are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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4 boys and 3 gilrs whelped on May 18th, 2013
Misha Dam: Sadie.

We turned 2 weeks old and learning new things daily.

We fight for nipples and eat much faster now!
Our Mom Sadie is very patient with us and takes great care of us.

Our human Mom, Jean spends a lot of time with us, but sometimes she is silly.
She tried to put all 3 of us ( the girls) in a stroller.
We did our best, because we love her, but it is already too small for us,

Pink and Purple girls
Yellow and Purple gilrs sleeping

Yellow girl

Brown Boy

HI, I am a White boy. As you can see I havce my yes open and can sit and walk. Jean says that we are not quite steady on our feet yet, but i think we are moving well and get around quick.

I can stand very well and love this basket. Jean calls me Green boy,

I am tired and sleepy, trying to stand straight for Jean, but it is hard! Jean says that we all will soon go to the new families who can't wait to meet us and will give us wonderful new names, will love us and teach us many new exciting things. I am looking forward to it.

Jean will take more pictures of us soon. She loves us a lot and says it would be difficult to let us go. We will miss her too.

OK, now we all have to go and get some rest.

We are 1 week old! We just ate and are very sleepy. Sadie is a good Mom and feeds us very well.

Well, Grandma Jean calls me Pink till she finds a grown up name for me. I am fine with it. I like pink color.

Our 2nd Grandma, Carla, came to visit us today. They held us, and told us that we were wonderful, then took pictures of us and promised that in a few short weeks we will be having fun outside and play with each other and many different toys. Apperently it is not only awesome, but is also good for our development. It sounds good, but I am tired and going to sleep now. Check back soon, I am sure Jean will be taking more pictures.

Bye for now.

3 little ladies


Our boys

Green Male

Brown male

Orange male
White male

Miss Yellow
Miss Purple


We want to let our new families know that we are growing fast. Our Mom Sadie feeds us every couple of hours and we love it. She is a good Mom. . We also learned to eat from the bowl. Jean says we make a big mess and get food all over ourselves and each other., but we are getting better at it. We still sleep a lot, but we play with each other and many different toys that Jean gives us. She says it is good for us to be familiar with different textures of the toys. We do not know what texture means, but the toys are nice. We can bark and growl now. We think we are very good at it, and not sure why Jean laughs and finds it to be so cute?


We had lots of visitors this week. Jean says is was 10 people , but we can not count. All we know that they all petted us, told us that we were gorgoeus, played with us and we LOVED it!



Our eyes are still Blue . We have some teeth now and more are coming out. We are glad that Jean is giving us various things to chew on. iItfeels good. Jean also spends a lot of time with us outside on the deck and playing sound and music CD s for us . She says things need to be done , so we are well socialized. She also says that she will give us a bath and will blow dry our coats, so we start getting used to it. Well, this is it for now. time for a nap.

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