are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book

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Nov 13th, 2016
All Breed temperament Test hosted by Midnight Solo Reg'd Kennel & Training Academy was a great sucsess!
Zander and Kicka both eaned TT!

Thank you Bernie VanPelt for agreeing Midnight Solo kennel use London Schutzhund club facility for the event and volunteering to be a bag guy for the test.

Thank you Julie, Liz, Tom, Ania, John, and Joanne for volunteering and doing a great job!
Thank you to all London Schutzhund Club members for helping out, great team spirit and making this event a great fun and success for all!

Albums of previous TT hosted by Midnight Solo team
2011 2010 2014

Congratulations to all 19 entered teams for passing TT today! Another great Midnight Solo Event!

I want to thank every team for showing up and supporting our event.
We had 11 GSDs, four Black Russian Terriers, a Rottweiler, a Border Collie, and a Dogo Argentino, one GSD x Akita mix.

I want to thank our evaluators Olga Gange and Sandie Bingley for another fabulous day together.

Please see full report here


Huge congrats to all Four entered BRTS for passing TT :

 13 months old Kicka - UKC CH MidnightSolo Adara Bat Haviva, CGC, TT

and young Zander – So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, RN, CGC, TT and his Mom Nancy

Ania and Kiro (Medvezhya Staya Indiana Jones)

and Bob and Tsar  ( Argus Electra Onyx for Barentsnight)  

November 5-6,2016.  Oxford Dog Sport UKC Nose Work: Handler Discrimination Trials, judge Deb Hebeler. 3 new titles in Midnight Solo!

Ang and Meeka
Brayden and Sadie
Jean and Kicka
Jean and Sadie
Ang and Sadie

Sadie earned NHD (Novice handler discrimination) and Advanced handler Discrimination titles. Placed 2nd, 3rd and first!.

I want to thank Ang and Brayden for helping me with Sadie.  I entered two dogs and could not run both, because the hide stays in the same place for A and B class and I had both Kicka and Sadie in Novice once and in Advanced level once. I am very thankful for Midnight Solo Canine family, for our passion for sports and support and help we give to each other. 

Congratulations to Brayden for Highest scoring Junior handler in trial and placing 1st in Advanced A class with Sadie!

Thank you so much Ang and Brayden.

Kicka Earned UKC NHD title Novice handler Discrimination and 1st leg towards Advanced HD.
Placed 3rd in Novice and Advanced A class.

Way to go baby Kicka, very proud of you . You did exceptionally well in all 4 trials!
Congratulations to Meeka and Ang!
They earned a leg towards AHD 1st leg Advanced Handler Discrimination,
time 00: 15:50 seconds.

Oct.29-30th, 2016 UKC shows and Rally Obedience trials Grand River Kennel Club

Our Kicka is UKC champion! She showed only 2 days at 9 months (BIS, Group 1, Group 2) and at 13 months (Guardian Group 3 x 2 under Peter Scott and Sharon Griffin).
Our young girl earned her title on Group placings , nicely done, Kicka!!

Kicka finished in Conformation on Saturday and we decided to get Rally Obedience a try for the first time on Sunday.
Kicka and I entered 2 trials and earned 2 legs towards URO1 with a qualifying scores of 97 out of 100,
placed 3rd in Novice B class both times under judge Heidi Kadoke.

Little baby Katana (Bruin x Meeka) came with her owners Kevin and KJ to participate in Halloween parade of costumes. Isn't she a dear?
Kevin also showed Katana for the first time and they both did well and had a great experience.
Thank you Kevin and KJ for doing such a great job socializing and training Katana.
Katana is well adjusted, social and calm baby. Kevin and katana taking conformation and obedience classes.
Irena came to root for her granddaughter Kicka and meet Katana.
What a great weekend with nicest people and dogs !!

Oct 14, 16, 2016 Elgin County Kennel Club CKC Conformation

Kicka's 2nd CKC Show.
Best Bred By Exhibitor in Working Group, Judge Irene Bader, MB, Canada
BOB x 2
WB x 3
Best Bred by in Breed

Kicka did very well. We showed on Friday, on Saturday we were in IPO trial in LSC, and on Sunday there was 2 shows and Best Bred by Exhibitor competition. Judges loved our young girl. Very proud of my Kicka!

October 8th, 2016 Octoberfest trial, Calgary Alberta - Wriley and Daniel team earn BH!

Heart felt congratulations to Daniel and Wriley team for passing BH on Oct.8th, 2016 IPO trial, K9 Force Working Dog Club in Calgary Alberta; judge Igor Lengrvarsky.

Daniel , Margaret and Wriley, we knew you could do it and we cheered you all the way! You and Wriley are a fabulous working team! You did so much together and had so many successful trails in RO and Agility! You are a huge blessing: you raised Wriley to grow into a magnificent true to the breed standard in every way dog! We are so proud of you and so happy for you! Way to go team Wriley! Sending you our love and our thanks!

Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, TD,

Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014 (#1 BRT in Canada both years)
#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.
Top CKC Agility BRT in 2015.( #1 in Canada)
1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE title
1st CKC TD (Tracking Dog) BRT in Canada

Please check Wriley and Daniel's video at IPO seminar,
learning from the best!
Very proud of all you did with him and they way he works! I love our conversations, sharing training ideas and love for the BRTS.
Thank God I have Wriley's baby girl!
Thank you again for your friendship and partnership,
it means a lot to me!

Sept 5th, 2016

Our pick of the "C" litter Red female is looking for a performance /show home, where she will be able to grow to her full potentail. She is lovely, lively, has a moderate drive, people oriented and will do well in many performance venues as well as conformation. Our hope is for a home where she will be trained and compete in Rally O, Competitive obedience, carting, Scent work or whatever new owners will choose to do with her.
Very promissing puppy. Will not go to a pet home.

Sire: Bruin - IABCA Int Ch. Midnight Solo Urban Myth, CGC, TT, TDI, RN, RATI
Dam: Meeka - CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja, CGN, UKC PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, NC,NE,NV, TT, UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1, URO2, NHD.

Litter pedigree

Sept 4th, 2016 Congratulations Zander and Nancy with passing all health checks!

Congratulations to Zander - So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, CGC, RN
On passing all health checks and getting his CHIC # 115657

OFA Hips Good, Elbows, eyes, cardiac - Normal
JLPP- Clear. CHU - N/N

Link to OFA Database records

Thank you Nancy for doing it all! You are wonderful!

July 31 in Orillia, at Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club trial, Viva and Irena earned RE title.

Barrie Kennel and Obedience Club trial, under the judge E. Leslie, Viva successfully completed 3rd leg of CKC RE. She got a mark 90 out of 100 and High In Class.

Congratultions to Irena and Viva, excellent job! Very proud of you!
Viva- CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, TT, CKC PCD, RN, RA,RE,URO1, UCD,PTN, PTA, PTS, NN (NC, NI, NE, NV).

July 24, at Erin, Oxford Dog Sports, UKC Nose Work Trial- Viva erned Novice Vehicle Title


Congratulations to our talented team ! Irena and Viva earned Novice Vehicle Title under the judge Arlene King. Run time respectfully - 01:16:74 and 00:57:57.
Amazing job!!

Viva- CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, TT, CKC PCD, RN, RA,RE,URO1, UCD,PTN, PTA, PTS, NC, NV.

Very proud of you both, you are unstoppable!!!Kicka will have a lot of catching up to do to achieve the titles her Mom Viva earned!

July 23, at Erin, Oxford Dog Sports UKC Nose Work Trial- Viva erned 1st leg towards Exterior search title.


July 23, at Erin, Oxford Dog Sports, under the judge Arlene King, Viva and Irena got 1st leg towards Novice Exterior search. 4th place, run time 00:32:53 (out of 3 minutes).

Well done, wish we were able to watch and support you at this trial!!! You and Viva are a great team, Thank yoou so much for all you do! Very proud Grandma Jean!

June 16, 2016 CKC RE trial - Viva and irena earned 2nd leg!

    Gongratulations with another excellent performance! Viva and Irena earned their second leg towards CKC Rally Excellent. 99 out of 100, High In Class under the judge Janice A LeachOshawa Obedience Association in Bowmanville, Ontario.

Very happy for you and very proud of our baby girl and your handling, Irena.

June 26, 2016- UKC Show, Westfield MA, USA - Sochi plced 4th in Guardian Group!

  Congratulations to Linda and Sochi team!

9 months old Midnightsolo Aviva Bat Haviva (Wriley x Viva) better known as Sochi, placed Best of Breed from judge Helena Engelauf in the morning and in the afternoon judge Rowdy Yates awarded her Best of Breed and Fourth in Guardian Group.

We are very proud of you and rooting for you in the upcoming shows!

June 25, 2016 CKC RAE trial.

  Sadie and I competed in CKC RAE , The Poodle Club of Canada, Judge Loraine Purnell. Fabulous score, wonderful job, both legs with palcing in B class!
My faithful partner did great:
RA leg - Qs of 100, 2nd place (TOP CKC Golden beat us by 4 seconds)
RE QS of 99 and 1st in B class!

It was HOT!!! 33 C (92F) outside in much worse inside the barn with no air!

My lovely 9 year old veteran Sadie made me proud once again! Love you my girl, you are such a joy everywhere and always, no matter what we do together!
CKC CH., IABCA Nat. CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie,

June 19th, 2016 CKC Rally Obedience trial. North York Obedience Club.

  Congratulations to Irena and Viva ( Marley x Cha Cha) for earning 1st leg in RE and placing 1wst in A class under a judge Gail Wormington.

Great job! Best of luck in future trials, we are rooting for you!

June 12, 2016 . BEST In Show at UKC Grand River Kennel Club!

Our 8 months old baby Kicka - Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva, CGN rocked!
BIS (Best in Show!) , group 1 and group 2!

We could not be happier and thank Ontario judge Bonnie Rowntree for BIS and USA judge Debra Florek for Gaurdian group 2 placing and GRKC and all volunteers for a great event!

Kicka did amazing! It was very rewarding to see such a young puppy to work her butt off with me at the breed, group, BIS and Best of Best rings.

I thank from the bottom of my heart Margaret and Daniel (Wriley's owners)and Ireana Polonsky (Viva's Owner) for raising such amamzing parents for our Kicka!

GRKC and all volunteers, thank you for another great event!

June 12th, 2016 UKC RO trial - Viva earned 2nd leg.

  Congratulations to Irena and Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) for 2nd leg in URO2, placing 1st in A class under judge Kim Alexander-Thomsonat Grand River Kennel club

Well done, very proud of you both!

Please visit Viva's page to see pedigree, health checks, scores, pictures and videos.

May29,2016. Swansea Dog Obedience club - CKC RA title

Congratulations to Irena and Viva for earning CKC RA title!
they earned their last leg, placing 1st in class with a QS ( Qualifying score) of 88, 1st in Advanced A, judge Bonnie Christie.

VIVA - CKC CH., UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy Champion Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, TT, CKC PCD, RN, RA, UCD, URO1, UKC PTN,PTA,PTS, NC, NI.

Well done! Many more sucsessful trials to you my ladies!

May 21-22nd, 2016 Barn Hunt Trial - Oxford Dog Sport - 4 new titles!

  Our team earned 4 titles this weekend! Koda and Rachel earned RATI and RATN. What a way to celebrate Koda's 3rd birthday!

Sadie did very well , earned RATI and RATN , placing 1st in Lagre Dog Novice class twice with time 21.16 and 15.16 with 2 minutes allowed for each trail. and 2nd with time of 50.37 seconds.
Sadie full name is: CKC CH, IABCA Int.CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, SCH TR1, CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, DD, DD-X, RN, RA, RE, AKC CD, RN, URO1, URO2,URO3, PTN, PTA, PTS, NC, NI, RATI, RATN.

I could not be more proud of our partners and friends for training, competitng and coming to trials to hang out and support each other!
Thank you rachel, Ang and Brayden for making this weekend extra special! Was fabulous to see all our friends at Oxford Dog Sport, chat and watch the teams perform.
Congrats to Rachel and Koda for 2 new titles:
Video of Koda's last leg

Brayden and Ang made delicious and very pretty rat cookis for pot luck lunch!
Midnight Solo team hanging out all weekend!
We had great weather and fabulous time together!
Sadie earned RATI and RATN with two 1st placing and one 2nd.
Video of Sadie palcing 1st in class

May 11, 2016. CKC Rally Advanced leg earned by Viva.

"Yuppie! We did it again! Tonight, at Trafalgar Dog Sports under the judge Paul Oslach, Viva earned her 2nd leg towards CKC RA (Rally Advanced). She did it with a mark of 98 out of 100, First In Class. My dear partner, my soul-dog, you are absolutely The Best!"
Irena and Viva

Congratulations! Very proud of you Irena and Viva! it is so rewarding seeing Marley's daughter following his working path! Good luck in a future trials. Go Viva, go!
V IVA - CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH.
Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN
#8 Show BRT in CKC ( Canadian Kennel Club) in 2014

May 7-8., 2016 . UKC trial- 7 New Nose Work titles!

Oxford Dog Sports ran a Nose Work trials, PTs, Containers and Interior. It was a big event, over 100 entries on Day 1 and about 85 entries on Day2.

Viva earned her Novice Containers. On a Trial 1 she's being placed 1st in her class with run time 9.7 seconds (out of three minutes allotted time). On a Trial 2 Viva being placed 2nd in her class.

Sunday, Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) successfully competed twice in an Interior Nose Work trials and earned her Novice Interior titles.

Sadie (Vassili x Rusah)
On Saturday, Sadie got first two PTs - PTN (Pre-trial Novice), PTA (Pre-trial Advanced) as well as a Novice Containers title, successfully passing it twice, being placed third in her class in a Trial 2.
Sunday Sadie earned PTS (Pre -Trial Superior) and Novice Interior NW title!

We would like to thank Oxford Dog Sports and Laurie Soutar for organizing this event and a judge Linda Ringle for her expertise.

New videos from the trials:

Video of Viva in Novice Interior Trial
Video of Sadie in Novice Container trial. Video of Sadie in Novice Interior trial

I thank all Midnight Solo puppy owner, breeding partners and our friends who drove, some quite a distance to join us in sharing passion for our beloved breed, to have fun with their dogs, learn new things, network and have fun together!
I thank Ang and Steve for opening their gorgeous property and hosting Fun day once again!
We had people from all over Ontario, Massachusetts, New York and Michigan: thank you for taking the time!
We had 17 BRTs, 2 GSDs, one terrier and one terrier mix, so 21 dogs in total.
Most dogs brought more than one family members with them, so we had quite a few people and kids, but the property is so big, that it was hardly a crowd!

Click here for full report.

It was a Great event hosted by LSC & BRTCC .

Congratulations to 17 teams on passing the CGN test and huge Thanks to all members who helped with the test and all other organizational and running of the event details.

People and their canine kids had lots of fun participating in our interactive demos and watching advanced teams demos in IPO, Rally O, carting etc.

Many visitors are looking forward to another simular event in the next year.

Please view Full Report on BRTCC FaceBook Page

April 23-24, 2016 AKC Rally O trials , IL, USA

Thank you Betty for such a great job with Xena- Midnight Solo Xena, AKC Star Puppy, CGC, URO1, TDI, TDN, TDIA

Congratultions to Xena (Marley x Sadie) and Betty for 2 QS with placing in RN!

QS of 94, Placed 3rd in Novice A class under a judge3 Suzanne Mayborne
QS of 89 out of 100, placed 1st in Novice A class, Judge Robert Self Jr.

Well done! Go team Xena, go! Very proud of you both!

April 15-16, 2016 Inka earned Starter Novice title in Obedience under CDSP

UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zlata Chernaja, CGC, RATI, RATN, RATO, CDSP SN-C, AKC RN
Congratulations to Inka (Misha x Sadie) and Teri for earning a Starter Novice Obedience title
under CDSP- April 16-17, 2016
judge Rick Ritacco and Sheila Bennett
QS 196/200, 4th place in Starter novice class
QS 190/200
QS 198/200 , 2nd place in Starter novice class

Very proud of team Inka and looking forward to seeing you
at Fun day!

Teri and Inka will be working on getting her rally advanced soon too.   Miele and Inka are training in agility, Inka loves running the course and is doing great. She is also taking her to a tracking workshop this weekend--busy month!

April 15, 2016 Kent Kennel Club - Koda is our New CKC Champion

Congratulations to Rachel and Koda (Misha x Sadie), our new CKC Champion!

Koda's ful name is:
CKC CH., UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zavetnaja Mechta, URO1, CGN,TT, UWP

We had a wonderful time together.
Thank you Rachel for all yoou have been doing with Koda! Very proud of you both

April 15-16.Kent Kennel Club- CKC Rally O title

Viva's full name now reads:
CKC CH., UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy Champion Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, UCD, URO1, TT, CKC PCD, RN, PTN,PTA,PTS

Congratulations on a new title and a wonderful performance to our beautiful hard-working Viva (Marley x Cha-Cha) and her amzing owner-handler Irena!
Here are Viva and Irena results:
RN, Leg 1 - QS of 98, 2nd place under judge Anna Lorenz;
RN, Leg 2 - QS of 94, 2nd place under judge Del Lunn;
RN, Leg 3 (title) - QS of 100, 1st place, High In Class under judge Del Lunn;
RA, Leg 1 - QS of 81, 2nd place under judge Anna Lorenz.

Very proud of you both. Was fun to watch you in trials and hang out for a few days.

April 9th, 2016 Alberta Canada AAC Agility trials - Way to go Wriley!

Our gorgeous, talanted Wriley !
Wriley's health checks are great as well. Love this boy!

Wriley and Daniel did it again!

Congratulations with a New Title: Achieved AADC (Advanced Agility Dog of Canada) Advanced Standard, earning last third leg
L3. April 9th 2016, OC Agility, Judge - Denise Reid-Clarke, 0 Faults—Time 53.13 sec.
and 2 more legs towards Starter Games title:
Starter Gambler:
L1. April 9th 2016, OC Agility, Judge - Kirsten Locke, 64 points, Time 50.70 sec.

Starter Snooker:
L1. April 9th 2016, OC Agility, Judge - Denise Reid-Clarke, 36 Points, Time 48.57 sec.

Fantastic job, very proud of you both!


Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT (#1 in Canada) in 2013 and 2014.
Top CKC Agility BRT in 2015.( #1 in Canada)
#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.
1st CKC TD and RAE BRT

April 8th, 2016. AKC Rally Obedience trial.

Congratulatios to Nancy and Zander (Bruin x Ruby) for 1st leg in AKC RA.

Our Team placed 2nd in Advanced A class in Saginaw kennel club at Birch Run, under Judge Ms Lynne Ostach.
Way to go Zander and Nancy!

April 2nd, 2016. UKC trial- 4 new working titles!

Feeling very proud and privileged to have such an incredible working team of dedicated and loving owners!

We got 4 new titles in one day at Oxford Dog Sport UKC trials: UCD, URO2, URO3 and CGN!

All girls work very well and placed in all trials!!

Thank you so much Irena, Ang and Rachel for training, travelling and competing! Was a joy to spend a day together, as always!
Huge thanks to the judgesLaurie Soutar and Deb Beean for a great day and wonderful experience!
Especially Proud of Irena & Viva for CD title!
Way to go Team Midnight Solo!

Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) and Irena placed 1st in Novice A obdience twice and earned UCD title and a 1st leg towards URO2 , placing 1st in 2 A with QS of 96!

Meeka (Marley X Diva) earned URO2 title, trained by Ang, handled by Jean

QS of 100, 1st in 2B class
QS of 96, 3rd in 2B class.

Sadie (Vassili x Rusah) earned URO3 title.

QS 100, 1st in 3B class
QS of 96, 2nd in 3B class

Kicka (Wriley x Viva) passed CGN at 6 months of age.
She was wonderful in all excersizes.

My Sidekick is always by my side. It is so much fun to see her learning things!

March 5-6th, 2016 OC Agility trials in Alberta Canada

Daniel wrote: "Very happy with Wriley’s work effort and enthusiasm! His performance was outstanding. "

Daniel and Wriley had 6 great Qualifying runs! Congratulations!

Starter Jumper-Q , Placed 1st under Judge Craig Peters  Time 29:02  Yards 121 Faults:0

Steeple Chase-1-Q , Placed 2nd under a judge  Christina Sanders Time 51:94

Adv. Standard-1-Q Placed 1st under a judge Christina Sanders , Time 57:53, Faults:0, Yards:177

Adv. Standard-2-Q , Placed 1st under Judge Craig Peters  Time 64:72  Yards 121, Faults: 0, SCT 81,

Steeple Chase-2-Q   Placed 3rd under Judge Craig Peters  Time 40:58  Yards 156, Faults: 0, SCT 46

Advanced Jumper-Q Placed 1st under a judge Christina Sanders , Time 37:62, Faults:0, Yards:151


Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, TD,ADC- SSS, AGNS
Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014
(#1 BRT in Canada both years)
#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.

1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE title
1st CKC TD (Tracking Dog) BRT in Canada

February 13-14th, 2016 - UKC Nose Work and Weight Pull trials at Oxford Dog Sports

What an awesome way to spend Valentine's day! It was a joy to see Koda, Meeka, Sadie and Viva work! Very successful weekend: we earned 3 PTs, NHD title, 2 legs towards NHD , placed 4th and 1st in class. Everyone braved the weather- snow and minus 33C! Koda and Meeka got points towards Weight Pull Champion.

Thank you Ang, Rachel and Irena for great time, fabulous job with your babies! You are a Blessing!

Nose Work - 1st handler discrimination trial in Canada. Judge: Sherri Hall

Meeka and Ang are the first BRT team in North America with NHD Title, placed 4th in the 3rd trial with a time of 8.69 seconds.
Meeka's full name is: CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja,CGN, UKC PT1, PT2, PT3,PT4, NC,NE,NV, TT, UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1,NHD.
Meeka (Marley x Diva) loves Nose Work and it was a joy to watch them work. Meeka is the 1st BRT in Canada to earn Nose work, weight pulling,Burn hunt titles!

Viva and Irena team just started Nose Work. It was there 1st trial and they passed PT1, PT2 PT3.

Viva- (Marley x ChaCha) - CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, URO1, TT, PCD, PT1, PT2, PT3
#8 Show BRT in CKC ( Canadian Kennel Club) in 2014

Sadie with Jean earned 2 legs towards HD title, placed 1st in Novice A.

CKC CH., IABCA Nat. CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie,BH, Sch TR1,CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X ,RN, RA, RE,DD,DD-X, AKC CD, RN, URO1, URO2.
4 x HIT, Top Obedience and Rally Obedience BRT in Canada in 2010

Weight Pull Judge: Noel Palmer

Both Meeka and Koda have UWP title and are working towards United Weight Pull Champion (UWPCH).
It was their 1st pull on a snow at the coldest weekend in 2016, temperature -33C !
Meeka (on a left) earned 5 points towards WP Champion title.
Koda (on a right) 20 points !
Well done Racheal and Ang!

January 2016- Jack earned ATD and ETD titles!

Congratulations to Jack for 2 new titles!

We are very proud of you and your human family.


As we welcomed in Brand New year 2016 , it is time to reflect on the events and achievements of 2015.

Happy New Year and many more successful trails , shows, trips and explorations with your Blackies.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for Midnight Solo family members: our puppy owners  and breeding partners, you did it again!  Together we have accomplished a lot. I am proud of each and every one of you and your fabulous BRTs.  You are a great blessing to me and I am very much looking forward to seeing you again in 2016, getting updates, pictures, videos and phone calls about your adventures with your Midnight Solo canine kids!
Please click here to see what our team has accomplished in 2015.

Like any year 2015 brought us some great news :

Sire: Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, TD,ADC- SSS, AGNS
Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014
(#1 BRT in Canada both years)
#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.
1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE title
1st CKC TD (Tracking Dog) BRT in Canada

Our “A” arrived on Sept 20th, 2015 bringing us 3 lovely boys and 3 gorgeous girls from our 2 beautiful and very accomplished parents Wriley and Viva.  One baby girl stayed with us.  We named her Sidekick  a.k.a. Kicka .   Kicka is a granddaughter of our Marley and Great granddaughter of our Rusah.  We are confident  that she will bring us as much joy as her legendary ancestors.

Baby Kicka

Dam: CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH
Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN, URO1, TT, PCD

#8 Show BRT in CKC ( Canadian Kennel Club) in 2014


and very sad news…
Many of you are aware that in the fall of 2015 we had to say goodbye to our canine Matriarch and Patriarch.

9 year old Rusah.
Rusah went to doggy Heaven in our loving arms shortly after she turned 12 years of age, leaving us with broken hearts and a huge void.  Rusah was our 1st BRT, a soulmate and a heart dog to my hubby, his service dog, his helpmate.   Rusah and I learned together the ins and outs of the dog show World, competitive obedience, rally obedience , draft dog and service dog training.  She was very wise,forgiving and loyal to the very end.  Our World will never be the same without her. 

You will never be forgotten our queen Rusah a.k.a.
Multi Champion OTCH- X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA, RE, Mobility Assistance Dog, HIST.
1st BRT to earn CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, OTCH-X, Draft Dog, Draft Dog Excellent, CARO RN,RA,RE  titles in CANADA.  Rusah is also the 1st Mobility Assistance BRT in North America.

Rusah placed #6 Top CKC Obedience dog in Working Group in Canada 2009
2009 #7 CKC Conformation BRT in CANADA.
RBCSWO Top Puppy Awards for 2004
RBCSWO 2004: Best Puppy in Breed for 2004 ,Best Puppy in Group for 2004, 7th overall puppy in for 2004
Multiple puppy and adult Working Group placings
12 Excellent reviews from FCI, AKC, CKC judges
1 x Best Puppy in Show, 3 x Best puppy in Group
Multiple Best Puppy in Breed

Always loyal and workiing with her Dad to the very end.

Marley - Multi Champion Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii,BH, CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, DD, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE, UCD,URO1, URO 2, URO3.
BISS 2007
BVIS 2014 x 2
HIT (Rally Obedience) 2013
HIT URO, April 26th, 2014

CKC Top Conformation BRT, placed 6 in CANADA in 2008
Multiple working group placings
Top Obedience BRT in Canada 2008
Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT 2011, #2 in 2014,
#1 in 2015

Marley left us rapidly and unexpectedly just before Rusah did.  Marley was full of life, joy, energy and playfulness till he left us.  It was hard to believe that he was almost 10 years old!

 In the beginning Marley was our son’s dog, he was raised and trained by him. They achieved many working titles together: CD, CD-X, CARO RN, BH, CGN. 

Eventually Marley became more of my dog even though my son was always his favorite person. Marley had a huge heart.  He lived fully, loved fully, committed fully. 

Marley and I did a lot of things together as well.  I showed Marley in conformation up to 9 years of age and Rally O and obedience till he left us.  We trained in IPO, did draft work, went to the beach, for long walks, and so much more…

My buddy, play pal, my protector, my joy, my Marley, not sure I will ever be able to talk about losing you without crying… 


Marley, I miss you my boy. We all do.

Young Marley and Rusah going to the beach


Marley and Rusah with their 2 week old puppies in Oct 2008.

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