are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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WRILEY - Midnight Solo Wriley, CKC RN, RA, RE, RAE, TD,

Top CKC Rally Obedience BRT in 2013, 2014 (#1 BRT in Canada both years)

#4 CKC Rally Obedience Dog in Working Group in 2014.
Top CKC Agility BRT in 2015.( #1 in Canada)
1st BRT in Canada to earn CKC RAE title

1st CKC TD (Tracking Dog) BRT in Canada

Sire: Moses (CKC Ch. Midnight Solo Summer Star, CGN,TT, CKC CD, RN, RA,RE, TOP CKC Rally Obedience
BRT 2011)

Dam: Luda (
CKC Ch. Kalinka's Liberty, BH,TT, CGN, CKC CD,CD-X, CKC RN, RA, RE,AKC CD,CD-X, RN)
Luda was bred by Natella Letitchever in Russian Pride kennel, lived with us for about 3 years. We loved her, trained her, earned all above listed titles together, did health checks. Luda and Moses had "W" litter in 2011. Luda lives in Russian Pride kennel now.

DOB Feb 16, 2011     PEDIGREE

Owners: Daniel Wing and Jean Brown, Alberta


Elbows-Normal, Hips OFA Good, Cardiac, Eyes-normal.
CHU: N/N, JLPP - carrier

Link to OFA


Urban Tracking -Part 1- (new) Training for CKC URBAN Tracking
(new)300 m blind track training 1st time tracking on dirt

Agility Training with Wriley

Movement and training

Training with Mom

Training with Dad

Wriley tracking on Grass

At the Schutzhnd Seminar

Fetching Reward after tracking

IPO seminar with Igor Lengrvarsky, 2016

There is so much of snow in Alberta in winter. I have lots of space to run , play , guard and protect. I love it!
When I was younger, I had a Schnauzer cut, then Mom and Dad decided to groom me like a Blackie. I do not care, but my Grandma Jean loves it.




"Hi Jean, I have worked and trained probably 50-75 BRTs in the last 15 years. Wriley had super work ethic tons of prey/toy drive, hunt drive, fight drive and also forward civil aggression. He is a working animal.  He was willing to please in obedience and had very full calm grips in the protection work and super barking. He was a pleasure to work."
Seminar in Edmonton Alberta, August 2015.
 Dave  Kroyer http://davekroyerdogs.wix.com/davekroyerdogs

We want to thank Dave to his nice comments about Wriley. It is wonderful to get such high prise from a very experinced trainer.

Dave Kroyer, Head Trainer and Owner of Canine Headquarters,
has over 15 years of experience handling, training and coaching
in the areas of Schutzhund/IPO, Ring Sport, Police K9, AKC Obedience, Nosework, Agility, SAR, and AKC Tracking.

His TEN appearances as aWorld Championship competitor and multiple National and Regional podium placements in different dog sports afford him the opportunity to help and coach many top competitors in the U.S. and abroad.

Oct 24th, 2015 at
Central Alberta Tracking Society’s Trial, judge Donna Brinkworth and apprentice judge Shirley Klatt

Congratulations to Daniel Wing and 4 year old Wriley with CKC TD title, he is the 1st BRT EVER to earn this title on

So proud of you both!

Link to CATS FB page



We went to Jasper National Park with Mom, Dad and Jean. So many people stopped us to take pictures of me , asked many questions about BRTS and wanted to pet me, so eventualy I had to take a break

Then we went by a like where I saw Huge chairs when I was a puppy.

Well, I think the chairs got much smaller since.



I am a very lucky dog, I have many people who absolutely adore me, take me places, play with me and we do a lot of fun thing together in any weather: playing, walking, tracking, protection training, rally obedience and agility. I love my family!

Baby Wriley


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