are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book


It was a blast! We thank all our puppy owners who came to show and compete in Rally Obedience, conformation and just to hang out: Laura M, Shannon F, Olga K, Doreen T, Bunny and Rich, Suzanne and Bill, Connie and Bob, Tina, Lida and many other "old" friends.
Thank you Robert Lee, Olga Kornienko, Tina, Shannon and everyone else who sent us pictures of our dogs. We thank everyone for helping with moving our crates, bathing and playing with our BRTs your help is greatly appreciated.

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Midnight Solo did very well in Kentucky. All teams took home beautiful ribbons and trophies: jewelry boxes and several coaster sets with BRTS designed by Mary P.

BRTCA Show Committee and volunteers did an absolutely marvelous job in organizing all the events. Thank you everyone for a great time.


First I must tell you all about our special lady, Rusah-bear.  She placed Best Veteran in sweepstakes and in the Nationals, Best Brood Bitch and received an Award of Merit at the Nationals. 

Rusah was showing amazingly and had lots of fun in the ring.
We love you Rusah and very proud of you, your kids and grandkids.


Milana and Olga

Brood bitch competition is judged on a merit of the off springs. Milana and Valora, Rusah's daughters from different litters were shown in this class.

All 3 bitches are large, substantial females with good proportions, beautiful heads and balanced movement. 

Milana and Valora are a testimony to our successful breeding program.

Thank you Olga and Laura for your help in competition and raising our lovely girls.



Milana, 8 months old daughter of Rusah was the best at the National Rally Obedience trial.  Milana earned HIGH in Rally Trial (equivalent of Best in Show for Rally).  Milana works with such a joy, stays close to Olga, pays attention in healing and executes all the station with great precision and enthusiasm!   We are so proud of Milana, way to go baby girl!!!  Thank you Olga for training such a great young worker.

Rusah Scored 98 in Rally obedience and lost to her daughter by one point.  
It was a highlight of the rally trial for me personally – seeing the results of our breeding program. It was very rewarding to see our young puppies do even better than their parents.

Rusah, retrieve on flat

 Rusah is an experienced competitor, a good worker.  She is 7years old and knows all exercises by heart, but because we never pattern train, she is conditioned to listen to the actual commands that are given to her, and of course she did!
Rusah was entered in Open B, she did OK, she would have qualified, but I did not help her at all.  I gave her a wrong command on retrieve over high jump, instead of our usual  ” OVER” command, I gave her “Bring it”  command that we use for our retrieve on flat.    As soon as the words flew out of mouth I thought:  ” Oh-oh, that is it, Rusah is going to do what she is told “ and she did.  Did I mention that Rusah knows her commands very well?  Rusah was a good little girl and obeyed.  She jumped over, took dumbbell, look at me as if saying” Are you serious? You do not want me to do the jump?”  Trust me; the look on Rusah’s face when I gave her a wrong command was priceless!
I could not give her a second command (one must follow the strict rules of obedience ring!)  The result was obvious- Rusah brought me the dumbbell the way I asked her, not going over the jump, but doing exactly what she was told.   So we did not qualify.

The moral of the story is - do not worry, it is just a trail, enter your next trial, qualified or not, have fun in the ring and laugh at your mistakes.  Please remember, when things go wrong in the ring, look at the mirror and ask what did I do wrong to fail my BRT in the ring or in training, learn from it, love your dog and keep training!

Serpantine Rally O, Rusah

Luda placed WB with a major on Thursday.

Luda aka
Ch Kalinka’s Liberty BH, TT, CGN, CKC CD, RE, AKC CD, RN

placed 3rd in RN B class with 97 out of a 100 and earned AKC RN title.
Luda qualified in Open B obedience, placing 2nd in class. It is her 2nd CD-X leg, one more to go.

Eli (Midnight Solo Bennan Elijah, CGC, RN), 9 months old grandson of our Rusah ,  got his last leg and Rally Novice title , placing 1st in Rally Novice class with a score of 92 out of 100.

Eli did amazing in conformation as well.   Handled by Mr. Mel Holloman, Eli placed Best puppy in Specialty and in Sweeps , WD with 5 point major on Sunday  We thank Mel for a superb handling of our young star and Shannon for raising , loving and training Eli to be a well rounded, well behaved young BRT.

Midnight Solo Tutela Valora got her leg in RN and a WB with a 5 point major on Fri, finishing her AKC CH title.  Congratulations to Laura and Valora!

It was great to see all of you again and have an opportunity to spend some time together. Thank you for choosing Valora to be a part of your family and for your hard work to get her where she is now.

Nationals are very busy  with getting our BRTs show ready, competing in Rally and Obedience ring and all the activities BRTCA planned for the Nationals: meet and greet, Banquette, Annual meeting, auction, , but we enjoyed swimming in a  pool and a hot tub in the nice hotel we stayed in. It was great to meet Tina in person and spend some quality time with Thank you Tina for your help to put us together! (You know what I mean!)


I also would like to thank our good friend Lida and Anna P. for wonderful supper and great time together.
Thank you ladies for helping with washing and blow-drying our Blackies.

Midnight Solo and Zastava kennels put together "Great Lakes Treasure Chests" basket, that won 1st prize in basket competition!


5 months old Littermates Vere and Vesna from Sadie x Urs's litter drove down to the Nationals to hang out, socialize the pups and get groomed. Unfortunately they were too young to be shown this year.
Thank you for coming to visit with us Suzaane, Bunny and Rich. Pups are adorable, well mannered, well lovedand very promising.

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