are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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November 13th, 2016
Temperament Test by TTA, organized and hosted by Midnight Solo Reg'd Kennel & Training Academy

Congratulations to all 19 entered teams for passing TT today! Another Midnight Solo Event!

I want to thank every team for showing up and supporting our event.
We had lots of GSDs, four Black Russian Terriers, a Rottweiler, a Border Collie, and a Dogo Argentino, one GSD x Akita mix.

I want to thank our evaluators Olga Gange and Sandie Bingley for another fabulous day together.

Thank you Bernie VanPelt for agreeing Midnight Solo kennel use London Schutzhund club facility for the event and volunteering to be a bag guy for the test.

Thank you Julie, Liz, Tom, Ania, John, and Joanne for volunteering and doing a great job!
Thank you to all London Schutzhund Club members for helping out, great team spirit and making this event a great fun and success for all!

The judges were pleased with the quality of the dogs entered, with our organizational skills, volunteers and delicious lunch!


2 Midnight Solo BRts were entered and passed TT, Congratulations to:

Kicka 13 months old UKC CH Midnight Solo Adara bat Haviva, CGN,TT. (Above)

Zander – So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, RN, CGC, TT and his Mom Nancy (below).

We had a lot lot of Fun. Please join us for our future events.

Please visit our TT events from previous years:
2010, 2011, 2014

Please visit our TT 2016 Album for more pictures.

April 30th, 2016
MIDNIGHT SOLO and Friends Fun Day 2016

I thank all Midnight Solo puppy owner, breeding partners and our friends who drove, some quite a distance to join us in sharing passion for our beloved breed, to have fun with their dogs, learn new things, network and have fun together!
I thank Ang and Steve for opening their gorgeous property and hosting Fun day once again!
We had people from all over Ontario, Massachusetts, New York and Michigan: thank you for taking the time!
We had 17 BRTs, 2 GSDs, one terrier and one terrier mix, so 21 dogs in total.
Most dogs brought more than one family members with them, so we had quite a few people and kids, but the property is so big, that it was hardly a crowd!

It was our 1st Fun day where lots of time was set apart just to hang out, share stories, experience with the breed and just love on our dogs!
We had a tire pulling demo with Koda and Meeka.  This exercise is great for preparing for Weigh pulling and physical conditioning.
Meeka and Viva did scent discrimination demo (Nose Work) -exterior and vehicle searches.  
Then Ang handed out scent kits to all attendees and explained how to start fresh dogs with a scent work.  Everyone tried and got kit to work at home with!

The pot luck lunch was a great hit: lots of yummy food and tons left over!  Thank you for preparing and bringing food. Special thank you for Julie and Ang for our Midnight Solo cake.  Fresh sourdough donuts with coffeee in the morning (complements of Ang and Steve) were delicious and well received, lol!

After lunch we set up Rally Obedience Novice course and many teams chose to try it.  Irena did a great job walking through, explaining signs and rules and helping teams along.
Some gifts were exchanged, lots of laughs and hugs shared. 
Dogs had a free time running and playing afterwards.
Gus( Wriley x Viva) pup was groomed and some folks stayed behind to watch and learn!

This day and every one of you was a blessing to me. 
Looking forward to seeing you all and many others next year.

Jean Brown

To view full album, click here.

April 24th, 2016 Working K9 Introduction Day
hosted by London Schutzhund Club (LSC) and Black Russian Terrier Club of Canada (BRTCC)

It was a Great event hosted by LSC & BRTCC .

Congratulations to 17 teams on passing the CGN test and huge Thanks to all members who helped with the test and all other organizational and running of the event details.

People and their canine kids had lots of fun participating in our interactive demos and watching advanced teams demos in IPO, Rally O, carting etc. We had a very yummy lunchwith cake and met many new people and their wonderful dogs.

Thank you for coming and making this day a special one!

Many visitors are looking forward to another simular event in the next year.

Please view Full Report on BRTCC FaceBook Page

Do not miss this great event!

Several local trainers will be there with an interactive demos where you can both learn about new canine working venue and to try it with your dog.

Sarah Hughes will be at the event representing her school Details Dog Training and hosting demos in :

1. Rally -O: This new sport is intended to promote positive relationships between dogs and owners based on trust and respect. Rally encourages participation of ALL dogs, purebred or mixed breed, pets or titled champions as well as physically challenged dogs and or handlers.
ATTITUDE is more important in RALLY than precision. Dogs and handlers "just gotta have fun".
With handler encouragement, the dogs work through a numbered course of excersizes consisting of heeling at all paces, sits and downs, left and right turns, figure 8's.etc. Novice classes are performed on leash and are a wonderful introduction to the world of dog sports and building a positive bond with your dog.

2. Scent Detection (Nosework) : A dog's nose is far better at distinguishing tiny amounts of scent than people can imagine. Using a tiny drop of essential oil, the dogs learn to find this odour in many challenging places all for a food or toy reward. Hide and seek for the dog, very easy to play at home.


Please come with your dog and your family!

Try new things Like freezbee, flyball, agility, let your chiild to enjoy a ride in a cart pulled by a Black Russian Terrier dog. Enjoy a great lunch together that will be availabloe on site and much more!

I will be conducting a CGN test (Canine Good Neighbour)

Please bring a flat collar and a leash.
If you prefer me to use your brush for "grroming and appearance "part of the test, please bring it along.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Seminar on Basic Dog Psychology for the Working dog by Bernie VnPelt

I would like to extend an invitation to a seminar on basic dog psychology for the working dog by Bernie VanPelt.
Sunday, September 6 beginning at 9:30 at 11129 Greystead Drive
Denfield, ON N0M 1P0
For members of LSC (London Schutzhund Club) there is no cost. . Non members are invited, however there will be a cost of $40 for each. This is an educational seminar so your dogs are not going to participate. You can still bring them of course. All dogs must be crated.Please bring a lawn chair and some food for a Pot Luck lunch. Coffee will be provided on site.

Bernie is a wonderful teacher, experienced and fun to learn from!
Bernie VanPelt has over 35 years dog training experience, titled many dogs in various disciplines,specializes in canine behaviour modification. Bernie VanPelt is a President of LSC, trained dogs for police work, IPO, CKC Obedience and tracking. Everything I know and able to do with dogs I learned from Bernie!
Well almost everything, he does not show in conformation!

Please let me know who will be attending so we can plan accordingly.
ThanksLooking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday Sept.6th , please come 15-20 minutes earlier to pay and to set up your dog crate.


We encourage all our friends with dogs to come and give it a try.

We welcome all dogs and looking forward to having you all.

Tracking is a wonderful activity to teach your puppy, adult or a senior dog.

Tracking is a low impact activity allowing your dog to use its innate ability and channel it in a way of following a scent you ask it to and eventually indicate/find objects on a track for fun, trials or for Search and Rescue.

I have attended several tracking workshops by Bernie VanPelt and each time was encouraged and learn very useful information and improved my perspective on tracking and handling techniques.

Among other several issues, I had difficulties with laying my tracks in a straight line, using landmarks to locate my tracks 45 minutes later, and trusting my BRTs on a track.

Another thing about Tracking - it is an inexpensive activity: all you need is a collar or harness, leash, treats, and eventually some objects for your dog to find/indicate.

Tracking can be done anywhere: grass, dirt, hay field, conservation area.

Dogs love it and you will to. So come out and give it a try!

Midnight Solo kennel is organizing this event for BRTCC and Ang is graciously agreed to let us use her gorgeous spacious property!

We will have lots of fun learning together.

Bernie is a wonderful teacher, experienced and fun to learn from! Everything I know and able to do with dogs I learned from Bernie!
Well almost everything, he does not show in conformation!

Please e-mail me for an entry form and directions: jean@midnightsolo.com

Please support 1st BRTCC National Specialty in Quebec, Canada on June 13th, 2015.

Dear BRT owners in USA and Canada!

Please come and support Canadian BRTS and our 1st Nationals in province of Quebec!

The campground is only $65.00 for 5 days. it is a gorgeous location.

We are looking forward to a great several days together to show and celebrate BRTS, to make new friendships and to re-kindle our long distance relationships!

Most of you are aware of the fact that Black Russian Terrier is not recognized by the CKC, we are counting on your support to make our amazing breed visible and fully recognized in Canada.

If you need any additional info, please contact


September 7th, 2014 Temperament Test hosted by Leonberger Club of Canada

Olga Gange, Sandie Bingley and yours truly evaluated 15 teams, 12 passed and received TT certificates.
It was great to see Olga, Sandie, June , Sonia and meet lots of new people.
The breeds entered were: Leonbergers, BMD, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, 2 mix breed dogs, Doberman, Belgian Tervurens.
It was a great event, thank you Sonia and Kim for your hospitality and lovely lunch.
Thank you Olga and Sandie for including me in an avaluating team. It was another great experience!

Sunday August 24th, 2014

TEMPERAMENT TEST ALL BREED EVENT hosted and organized by Midnight Solo Reg'd Kennel & Training Academy



Congratulations to all teams that passed TT and earn their certificates. Thank you our dear friends Sandy and Don for coming out again and evaluationg our next generation of Midnight Solo BRTs and friends. Thank you Gradish family for their hospitality, lunch, help and walk in the woods. Thank you to all volunteers,you did an amazing job!
We had a great time together and looking forward to seeing you all our offsprings, their owners and frinds at our events in 2015

Click here to see Full report - Midnight Solo TT 2014

Umbrella test, part of a TT evaluation

Date: Sunday August 24th, 2014

TIME: 10 am till the last dog is tested.

Location:Tillsonburg, Ontario

Outdoors: Rain or Shine

Limited Entry, Pre-registration only

Test Conducted by TTA TTA Evaluators Olga Gange and Sandie Bingley.
TT Certificates are issued at the event to all who pass.

Test hosted by: Midnight Solo BRT Reg’d Kennel & Training Academy.

Information and registration contact:
Jean Brown (519)-473-9939, jean@midnightsolo.com

Saturday May 17th, 2014. French Ring trial in London area.

French Ring trial in London. This is exciting! It will be 1st time for me to see FR trial live. I encourage all local dog owners who are interested in Protection sports to come out (no dogs please) and Support Rayan an and his club.
Click to see time and location: http://www.soarringsport.com/soar-ringsport-trial-spring-2014/

Saturday May 10th, 2014

On May 10th, we held our 4th Carting Seminar. We reached our maximum entries of 10 working teams and had a few auditors to join us and our presenter CKC Judge, breeder of Bernice Mountain dogs and Leonbergers, and a good friend of ours June Ward.
We had a great event , met old friends, made new ones, had delicious food in an awesome new location, and most importantly incredible learning experience.

Please click here to see our report from this event

All Breed Carting Workshop with CKC Draft Judge June Ward
Hosted by Midnight Solo Training Academy
Sat May 10th, 2014, 10 am -4 pm (rain or shine)

Workshop is Open to all breeds of adequate size and structure!

Time: 10 am till 4 pm

Location:Tillsonburg area, Ontario (half an hour south of the 401 Ingersoll exit)

Howard Johnson in Tillsonburg,

92 Simcoe St. Tillsonburg.

Please register early to secure a spot.

Contact Jean for more info and registration form jean@midnightsolo.com or call 519-473-9939



Contact Jean for more info and registration form jean@midnightsolo.com

3 working spots are still available.

We still have several auditing spot availble.

Pre- Registration ONLY


Come find out more about carting/draft work with your dog for FUN or COMPETITION.

Space is limited to 10 working teams . WORKING POSITION $70.00 AUDITOR POSITION $40.00

If you have your own equipment, please bring it. Otherwise all required equipment will be provided and available for use during the workshop (harnesses, carts, training wheels, backpacks, etc.)

Draft work/carting is one of our favorite activities, come give it a try, do not miss out on aniother thing your Blackie will be excellent in!

See you all on May 10th!

We had a wonderful time , please visit 2012 Carting Seminar Photo Album and make sure that you view all 7 videos of BRTs who attended and tried it out.

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