are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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VIVA - CKC CH., UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy Champion, CH-PKD, TDCH

Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres,


#8 Conformation BRT in Canada in 2014

Best Brood Bitch - 2018 BRTCC National Specialty, judge Mrs. Ursula( Timmy) Ralfe

#1 CKC BRT in Rally Obedience in 2016

First BRT in the World to earn Parkour and Stunt titles ever

Viva is second dog in the World with Urban Agility Walking Balance and Under Specialist titles

Versatility Dog of Excellence 

Best Brood Bitch - 2018 BRTCC National Specialty, judge Mrs. Ursula( Timmy) Ralfe with her two daughters Rey and Kicka

Conformation Achievements


Best Brood Bitch - 2018 BRTCC National Specialty, judge Mrs. Ursula( Timmy) Ralfe
BOB x 5
Best puppy in Breed x 3
BW x 3
WB x 5
RW x 5

UKC Champion

WB x 2 at 7 months of age under judges Tina and Joseph Camp
BOB x2
Group 2
Group 4

IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion

Best pupy In Breed
4 x SG-1 (Excellent rating by 4 judges)

Written Critiques by IABCA Judges
Great lakes Sieger July 20-21-2013

Judge Mr. Stanley Matsumoto

Overall Impresssion: Good make and shape, lovely type, nice ring presence.
Coat: Excellent condition.
Head: good type,balance. Bite: scissor with full dentition. Eyes: good color, shape, set. Ears: nice size, shape, set.
Chest: good forechest & rib spring.
Front Quarteres: smoloth assembly, good strong straight legs.
Back Quarters: strong behind, nice drive.
Tail: excellent tail set and carriage.
Topline: good strong, level back. Movement solid balalncefor age.

Rating: SG-1

Judge Ms.Jennifer Landers

Overall Impresssion: lovely puppy.
Coat: clean and proper.
Head:balanced, good stop.
Bite: correct.
Eyes: dark, se twell, alert.
Ears: well set.
Chest: deep for age.
Front Quarteres:good bone, feet.
Back Quarters: good angultaion. Topline: level.
Movement: goodreach and drive.

Rating: SG-1
Judge Mr. Richard W Samide

Overall Impresssion: developing well.
Coat: getting adult coat.
Head: typy, developing well.
Bite: scissor. Eyes: dark, correct shape. Ears: well set.
Chest: good depth for age.
Front Quarters: good depth for age.
Back Quarters: matching.
Topline: level.
Movement : good.

Rating: SG-1
Judge Ms. Karin Rice

Overall Impresssion: lovely young female.
Coat: good double coat, nise texture.
Head: nice planes.
Bite: scissor, good dentition.
Eyes: dark, well set and bright.
Ears: well set.
Chest: deep, good spring of ribs.
Front Quarteres: well angulated.
Back Quarters: balanced to the front. Topline: level and firm.
Movement: good side gait, clean comming and going.

Rating: SG-1

Annual Awards

TOP Rally Obedience BRT in Canada, 2016

#1 CKC Rally Obedience in 2016

2017- Versatility Dog Of Excellence
1st BRT titled in Parkour in the World.
2nd Dog in the World with a Title of Waqlking Balance Specialist
Titles earned in 2017

Conformation Certificates

IABCA International Senior Puppy Champion
IABCA National Senior Puppy Champion

United Kennel Club
(UKC) Champion
Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Champion

10 months old Viva with her owner Irina earned URO1 title, qualifiying and placed 1st in Novice A class all 3 times.

Ira and Viva aslo showed in UKC conformation on the same day, plqaced 2nd and 4th in Guardian Group. Our 10 months old Viva is a UKC champion!

Viva Ira team also recieved a TOTAL Dog award. These award is given at UKC show when a dog has won in a show with a placing and got a qualifying score ina perforamce event at the same show.

Viva and Ira , we are so proud of you both!

Working Certificates, scores and placings

URO1- United Kennel Club Rally Obedience level 1 at 10 months of age.

August 11, 2013

CGN (Canine Good Neighbor) Apr 13, 2013

Evaluator Carol Mg Grogan
Temperament Test
August 24th, 2014
Evaluators Sandie and Don Bingley

CKC PreCompaion Dog Obedience title
Rally Obedience , 2nd level, UKC
UKC - United Companion Dog obedience title

CKC Rally Obedience Novice title
CKC Rally Obedience Advanced title
CKC Rally Obedience Advanced title

United Kennel Club Scent Detection ( Nose Work) titles:

Trick titles:


International Dog Parkour Association titles:

It is am Urban Agility sport. A team must perform specific tasks using objects in urban landscape.
Our Viva is the First Black Russian terrier in the World so far to earn these titles. Very proud of her!


Stunt Dog Titles:


UKC Rally Obedience and Competitive Obedience:

URO1 title
United Greyhound Club. August 10-11, 2013
QS , 1st in Rally 1 A class x 3 times

URO2 Title (UKC Rally Obedience 2nd level)
Oxford Dog Sports, April2nd, 2016:
QS of 96, 1st in in A class, Judge Laurie SoutarDeb Beean
Grand River Kennel Club, June 12, 2016:
QS of 91, 1st in A class, judge Kim Alexander-Thomson
QS of 92, 2nd in A class. Judge Heidi Kadoke. Nov19, 2017. ODS

UCD -UKC Obedience, level 1 title.

August 17, 2014 Grand River Kennel Club UKC trial:
QS of 184 under a judge Deb Beean (USA), Placed 1st in Novice A class.
April 2nd, 2016 .Oxford Dog Sports UKC trial, Judge Laurie Soutar:
QS 174, 1st in A class
QS of 177, 1st in A class

CKC Obedience

Pre Novice Obedience Title
July 20th, 2014. South Western Ontario Sporting Dog Club, CKC obedience trial
QS under Judge Del Lunn x 2 (No scores are given in Pre Novice obedience)
September 13th, 2014Trafalgar Dog Sports club, CKC Obedience Trial
QS under CKC judge Isobelle Hutton

CD- Companion Dog
QS of 179, 1st in Novice A class Judge Leslie Marshall. Nov 15, 2017 Woodstock Canine Association

CKC Rally Obedience


April 15-16, 2016, Kent Kennel Club, Chatham:
QS of 98, 2nd place in Novice A, judge Anna Lorenz
QS of94, 2nd place, under judge Del Lunn
QS of 100, 1st place, High In Class, under judge Del Lunn

QS of 81, 2nd place in Advanced A class, under Anna Lorenz (April 16, 2016, Kent Kennel Club, Chatham)
QS 98 out 100, 1st place in Advanced A under judge Paul Oslach. May 11, 2016. Trafalgar Dog Sport
QS of 88, 1st in Advanced A, judge Bonnie Christie, Swansea Dog Obedience Club. May29,2016


QS, 1st place in Excellent A under Judge Gail Wormington
North York Obedience Club, June 19th, 2016

QS of 99 out of 100, High In Class, under the judge Janice A Leach,
Oshawa Obedience Association, July 16th, 2016am


Feb 13, 2016 Oxford Dog Sports, Judge: Sherri Hall

PTN, PTA, PTS- Pre-trial Novice, Advanced , Superior titles
Feb 11, 2017 ,Oxford Dog Sports, judge Maude Tank
PTM- pre-trial- master level
PTE (Pre - trial Elite)
Jan14, 2018 ODS, Judge Laurie McLaughlin,
1st place, found hidden scent in 7:45 seconds out of allotted 3 minutes

May 7-8, 2016 Oxford Dog Sports, Judge Linda Ringle (USA)

Novice Containers title (NC)
Novice Interior title (NI)
Novice Vehicle title (NV)
Novice Exterior title (NE)

HDN (Novice Handler Discrimination Title) :

leg 1, 00:28:43 min.
leg 2, 00:19:40 min, 4th place.
January 14th -15th, 2017 UKC Nose Work Trials at Oxford Dog Sports.
Judges: Maude Tank and Deb Hebeler

3rd leg, 3rd place in B Devision, time 44:06 sec.
Feb 11, 2017 ODS, Judge Cheryl Carlson

AHD- Advanced Handler Discrimination Title
Jan 14, 2018. Oxford Dog Sports- judge Laurie McLaughlin
12 containers, some empty, some contain cotton gloves. One container has a cotton glove with my scent. A dog has to find handler's glove.

1st leg. First place.19.64 seconds out of allotted 4 minutes.
2nd. leg First place.- 11.94 seconds out of 4 minutes.
3rd leg- 2nd in B class with a run time 12:37 sec out of allotted 4 min. Judge Laurie Mclaughlin


AI - (Advanced Interior Search Title)
leg 1, 02:21:22 min., 4th place. jan 14-15, 2017, ODS, Judge Deb Hebeler
Leg 2, 2nd place in B Devision, run time 01:11:81 min. Judge Cheryl Carlson , ODS, Feb 11, 2017

AC- Advanced Containers Search Title
leg 1, 00:30:41 min., 2nd place.
2nd leg- Judge Linda Pringle- Feb 11, 2018 ODS

AV- Advanced Vehicle Search
Canine Companion Club, Sept 30-Oct 1ST, 2017. Judge Linda Ringle
QS placed 2nd in B class
Nov5, 2017 ODS. QS, placed second in Class B. Time 00:32:31

Advanced Exterior Search Title::
place 5 of 8, time 00:39:27. ODS. May6th, 2018. Judge Laurie Mclaughlin
2nd place, run time 02:14:24 out of 3 min., Judge Carole Field

Superior Interior Search Title :
2 rooms, 2 hides, 1 distraction . Feb 11, 2018. ODS. Judge Laurie Mclaughlin
QS Placed 4th in B class. Time 2:06:06 min out of allotted 7 minutes.
QS Time 2:35:15 min out of allotted 7 min

Superior Vehicle Search TITLE:: 5 vehicles, 2 hides, 1 distraction, 6 minutes.

place 2 of 6, time 02:48:78 ODS, May6, 2018. Judge Lori Coventry
HIT - HIGH IN TRIAL - .Ist place Leg 2, SV title Judge Deb Kramer
Run time 02:34:99.


RATI ( Rat Instinct) title
June 9, 2018- ODS, Judge Holly Rank Nagel

RATN -Barn Hunt Novice title
June 9th , 2018 QS - 1st leg
Sept. 15-16, 2018 Swansee Dog Obedience Club
QS with a 4th place and the times 43:10 seconds and
QS 1min 04:57 sec (out of 2 allowed min).

Barn Hunt open level
- Open level. In 2.5 minutes, dog is required to go through the L-shaped tunnel, climb a bale and find two rats,
at least one of the rats is elevated. In our trial, both rats were elevated.

QS 2 min 05 sec, earned the 3rd place in a Large dogs division Sept 16, 2018 Swansee Dog Obedience Club

Stunt Dog Events

First Stunt Dog trial in Canada.
June 9, 2018, Mississauga, 
judge Julia Mueller, CTDI, SDJ

NSD Title (Novice Stunt Dog) with honors, 195 out of 200,
OSDTitle (Open Stunt Dog) with honors, 200 out of 200,
PSD Title (Proven Stunt Dog) with honors, 200 out of 200,
SDProTitle (Stunt Dog Professional) with honors, 185 out of 200

18 months old Viva working hard

Viva and Irena
showing in CKC (left)

UKC WB ribbons (right)

6 months old Viva in puppy group




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