are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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To discuss a possibility of reservation of one of Midnight Solo Puppies from our next planned litter, please contact:

Jean at e-mail jean@midnightsolo.com or call 519-473-9939


On November 24th, 2017 we welcomed into the World and into our hearts 13 brand new BRT pups:
5 gorgeous girl and 8 handsome boys!

All our puppies found their new fabulous forever homes.

Looking for a home for our show/competition female from our next litter close to London Ontario, conditions apply. Please Call 519-473-9939 for details


Videos of F litter:
  Red gilr - 3 weeks BRT puppy looking for food NEW! 5 week old pups


Sire: Zeus - AKC Champion Cerberus Zeus at Seven Oaks

Proven sire.

DOB: January 1st, 2011

Dam: Meeka - CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja,CGN, TT, UKC PTN, PTA, PTS,PTM, NN(NC, NE, NV,NI),AC, SC, AI,AV, UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1, URO2, HDN.

DOB: October 10, 2012

Both Parents Passed all Health checks:

Health Checks : CHIC # 87706

OFA hips: Good. Elbows, Heart, Eyes, Patella, Thyroid - Normal
JLPP - Clear, NHU: N/N Dominant Black - K/K

Link to OFA public Health Database

CHIC # 102691

Hips:Good, Elbows, Patella, Heart, Eyes - Normal
JLPP - Clear, NHU- N/HU

Link to OFA public Health Database

" Zeus is quite large and very powerful for a BRT at 167 pounds and 30 inches tall at the shoulders.  He has a large head as well as huge, strong, and wide shoulders.  While Zeus is quite large for a BRT, and an extremely rare example of a BRT with across-the-board perfect health, Zeus is perhaps best known for his temperament.  Zeus has the ideal temperament for a BRT in that he intuitively knows when to “turn it on” and “turn it off” with regards to his protective instinct versus his calm, warm, and loving personality. 

While he is a perfect family member and his tail never stops wagging with the sheer joy and happiness of being with us, he immediately jolts to attention and focuses intently on any perceived threat, knock at the door, or outside disturbance.  Zeus calmly shares “His House” with a 3-year-old female BRT, a 1 and ½ year old male BRT…, and a 10 year old Maltese.  He instinctively walks carefully around the Maltese and is completely passive about sharing his dinner or snacks with the Maltese.  If you come to our home, Zeus will greet you slowly and smell you and look at us to see if we trust you.  If all appears well and he perceives no threat he will begin excitedly wagging his tail and want to greet you with the “BRT Walk” by doing a figure 8 around and through your legs because he just can’t seem to love nice people enough. 

While he is always warm and loving to his family, Zeus fears nothing and always reacts calmly, confidently, and contemplatively to potential threats, never wildly.  On evening neighborhood walks, Zeus meanders gently and even loves to stop and smell flowers!  On occasion, when meeting someone out for their peaceful evening walk in our quiet suburban neighborhood, as the person approaches, Zeus will calmly pause and simply intently watch them walk by.  He is famous throughout the neighborhood as the big guy that is on Animal Planet Dogs 101, and remembers people and greets them in a friendly manner that he may not have seen for a year or more.  If he has never met this person before, he will quietly walk right up to them, smell them, sometimes position himself between the stranger and my wife and stretch his neck to smell them.  They are cautioned to move slowly and gently as we introduce them to Zeus.  Zeus has never displayed fear in any situation, but instead projects calm congeniality, confidence, extraordinary strength, authority, fearlessness, and a willingness to walk right up to anyone. 

At Zeus’ current age of 6 years old, he still has perfect health with no known health issues.   We have complete confidence in him in public and social situations and he is always a crowd pleaser everywhere he goes whether he is visiting a rehab center as a Therapy Dog, up on the table as the superstar special guest of the Rotary Club, or strolling through Home Depot wanting to say hello to everyone.  Partly because of Zeus’ great temperament, a number of Zeus’ offspring have become amazing service dogs and much more and they are all doing some absolutely remarkable things!  "

  David, Zeus' owner.

Thank you Zeus and Meeka for a lovely litter!
We would like to thank David and Kennetha for a great experience with shipping Zeus's seamen and your support !

“Meeka is my heart dog, not only is she my training partner and shadow she is also an irreplaceable part of our family.  Meeka has been raised and trained with the help of our 4 children, they all play an active part in Meeka's life.  From my 12 year old who helps with Nosework training and comes with us to all our trials right down to my 4 year old who has developed the most incredible bond with her, Meeka is truly devoted to our family.    Meeka has phenomenal working drive and has excelled in many different venues such as Rally Obedience, Weight Pull, Barn Hunt and Nosework.   This girl loves to work and her stamina and focus are amazing to watch.  Her protection instincts are strong and she takes this job seriously.  Meeka has passed all health checks and is in excellent physical condition.  She has also passed her Canine Good Neighbour and Temperament Test and is a true testament to the breed”    

  Ang , Meeka's owner

Meeka is a lot like her Dad Marley in her work ethics and ability: eager to do things, loves her family, loyal, protective, dependable and always fun to be around!

Meeka's 10 kids from her first litter out of our Bruin are gorgeous and very successful in many venues and are wonderful companions compaions of 10 great families in Canada and USA.
We have every right to expect great things from her second litter!

Links to some of Meeka 's kids from her first litter:

Katana Midnight Solo Captured Presence, URO1, PTN, PTA, NC, NI, NV.

High in Trial all breed Rally Obedience trial at 8 months of age.

HIT (HIGH IN TRIAL) -Scent work- Novice containers at 12 months of age

HIT ( High in trial) - Scent Work - Novice Vehicle Search at 15 months of age.

Reign - Midnight Solo Crime of Passion had a 4 point AKC major and is on her way to Champion title.

Tavo - Midnight Solo Carved in Stone,SD-NC, TOT (Birch, Anice, Clove), PSD-NE, ND,NC,NS.
Tavo loves and is very sucsessful in scent work and is growing into a gorgeous male.

Rogue is training in Tracking and IPO (Schutzhund) in British Columbia.

Meet our Brand new Planned Litter "F", all 13 of them!

Great job Meeka whelping such a large litter!


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