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with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
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VIVA - CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH.,CH-PKD, TDCH

Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres,




#8 Conformation BRT in Canada 2014
#1 CKC BRT in Rally Obedience in 2016
First BRT in a World to earn Parkour titles.
Viva is a second dog in the World with Unbam Agility Walking Balance and Under Specialist titles.
Versatility Dog Of Excellence.

28 months old Viva

"BRT’s were part of my life for a last twenty five years. Every BRT taught me an important lesson in life. But my learning curve had never been as steep as with Viva.
Viva taught me a pleasure of working with a dog, a “high” of adrenalin rush of competitions, a much deeper understanding of a dog as a specie and a true meaning of partnership.
Viva is my soul dog, my love and my competition partner. She is a true BRT – immensely loyal to one person only, protective of her human, incredibly obedient, very loving but reserved in her emotions, always willing and ready to do whatever I’m doing.  Viva has a gorgeous appearance of a beauty queen, and a strong nervous system and stable temperament that were inherited from her ancestors through careful breeding. All above said qualities made Viva a truly versatile representative of the breed that can do everything and anything that is asked of her. 
Viva and I together learn tricks and gimmicks of a show ring, and my Baby became Multi Champion at a tender age of eighteen months.
We developed Viva’s natural sense of smell, and she acquired ten Nose Work titles while having a great fun.
In a process of working out and staying fit, we built up Viva’s muscle strength so much that she is easily pulling 700 lbs.
But foundation for everything we do together is Obedience. Viva and I successfully competing in Obedience and Rally O. Viva has six Obedience and Rally O titles with multiple placing, and had been recognized as BRT #1 in Canada in Rally O in 2016.
Viva and I are not just doing serious work. We also goofing around and having fun performing various tricks, such as playing piano.
Viva is an outstanding Mom who not only cares for her children, but plays with them and teaches them all they need to grow up loyal companions and joy for their human families. Babies from Viva’s first litter are very accomplished already in various fields, such as conformation, rally O, nose work, Frisbee, as well as serving their humans in different capacities.
It is my pleasure to welcome into this world Zander’s first and Viva’s second litter:  2 beautiful boys and two lovely girls."

  Irena , Viva's owner

Sire: MARLEY - Multi Champion Nord Praid Monarh Rossiyskoy Imperii,BH, CGN, TT, CD, CD-X, DD, CARO RN, CKC RN, RA, RE. BISS 2007 Canada RBCSWO, 2008 Top CKC Obedience BRT, Dog Award CKC Top Conformation BRT, placed 6 in CANADA in 2008 , #1 CKC Rallly Obedience BRT 2011

Ch. Nasha Charovnitsa iz Russkoi Dinastii

DOB Sept. 29, 2012    PEDIGREE

Owners: Irena Polonsky and Jean Brown, Ontario


HEALTH Certificates

CHIC #101168, link to OFA records

VIDEOS of Viva :

Viva 's Videos page

Viva's You tube channel

Viva is a Dam of Midnight Solo Planned Litter"A" and "E"
Viva's daughters from her first litter :

( BIS, HIT x 3) and Sochi are gorgeous and very successful in many venues. Puppies from second litter are training in several sports


18 months old Viva

4 year old Viva- Nose work trial

10 months old viva placed UKC Group 2

Viva 10 months old

Viva and Irena at Midnight Solo 2014 carting seminar . Well done Viva!

Irena and Viva are up to trying anything: carting
Weight Pulling .

To play, or not to play?
Viva is enjoying short canadian summer

2 year old Viva

loving the snow



Viva (front) and Luka in new bath robes from Russia.
10 months old Viva having fun
1st Birthday celebration with a gourmet cake made by Irena

20 months old Viva palying tug of war with Luka and resting afterwards (picture on the right hand side)

Colling off 22 months old Viva
Viva during temperament test: assessing her reaction to suddenly opened umbrella

10 months old

18 months old Viva

CKC RN ribbons- 2016 Viva

4 months old
Showing baby Viva.


Viva is running away from Luka with her frisbee; he will catch up to her and tug of war will begin!


Viva and her Four kids from "A" litter: Kicka, Gus, Sophie and Coco. 7 months old

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