are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Midnight Solo Carved in Stone, TOT (Birch, Anice, Clove), PSD: NC, NE, ND, NS, NB, SDN (Scent Detection Novice), SDA (AD, ED, AS), SD ES



Working titles and designations:


Scores and placings :

Nose Work- Perfomance Scent Dogs Club

Novice Containers Title.


8 months old Tavo Qualified on 03/12/2017 in Freetown MA:
TOT Birch (Target Odour test) Time: 01:08.7 March 12, 2017 Freetown, MS
TOT Anice (Target Odour test)Time: 01:37.9 April 2017, Bow, NH
TOT Clove (Target Odour test) Time:01.19 April 29, 2017 Bow, NH

Scent Detectioon Novice title (SDN)

Novice Container Search Title (PSD - NC)
QS , time of 48:43.0 March 12, 2017 Freetown MS
QS Time" 00:47:7 04/29/2017 in Bow NH
QS 3rd place, Time 00:15.6 o6/10/2017 Westford, MS

Novice Exterior Search Title. (PSD- NE)
QS Time: 53:07 03/12/2017 in Freetown MA
QS Time: 1:57.5 06/10/2017 Westford MA
QS ,3rd place, time; 24.92 secondsTova Training, Raymond, NH.July 15-2017

Novice Speed Search Title
QS 2nd Place, time 24:23.0 and , 03/12/2017 in Freetown MA
QS 1st place. Time 00:36.4 06/10/2017 Westford MA
QS 3rd place Time: 00:39:0. 09/23/2017 in Bow NH

Novice Distance Search Title
QS Time: 00:20.6. 04/29/2017 in Bow NH
QS Time: 00:30. 09/23/2017 in Bow NH
QS 1st place. Time: 01:42:0 10/21/2017 in Raymond NH

Novice interiror Search Title:
QS 3rd place, time 00:37.22s- March 2018

Novice Building Searches:

QS. 3rd Place. Time: 00:37:5. 10/21/2017 in Raymond NH
QS. 3rd place Time:00:57:3 03/03/2018 in Raymond NH. Two Hides
QS. Time:00:37:2 03/03/2018 in Raymond NH

Scent Detection Advaced:

Advanced Container Search

QS, Time:00:47:5 08/05/2017 in Raymond NH
QS. Time: 01:08:2. Snowflake Trial - 01/27/2018 in Manchester NH
QS. Time:00:57:9 03/03/2018 in Raymond NH

Advanced Speed Search - Title two hides
QS. Time:00:45:0 Winter Sniff - 12/10/2017 in Westford MA
QS. Time:00:24:8 12/17/2017 in Rowley MA
QS. Placed 3rd. Time 0:35.44   in Nashua NH

Advanced Exterior Searches: 3 hides
QS. 1st Place. time:03:02;6:Sniff-tember to Remember 09/23/2017 in Bow NH

Advanced Buildings Search

QS. Time: 01:02:5 Winter Sniff - 12/10/2017 in Westford MA

Advanced Distance Search - Title

QS. Time: 00:48:5. 12/10/2017 in Westford MA
QS. Time: 00:36:9 . 12/17/2017 in Rowley MATHREE HIDES
QS. 3rd Place. Time:00:43:6. 12/17/2017 in Rowley MA , two hides

Excellent distance Title
QS. Time: 00:49:6 Snowflake Trial - 01/27/2018 in Manchester NH one hide
QS Time :00:50:8 03/03/2018 in Raymond NH
QS 2nd place Time: 00:14:7 _ 03/03/2018 in Raymond NH

Excellent Container title - March 2018



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