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tasted stable temperament are
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Sunday August 24th , All breed Temperament Test hosted by
Midnight Solo Reg'd kennel &Training Academy

Temperament test is a valuable tool for breeding, assessing a tested dog's herediatary soundness of a temperament according to a breed standard of each breed tested: such as reactiuon to people, noice, gun shots, protective instinct etc.

The test consisted of 8 different senarios that a dog might encounter when out for a walk. Dogs were scored on how they reacted to each encounter.

Congratulations to all the passing teams and a big thank you to the wonderful evaliuators Sandie and her husband Don for coming again and evaluating our young generation of BRTs and our guests' dogs.. We thank everyone that volunteered to make the day run smoothly.

Thank you Ang, Steve , Braydon , Ryan,Rachel for your hospitality and help with the test and making this day a very special one for us all.

Especial thank you for the Gradish kids for making gorgeous signs. thank you Rayn and Steve for putting them up.

Braydon , you were a star volunteer, helping all dogs with a hidden clutter test, well done!

Huge thanks to all volunteers and Nancy for coming down again. Ang and Kirby for taking pictures.
We had a great time, tasty lunch and lovely walk in the woods with our furry kids .

Ben approaching opening umbrella
Brama- hidden clutter- noise sensetivity

Irena and Viva approaching our youngest and most amamzing volunteer of the day, Braydon

Meeka- reaction to a group of people
Navaiya - acknowledging a stranger

Otis and Phil getting TT certificate
Rachel with Koda- we did it!
Luka is quite happy about passing TT


After the TT was completed we had a delicious lunch. Picture above: relaxing after our lunch, then we went to a long walk in a gorgeous private forest in Ang's property .

Our walk in the forest was wonderful. We all are so tired. See you next time. We love you all. Thank you all for a great day


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