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9 year old Rusah on a grooning table and in a park

Multi Ch. OTCH-X Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, CKC DD,DD-X, CD, CDX, UD, OTCH, AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA, RE, Certified Service Dog.

1st BRT to earn CKC CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, OTCH-X, Draft Dog, Draft Dog Excellent, CARO RN,RA,RE  titles in CANADA.  Rusah is also the 1st Mobility Assistance BRT in North America.

In 2009 Rusah placed #6 Top CKC Obedience dog in Working Group in Canada
and #7 top conformation BRT in Canada.

Rusah’s accomplishments in 2009 earned her an invitation  to 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in December of 2010.

Rusah was awarded CKC TOP OBEDIENCE DOG in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009,and 2011 Presented by Dogs in Canada Magazine.



HIT 2009 AKC BRT National Specialty Show

Black Russian Terrier Club
Of America
Versatility award 2009



2009 #7 CKC Conformation BRT in CANADA.

RBCSWO Top Puppy Awards for 2004

RBCSWO 2004: Best Puppy in Breed for 2004 ,Best Puppy in Group for 2004, 7th overall puppy in for 2004

12 Excellent reviews from FCI, AKC, CKC judges
1 x Best Puppy in Show, 3 x Best puppy in Group
Multiple Best Puppy in Breed
Multiple puppy and adult Working Group placings

Canadian Kennel Club Champion (CKC)
American Kennel Club Champion (AKC)

Champion of Canadian Molosser
Association (CMA)
Champion of Canadian Rare Breed Club (RBCSWO)
Champion of Canine Federation
of Canada (CFC)     

Working titles and designations:

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
CKC Companion Dog (CD)
CKC Companion Dog of Excellent (CDX)

Certified Service Dog 2005
(Mobility Assistance Dog)
CKC UD (Utility Dog)
Certified Service Dog 2007
(Mobility Assistance Dog)

CARO RN  (Rally Novice) 
CARO RA  (Rally Advanced)
CARO RE (Rally Excellent)

CKC DD (Draft Dog)
CKC OTCH-X (Obedience Trail Champion Excellent)
CKC DDC ( Draft Dog Excellent)

AKC RN (Rally Novice)
AKC CD (Companion Dog)

Scores and placings :

CKC Obidience Trial (Ancaster,ON)Feb,2004
3 x  3d in Class  NOVICE A
(score 191; 192; 192)
2d in Class  NOVICE A (score 193,4)

CKC  CDobedience Trials (The Oakville Sports Center)

High in Class OPEN A (score 190) Judge Mr. Peter Steward Sept 10, 2005
High in Class OPEN A QS 187,5  Ancaster, ON, Oct 1, 2005 Judge John Harvey
High in Class  OPEN A (score 190,5) Judge Del Lynn, Oct 1,2005

First BRT in Canada to earn CKC DCX obedience title.

CARO RN Trials
High in Novice B QS 196, time 2:13:27 Judge Gloria Mitchell Oct 13,2006
3rd in Novice B QS 187, time 2:40:76 Judge Gloria Mitchell Oct 14,2006
2nd Novice B ( score 196, time1:49:34) Judge Anne Douglas

CARO RA Trials
Placed in class QS 196 time 2:04:17 Judge Anne Douglas  CCFP Nov 26,2006
2nd in Advanced B QS 189 Judge Alison H. Jan27, 2007
Placed in 1st class QS 190, time 1:59:63

CARO RA Trials
Placed  2nd in Excellent QS191 Judge Anne Douglas Jan 27, 2007
Placed  2nd in QS191, time 2:01:62 Judge Kelly Morrow Feb 11, 2007
Placed  2nd in Qs 192 time1:55:34 Judge Kelly Morrow Feb 11, 2007

CKC Utility Dog Trials
QS 188 Judge Sheryl A. Bishop SCDKOC Apr27, 2008
QS of 176 Judge Peter Stewart, June 1,2008
QS189 Judge Marie-Johanne Cloutier June1,2008

Placed 3rd in class, QS 188,5, Judge L. Oslach, July 1, 2011

AKC CD Title
HIT IN BRT National Specialty Sept 2009
Obedience Training Club of Greater Lansing Aug 14-15, 2010
QS 191, placed 4th in Novice B, Mr. Judge Fred Buroff
QS of 189, Judge Mr.  Robert Self, Jr.

DD (CKC Draft dog) June 2nd, 2006 BMD Club of Ontario

DDX (CKC Draft Dog Excellent) on Oct. 1st 2010 BMD Club of Ontario

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