are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book
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May 19th , 2018 - Our Midnight Solo Family Annual Get together! Do not miss BRT FUN day !

Dear Midnight Solo Puppy or grown up BRT owners, our friends and Partners!

This year we are meeting at Oxford Dog Sports.

I am getting excited already to see so many of you again, to see our BRTs grow and mature and try to squeeze as much information, couching, grooming, activities and fun in one short day!!!
We plan to have lots of fun and useful activities for our canine and human family members!
Barn Hunt Seminar is open only to 12 novice teams. Please let me know if you are interested to try it out. By the end of it you will know all you need to know to compete in beginner level and most importantly if your BRT has an aptitude for the sport!
Do not worry: rats will be safe and neither you or your dog will have to touch them!
While 12 teams are doing Barn hunt, the rest of us will do some grooming, rally O, obedience jumps and problem shooting in training and basic house manners.
We will set up a show ring and a rally ring and practice both throughout the day.
Later on in a day all teams that have had exposure to barn hunt will be able to have a several runs in actual courses and all attendees will be able to watch!
We will have a pot luck lunch. People who come from far away, do not worry, local family members will take care of the food.

Please let me know ASAP if you want to sign up for Barn Hunt seminar- it will have to be - first come- first get in, MSK owners will take priority.


Date: Saturday May 19th, 2018

Time: 9 am till 5 pm

Location: Tattletale Farm
736683 Twp Rd 3, Princeton, ON N0J 1V0

Directions scroll down and look for directions to the FARM, not training hall.

INTRODUCTION TO Barn Hunt Seminar is conducted
by Laurie Soutar

Seminar for Novice teams only :  identifying rats, basic skills, Rat Instinct & Novice course try out at the end of seminar

  Laurie Soutar has over 40 years dog training experience, titled many dogs in various disciplines,

* President of Oxford Dog Sports
* UKC Obedience Judge ,
* Rally Obedience Judge
 *Conformation Judge.
* Nose Work Judge
* Barn Hunt Judge
* Breeder of Greyhounds.

Schedule For our day:  
8am-8:30am set up
9am - noon .  Barn Hunt Beginner Seminar for registered teams
9am- noon: coat care, rally O:  for all teams that are not attending seminar 
Noon to 2 pm : lunch (pot luck)& net working
2 to 3:30 pm- Barn hunts practice runs for  advanced teams.

3:30 – 5 pmnetworking, problem solving in Obedience and rally training, clean up and goodbyes.

  Seminar's SPACE IS LIMITED  to 12 teams.

Pre- Registration only
No auditors allowed
Afternoon runs $10.00 per dog

Barn hunt is a fun activity, no pre-existing training is necessary; an excellent way to engage your dog in new activity.
While 12 novice teams will be busy in a seminar with Laurie, we will do coat care & grooming workshop and have Rally O coarse set up.

I am so happy that many of you are able to make it this year!
Many Blessing to you and yours,

Looking forward to seeing you all!

    Jean Brown

All dogs must be crated and/or on leash. Please bring a crate for your dog and a lawn chair, and treats; Garden tents if you have them.

If you have a garden ternt, please bring it for extra shade for our BRTS.

We had a great day together! Please visit Facebook to see videos and pictures of our MSK Annual Fun Day 2018

May 2018 Midnight Solo Annual Fun Day with Intro to Barn Hunt Seminar, grooming workshop, Conformation lesson, tricks, rally o, obedience trouble shooting and practice, delicious pot luck lunch, and above all FUN with Midnight Solo family members.

What an amazing group of people with fantastic dogs!

  Thank you so much for a fantastic day together!!!
We managed to squeeze virtually everything that we have planned and more!!!

I want to thank Laurie and Dave for hosting us and for the seminar.
Thank you Irena for helping on every front.

Thank you all for helping , taking pictures, vedeos and being your fabulous self.

Thank you everyone for delicious food!

I want to thank again all Midnight Solo family and friends for joining us at our Annual Fun Day.

I am looking to see many of you at our Fun Day 2019!

Especially thankful for people who drove from very far away, I greatly appreciate it.
Midnight Solo family members drove from:
London, Ontario
Aurora, Ontario
Parkhill Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Tillsonburg Ontario
Roseneath Ontario
Hamilton Ontario
Londonderry Nova Scotia
Winnipeg Manitoba
Hamburg, NY
Boston MS, USA
Midland Michigan
Lapeer, MI
Fargo, North Dakota

Sunday April 8th, 2018 - BRTCC CGN test

All dogs of all breeds and parentage  6 months or older at the day of the test are welcome.
All teams that pass the test will receive a CGN certificate from the CKC by mail.

Please bring a proof of vaccination, dog's city license, Dog's name, age, breed and CKC Reg# (if available); name, address, e-mail and phone number of the owner; leash, well-fitting buckle or martingale collar, made of fabric or leather, a brush or comb for your dog.

Pre-registration is recommended as spots fill quickly, however  the same day entries will also be taken at the site provided there are spots available.

A CKC Canine Good Neighbour Test includes 12 exercises:

Please read the CKC CGN Participant book and get your dog ready!

For application and/or more information please e-mail:
e-mail: jean@midnightsolo.com

It is a ggod location. Nelia Previs and Otradniy kennel hosted a BRTCC CGN test in 2015: we had a great turn out, all entered teams passed the test and got their CKC certificates.

We had a wonderful event. Congratulations to all teams!

March 30th- April 1st , 2018. Midnight Solo Kennel is going to Canadian Pet Expo- largest indoor Pet event!

It is the first time our kennel is participating in The Expo.
To say it was busy is a huge understatement. We talked so much, that i lost my voice! All Midnight Solo BRTs did a fantastic job and attracted lots of attention and praise from the visitors.

I am deeply moved and am very thankful to Midnight Solo family and friends for stepping up and volunteering their time and their BRTs to be a part of our team at the expo. Without you it would have been impossible. You and your BRTs are my pride and joy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Irena and Viva, Kicka and I were there all 3 days. Irena Polonsky, Kevin Barrett and KJ set up our booth for us. Katana and Kevin worked the booth for Fri and Sat. Rosie 11 months old daughter of our Koda was there to help with Maiya Konanur Cox and Shain Cox , Dave Gail McLarnon
came to help out on Sat while we were doing Nose Work Demo, Deanne Smits and baby Archie- Zeus and Meeka 4 months old son came on Sunday and helped out. Vika, Sergey and kids came SAt and Sunday and helped out with Eley. Marissa and Aurora came on Friday to help out.

Thank you my Midnight Solo Family and Canadian Pet Expo!

It was incredible to spend 3 days with every one of you . I am so proud of our BRTs and they way every one of you socializes and trains your Blackie. So many people CKC booth invited our BRTs to be a breed ambassador at their booth each day. We did demos, showed 3 hours of our BRTs on videos ( thank you Irena) : in life , in performance, shows and having fun.
It was lovely to see people we knew and meet incredible new people. It was a wonderful experience.
Please see our Album on FBfacebook,social,social network,snPhotos of Expo on Website

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