE, AKC CD.

Congratulations to Doreen and Rusah's son Ulan for Best of Winners placing on Saturday Aug 27th

20 months old Ulan placed Best of Winners in AKC working dog specialty in Redmond, WA, handled by his owner Doreen.

Thank you for making your Mom Rusah proud on her 8th birthday.

Ulan is a pup from Rusah's last litter our of Onyx. Thank you Doreen for a great job you are doing with raising, training Ulan and for lovely pictures you have sent. They are posted on Ulan's page.

We are looking forward to Ulan's debut in Obedience ring in the near future.

Happy 8th Birthday Dear Rusah!

We wish you a very Happy birthday Rusah - joy of our lives, our magnificient, brilliant and loyal friend.

Thank you for yiour dedication and love for us , for every wonderful puppiy and grandpuppy you have given us.

Your accomplishments are outsatnding, your personality and work ethics are second to none. You are indeed a very special girl!

Rusah aka OTCH-X Ch. CKC. AKC, CFC, CMA, RBCSWO, WDA, Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, DD, DD-X, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, CARO RN, RA, RE, AKC RN

Marrusah is our new CKC Champion with 2 Working Group Placings!

Marrusah, Daughter of Marley and Rusah placed CKC Working Group 3 and 4 on Aug 16 and 18 in TKC shows and earned her CKC Champion title. Congratulations to Celyne and thank you for your time and dedication to Marrusah!

Her full name now reads: CKC Ch Midnight Solo Tsarevna Marrusah, TT, Certified Service Dog.

Marrusah is stunning , agile, typely BRT. with fluid movement , gorgeous coat , perfect scissor bite. She took the best form her parents.

Marrusah is a certified Service dog, like her Mom, Rusah. She has a drive and desire to work like her Sire, Marley.

We had a great time in Earlton. Thank you Celyne for your hospitality.

Congratulations to our newest CKC Champion - Rusah's daughter Milana!

Our Milana (CKC Ch Midnight Solo Unity for Zastasva, CGC, TT, AKC RN, RA, RE) has finished her CHC Champion title in 4 shows. Milana lives in Detroit. She is large, beautiful female with magnificent head, heavy bone structure, great movement and a wonderful stable temperament of a true working BRT.

We thank Olga and Zastava kennel for breed appropriate socialization, physical conditioning and training Milana has been getting since she left Midnight Solo at 8 weeks of age. Milana has a great future ahead of her. We are very proud of another daughter of our legendary Rusah and looking forward to being a part of her exciting career.

Olga , congrats with a new CKC Champ!

August 22, 2011 Visiting Midnight Solo Offsprings in Barents Night kennel

Sadie and I were in Ottawa and on the way back home stopped in Barents Night kennel for a visit.
We had great time with Janetta and her canine kids from our Studs.

It was wonderful to spend so much time together with our offsprings. Many thanks to Tanya and Doug for their hospitality.

Photos by Doug and Tanya Adams.

We spend all day and night together: played fetching with volleyball and football, did some agility training at Barents Night private agility field and walked off leash with 6 BRT females and a Bullmastiff Mocha. It is awesome to have so many kids and grand kids together.

Here are the names of 6 BRTs on pictures above:

1. Multi Ch Malahovskaja Janetta (Pedigree),

2. our Sadie ( Pedigree) aka Ch Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, TT, CGC, CD-X, RE, DD, BH

3. Marley x Janetta Daughter Vikki (Pedigree) aka Barents Night Viscountess Vikki

Two Daughters of Moses and Janetta:
4. Lily aka BarentsNight Black Velvet (Pedigree) and

5. Bella aka CH CKC, IABCA, BarentsNight Bella Donna, CGC (Pedigree)

6. and Janetta's and Marley's grandpuppy Heidi aka BarentsNight Calypso Queen (Pedigree)

Congratultions to Liza and Julie for new Champion title.

Liza (IABCA CH. Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN) a gorgeous daughter of our Stud Marley is a newest Champion in Zastava Kennel.

in IABCA International Dog Show, Birch Run, MI July 30-31, 2011 Liza won:
4 x BOB,
4 x V1 rating certificates
and earned a Title: IABCA International Champion

Our congratultions to Julie (owner-handler) , Olga Kornienko ( owner of Zastava kennel and co-owner of Liza) and Natella, breeder of Liza.

July 8-11 OCKC & WKC CKC shows

Marrusah (Marley x Rusah) placed Winners bitch on Friday July 8th, handled by her owner Celyne. Well done ladies!

17 months old Milana (Rusah x Onyx) did exceptionally well over weekend: placed Best of Opposite Sex and BOB winning over Special female, earning 4 more points towards her CKC Champion.

Slada daughter of Marley and Veta won Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday, earning 2 point major towards her CKC Champion title. Congratulations to Leon and Natella.

July 9-10, 2011 Ann Aebor Kennel Club - Eli got RE title!

Congratulations to Eli and Shannon for getting last 2 legs for AKC Rally Excellent title.

The team did great at the 1st trial Qualifying with 99 out of 100 and placing 2nd in RE A class under judge Russell Hornfisher.  

Second trial Eli did great, Shannon lost 10 points on handler Error, qualifying with 87 under judge Michelle Armitage.

We are very proud of Eli, son of our Moses and grandson of Rusah.


Click here to see Eli's Pedigree
(Moses x Janetta)

July 6th, 2011 Moses earns 2nd leg for CKC Rally Exellent !

Congratulations to Moses and Sue team for placing 4th in RE class under Judge Bruce Gibbons with a score of 97 out of 100 and 1:20 time. 8 teams were competing in RE class.

Way to go guys! One more leg to go for your RE title!
Moses is a wonderful male, with fluid, ground covering gait, beautiful type head, gorgeous ample coat, lots of drive , great disposition, and stable temperament. Moses is a son of our multitalented Rusah.

Moses's full name is CKC CH. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CKC RN, RA, CD . Moses passed all health checks and to date sired 2 wonderful litters.

Uriah is our newest AKC champion at 17 months of age

Congratulations to Deb and Ken of Snow Line kennel for finishing Uriah and getting 2 Grand Champion points at 17 months of age.

Uriah's full name is Ch. Midnight Solo Ultimate Desire for Snow Line.

Uriah is a daughter of our Rusah (Multi Champion CKC OTCH-X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X,AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA,RE,Mobility Assistance Dog) and Onyx (Ch Setextra Chavaleir Noir)

Well done! Higs and kisses from your Midnight Solo part of the family.

Marley's Son Misha passed all health checks and got his Chic number

Thank you Carla and Darren for doing such a great job with your 1st Blackie.

Congratulations to Misha (Ch. Maximus the First, CGN, TT, RN, HIC) for passing all health checks and getting CHIC #74308.

It is a second puppy from this litter that obtained CHIC, passing all tests.

We could not be happier with the litter our Marley (Multi Ch Nord Praid Monarh Rossiysloy Imperii, CGN, TT, BH. DC-X DD, CARO RN, CKC RA); CHIC # 47403 and Veta ( Milti CH. Kalinka's Voennaya Taina, TT) produced.

July 1-3, 2011 Report from Obedience and Rally O trial

to Milana, Marley and Rusah!


Rusah (OTCH-X, Multi Champion CKC Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA,RE, Mobility Assistance Dog)
qualified and placed 3rd in Class in Utility under judge Lynn Oslach
qualified and Placed 2nd in Open B class under judge G. Loffredo

Marley (Multi CH. Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii , CGN, TT, BH, DD,CD-X, CARO RN, CKC RN, BISS 2007 Canadian BRT Specialty Show) earned 2 legs in Rally Excellent Placing 4th in class with a score of 99 under judge L. Oslach

Milana, 17 months old Daughter of Rusah earned CKC RN title, qualifying and placing in class in 3 trials :
QS of 97, Placed 1st in Novice B
QS of 96, Placed 3rd in Novice B
QS of 97, Placed 3rd in Novice B

Milana (Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RN, RA, RE, CKC RN) also got her 1st leg in CKC Rally Advanced with a perfect score of 100 and 1st Place in Advanced B class.

Congratulations to Olga and Milana team, awesome runs, great flow and team work!

It was a very hot weekend, but we had lots of fun .

Marley's Daughter Passed all health checks and got her Chic number


Congratulations to Zastava kennel and Liza's breeder Natella on Liza's passing health checks and getting her CHIC

OFA hips - Good, Elbows- Normal, Cardiac - Normal, Patella - Normal, Eye Cerf and CHU- not affected.

Liza (Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN) is a gorgeous female with lots of drive like her Sire Marley.

Liza is planning to continue to compete in Rally Obedience and conformation and is pretty much ready for her CD.

Julie, Bryan and Olga from Zastava kennel thank you for all you do for and with Liza.

Sadie earned CKC Draft Dog Title on June 3rd, 2011

Sadie earned 3 Qualifying ribbons at the trail. 11 Draft Dog teams competed at the trail , only 3 qualified and got DD title. It is quite an accomplishment.

It is 4th CKC Draft title in our kennel: Rusah has Draft Dog and Draft Dog Excellent title. Marley has Draft dog title. Now Sadie has hers DD. She did an outstanding job at the trial, am very proud of her amazing work ethics, endurance (the test went on from 9 am till almost 6 pm) and desire to work with me.

I would like to thank CKC Draft Judges for a great day at the trail and nice comments on Sadie's evaluation sheets. Judge Richard Connell : "well done, good team". Judge Allan Maniate: Obedience -"great job, excellent stand stay. Filed work, hitching and loading- nice work. Hauling- excellent work". Judge Peggy Flockhard: Obedience part: 'a nice neat performance, great sits. Maneuvers in the ring: "very well done, very attentive to the handler, good forward motion" "Really nice teamwork, lovely to watch!"

As far as I know Midnight Solo BRTs are the only Blackies in North America to earn Draft titles so far. We are planning to host another Draft work seminar in the spring of 2012. Please let us know if you would like to attend. It is fun activity, very complex, lots of team work and very rewarding venue to compete in when your canine partner is well trained.

Pictures from DD trial are posted in NEW CARTING PICTURES ALBUM

DD TRIAL video will be posted soon, please come back to check it out

Back up exercise at our trial

We got our Qualifying ribbons from all 3 judges!

One of the left turns during ring maneuvering at the trial

One more CKC Rally Advanced title in our kennel!

Marley earned 2 QS on June 3rd at Erie Shore KC under judges Del Lunn and Ted Leslie and got his Rally Advanced title.

Marley's full name now reads: Multi Ch. Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii, CGN, TT, BH, CKC DD, CD, CD-X, RN, RA, CARO RN.

I started spending some time training with Marley in the last few weeks.
We still need to work some things out and become a team. As many of you know, Marley was trained by his owner Alan, not me, so it will take some time till we work well together.

Nevertheless we did OK . 1st trial we got a QS of 100 , but placed second in Advanced B class ( Golden was faster then Marley and got 1st place)
At the second trail I lost 10 points for performing a sign wrong ( well, I had a "blond moment!) and Marley lost 6 points for being too eager and interfering with me, so we were 2nd again in our class with QS of 84.

Our Annual BBQ and Temparament test went very well on June 11, 2011

Click here to see full report

5 Midnight Solo BRTs passed Temperament Test! Congratulations to Carol and Bruin, Shannon and Eli, Celyne and Marrusah, Susanne and Anushka, Milana and Olga, well done teams!

Grooming Seminar in Arizona May 13, 2011 was wonderful.

Please click here to see full report of my trip.

Happy 4th Brithday to our "S" Litter


Multi Champion CKC OTCH-X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X,
Mobility Assistance Dog,

the proud Dam of "S" litter

We wish all our pups the happiest 4th Birthday ever and many healthy great years to come. You will always hold a special place in our hearts .

We are very grateful to your human parents for the wonderful care they provide for you all.

We send hugs and kisses to Moses (CKC Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CKC CD, RN, RA) , Samson (AKC CH Midnight Solo Samson, CGC) , Sadie (CKC CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X, AKC CD,CKC RN, RA, RE) , Salem, Sasha, Rufus. and Bob.

Your Mom Rusah and all of us in Midnight Solo miss you and wish you were close by, so we could see you more often.

to our "S" Litter , we sending you lots of hugs and kissesl!


DATE: June 11th, 2011

TIME: noon till 4 pm Rain or shine.

Mount Brydges Lions Park Pavillion B, following Temperament Test.
(See Events Page for details on TT.)

Address: Lions Park Drive, Mount Brydges Ontario , N0L 1W0, behind the skating arena

RSVP if you are planning to attend to jean@midnightsolo.com or call 519-473-9939; It will help us to plan how much food to prepare.

Dear friends! We are hoping that you will be able to join us for delicious meal and fun time together.
We would love to see all our puppies and their owner. If your BRT is whelped and raised in Midnight Solo or sired by our studs, we are hoping that you will take time to come down to meet your canine relatives, make new friends and show off your BRT.

Please bring a crate for your Blackie. There is an awesome playground in the park, so feel free to bring your kids along. We will have a pavilion rented in case of rain.

Please do not miss this opportunity for an afternoon of BRT get together.

We are looking forward to seeing you all!

"W" Litter photoalbum is now updated.

All puppies are doing well and are happy in their new homes .
Please visit "W" Litter album to see picturesd of our cuties from Moses and Luda

Moses's full name is: CKC Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN, TT, CKC CD, RN, RA; Top CKC Rally BRT 2010 (2nd)
Click here to visit Moses page

Luda's full name is: CKC Ch. Kalinka's Liberty, BH, TT, CGN, CKC CD,CD-X, CKC RN, RA, RE, AKC CD,CD-X, RN. Top CKC Obedience BRT 2010, 4th CKC Conformation BRT 2010 , TOP CKC Rally O BRT for 2010 ( 3rd)
Click here to visit Luda's page

June 1st: We are celebrating 2nd Birthday of Marley X Veta litter.

Happy Birthday our Blackies, we love you all and thank your human parents for everything them do for you and with you.

We are very proud of you all, but especially proud of our 3 most accomplished pups from this litter, that we are fortunate to see quite often:

Misha (CH. Midnight Solo Maximus The First, CGN, HIC, TT, RN)

Liza (Russian Pride Midsummer Night, CGC, TT, RN)

Slada ( Multi CH. Russian Pride Midnight Star, TT, 2010 Top BRT RBCSWO, 2010 Top BRT ABI)

Marley and Veta wishing you all to have a veryy happy brithday!

May 23, 2011 - Midnight Solo's newest Rally Novice title earned by Marley's son Misha.

Congratulations to Carla and Misha on earning their first CKC working title.  Way to go team!  

Misha did terrific!  Carla, did very well, but being a rookie handler make some mistakes and lost a few points for the team.   It is very hard to go in the obedience ring for the first few trails and we know that the experience will come along as they go on, allowing the team to achieve even better scores.

We thank Darren, Isabella and Ashton for their continuous support and encouragement to Carla and all of you for your dedication and love for our Misha.

We can’t wait to see Misha and Calra continuing their sucsess in CD and RA competition! 

Misha’s  full name is CH. Midnight Solo Maximus The First, CGN, HIC, TT, RN

Congratultions to Bella , newest CKC Champion!

BarentsNight Bella Donna

(Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGC, TT, CD, RN, RA
Multi Ch. Malahovskaja Janetta)

Congratulations Tanya and Doug Adams for finishing Bella in CKC.

We are thrilled that Bella is following the paw prints of her Dam, Janetta who is a Multi Champion and has an amazing carrier in a show ring and her Sire Moses who is not only CKC Champion, but very accomplished obedience and Rally BRT.

We are very proud of you Bella and wishing you great success in show and obedience ring in the future.

Bella's Pedigree

Bella is a littermate of ELI (AKC CH. Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah, CGC, RN, RA), a daughter of Moses and granddaughter of Rusah.

Bella and Tatiana in the ring

April 2011 - Misha earned 1st Rally Obedience Novice leg

CH. Midnight Solo Maximus the First, CGC, TT, HIT.

Misha and Carla entered their very 1st Rally obedience trial in mid April. They did great!

Not only they qualified and earned their 1st leg, but also placed 2nd in Novice A class under judge Michelle Armitage.

Congratulations to Carla and Misha on 1st leg in CKC Rally Novice.

Well done, all of us, especially Misha's Dad Marley are very proud of you both!

Happy 5th Birthday to Rusah's first litter

Your Mom Rusah wishes you the best birthday ever!
Your Mom and all of us are very proud of each of you.

5 years went by...You are all grown, mature BRTs;


We love you all and wish we could see you today and thank your parents for loving and caring for you.

Especial thanks to Zacand Kimberly,Sandra and Don, Dave and Gail, Keith and Justin , and Grace for everything you are doing with your BRTs and for them.

We appreciate you and thank you for keeping in touch.

Rusah: Multi Champion CKC OTCH-X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA,RE,
Mobility Assistance Dog

Midnight Solo planned "W" litter has arrived

We are happy to welcome our planned litter “W” into Midnight Solo family.  8 Puppies arrived on Feb 16th, 2011.

Moses and Luda became proud parents of 7 handsome boys and one special girl. It is Luda’s first litter; we are very pleased to share that she is a very good Mom.  Everyone is doing great!

Some pictures of our puppies are posted in “W” album.

For details on this litter, parents and pedigree please visit Puppies page , it is posted on
Our Current Litter Information Page.

Happy 1st Birthday "V" litter

Sadie, proud Dam of V litter.

(Ch. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, RN, RA, RE)

It is hard to belive that a year ago our Sadie had her 1st litter!

Dear Bunny, Keith and Justin, Scott and Doreen, Laurie, Glenn, Debbie abd Warren, Suzanne and Bill! Thank you for chooising to have Midnight Solo puppies as your loving companions and friends.

Please see V litter album to remeber how tiny your babies were a few short months ago.

We appreciate everything you do for the pups. Please give them a big Birthday hug from Midnight Solo family and their Mom Sadie.
We proud of every single one of you, our baby Blackies.


Midnight Solo family
wishes all of you many healthy fun filled years ahead. Please be good for your human families and continue to bring them joy and make them proud.

Congratulations to CZAR, newest AKC GRAND CHAMPION

February 27th, 2011 in Del Mar, CA at the Silver Bay dog show, Czar became Grand Champion!!!

Czar's full name is Grand Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert,CGC,CD, RAE

Midnight Solo family and your Sire Marley (Multi CH. Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii , CGN, TT, BH, DD,CD-X, CARO RN, CKC RN) are very proud to have such an accomplished young male and thank your Mom Anita for everything she does for you and with you.

Feb. 27, 2011 Congratulations to Eli and Shannon on 2 Best in Show and UKC Best of Best placing!

At United Kennel Club Show hosted by The Michigan American Pit bull Terrier Club on February 27, 2011 ELI (Moses x Janetta), 15 months old male made us all very proud.

Shown by his owner Shannon Eli placed Group 1 twice and Best in Show twice, then they went on and got Best of Best.

Thank you Shannon for all your work with Eli, for your love and commitment to your lovely Eli, son of Moses and grandson of
our Rusah. Way to go Eli and Shannon!

We thank judges Sharon Griffin and Joseph Gubry for such an honor at a tender age of 15 months.

Update on Uriah's conformation achievements

Uriah (Rusah x Onyx) is doing very well in conformation. At 11 months of age she has 7 points and 2 majors towards her AKC Champion title.

Uraih lives with her Dad Onyx in California. Thank you Deb and Ken for doing such a wonderfull job with our mutual BRT baby, we are looking forward to more pictures and success stories.

January 2011 Czar, son of our Marley passed OFA with HD Excellent rating and palced AKC Working Group 2, Wow!

Congratulations to Czar and Anita Marlowe for placing 2nd in AKC working group on Jan 22, 2011.
For January 2011 Czar (Ch. Sora's Pride of the Desert, CGC,CD, RAE) was #1 Black Russian Terrier in the breed and held #4All Breed AKC standing for BRT.

We are especially thrilled to share that Czar passed several health checks and has OFA HD Excellent rating. So far there are only 12 BRTs before Czar that have had OFA excellent rating on hips. It is very rewarding for us as stud owners and breeders to see proof that healthy parent give healthy offsprings. Congratulations Anita, we know how stressful it is to wait till the results from OFA are back.

We are very proud of the Anita and Czar team for their success in conformation, obedience and rally and commitment to health checks. We want also thank Robert Scott for handling and Edwin Escamilla for grooming Czar.

January 2011, Ulan , Rusah's son started his show carrier.

Congratulations to Doreen and Ulan for a great start in AKC Show rings. 12 months old Ulan (Rusah x Onyx) did very well and got 3 points towards his AKC Champion title, placing:
January 15: BOW - one point
January 16: BOW - one point
January 23: WD - one point

We are looking forward to more great news from show, rally o and obedience ring.

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