are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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To discuss a possibility of reservation of one of Midnight Solo Puppies from current or future litter, please contact:

Jean at e-mail jean@midnightsolo.com or call 519-473-9939

Midnight Solo Planned Litter"E; was born on MAy 16th, 2017
We welcome two beautiful girl and two stunning boys into Midnight Solo Family.

Sire: ZANDER - So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, CGC, RN, TT.

Dam: Viva - CKC CH, UKC CH, IABCA Int.,Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Midnight Solo Haviva Desagres, CGN,TT, CKC PCD, CKC RN, RA, RE, UCD, URO1, PTN, PTA,PTS, PTM, NN (NC, NI, NV, NE), AI, HDN,NTD, ITD, ATD, ETD.
Top CKC Show dog 2014 #8
#1 BRT in Canada in Rally Obedience

Both Parents Passed all Health checks:

Health Checks: CHIC # 115657

Link to OFA health records

Health Checks: CHIC # 101168

Link to OFA

"Zander is quite the goof. He is an incredibly happy boy and is constantly making us laugh with his antics. Zander loves to play steal Dad’s sock or hat while we are dressing, chasing  birds overhead, fecth or tug-a-war with his toys and piling into bed for morning for cuddles.
Where ever we go Zander draws a crowd  which he loves. He’s always ready to meet any and all. It’s so fun to see this huge dog do a whole body wag when he sees children (who think he is a bear worth a hug). Needless to say he loves kids.

He is also very gentle, he immediately sits for children and lays down to greet small dogs and cats.

Our boy is also game for anything, he enjoys Agility, Rally O., and Obedience. Zander finds it is all he can do to control himself when we head to class or to show off our skills at an Expo. or show. He loves to learn new tasks and quickly figures them out. He was potty trained when we picked him up at 9 weeks (thank you Tracy). I can’t wait to try our skills at nose work soon.

Zander came into our lives almost three years ago (it’s so hard to believe it’s been that long) as a 9 week old puppy and stole our hearts. He is my shadow, constant companion and huge source of never-ending joy. He’s always next to my chair at night, and on the floor next to my bed,  just close enough to touch if need be.

I was so excited when I heard that Zander and Viva were to have puppies. What a match! These puppies are going to be incredible. "

  Nancy, Zander's owner.

It is Zander's First litter. He is an incredible young male.
We are very much looking forward to see his offsprings grow and go on to be a blessing to their new families.

"BRT’s were part of my life for a last twenty five years. Every BRT taught me an important lesson in life. But my learning curve had never been as steep as with Viva.
Viva taught me a pleasure of working with a dog, a “high” of adrenalin rush of competitions, a much deeper understanding of a dog as a specie and a true meaning of partnership.
Viva is my soul dog, my love and my competition partner. She is a true BRT – immensely loyal to one person only, protective of her human, incredibly obedient, very loving but reserved in her emotions, always willing and ready to do whatever I’m doing.  Viva has a gorgeous appearance of a beauty queen, and a strong nervous system and stable temperament that were inherited from her ancestors through careful breeding. All above said qualities made Viva a truly versatile representative of the breed that can do everything and anything that is asked of her. 
Viva and I together learn tricks and gimmicks of a show ring, and my Baby became Multi Champion at a tender age of eighteen months.
We developed Viva’s natural sense of smell, and she acquired ten Nose Work titles while having a great fun.
In a process of working out and staying fit, we built up Viva’s muscle strength so much that she is easily pulling 700 lbs.
But foundation for everything we do together is Obedience. Viva and I successfully competing in Obedience and Rally O. Viva has six Obedience and Rally O titles with multiple placing, and had been recognized as BRT #1 in Canada in Rally O in 2016.
Viva and I are not just doing serious work. We also goofing around and having fun performing various tricks, such as playing piano.
Viva is an outstanding Mom who not only cares for her children, but plays with them and teaches them all they need to grow up loyal companions and joy for their human families. Babies from Viva’s first litter are very accomplished already in various fields, such as conformation, rally O, nose work, Frisbee, as well as serving their humans in different capacities.
It is my pleasure to welcome into this world Zander’s first and Viva’s second litter:  2 beautiful boys and two lovely girls."

  Irena , Viva's owner

Viva's daughters from her first litter : Kicka and Sochi are gorgeous and very successful in many venues. We have every right to expect great things from her second litter!




















Our planned "D" litter has arrived on April 18th, 2017.

What a blessing to welcome our next generation, 10 precious puppies into our lives: Koda and Mars gave us 5 boys and 5 girls to love and cherish!
Look for updates and pictures on FB in a near future.



Sire: Mars - Kalinka's Colnechnii Luch

Dam:Koda- CKC CH., UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zavetnaja Mechta, URO1, CGN,TT, UWP, RATI, RATN

#8 Conformation (show) BRT in Canada - CKC, 2016

DOB: June 17, 2013   DOB: May 18, 2013
Health Checks: CHU N/N, JLPP- Clear. Hips - fair, Elbows, Eyes, Cardiac, Patella-Normal. Link to CHU N/N Certificate

Link toOFA Records

Health Checks: CHU-N/N, JLPP Clear, Elbows, heart, patella, eyes- Normal. Hips -Fair. CHIC # 107828

Link to:
Link to OFA records

Mars was born on a date when our second  bellowed BRT Agat passed away. Mars came to us as 10 week old curios, happy , quick to learn puppy. Took only 2 weeks to house train him. As a puppy Mars excelled not only in training and in obedience school but in winning a special place in our hearts. 

Mars is almost 4 years old. He grew up in a beautiful healthy, obedient family member. You can have a fine conversation with Mars as it seems that he understands everything.
Being a large dog, Mars is also very playful and very passionate about his ball.  He enjoys playing with small dogs whom he treats with utmost care and caution. He loves people, social gatherings and especially little children. Mars is very popular among them for a bear hugging and pictures taking. He is truly glamorous.

Mars has a very special gift: he alerts  when something is medically wrong with a family member. We call him our life saver.

Mars instantly fell in love with his bride Koda, very accomplished Canadian Champion.  They had a great time visiting and making puppies. Now when he hears Koda’s name, he runs to the window to look for her.
We are looking forward to seeing Mars and Koda’s   puppies and hope they will be as gorgeous , smart and healthy as their parents.


Koda was born in Midnight Solo headquarters, she was one of seven in a litter "Z" .
Koda's parents are our Misha and Sadie. Both parents are very accomplished both in shows and performance events, both love kids and are humans oriented.

Koda lives with her owner Rachel one short hour away from us. We see her quite often. Koda is a lovely BRT, reliable, easy to live with , amazing dog.

Rachel did a fabulous job with Koda in Conformation (shows) , rally Obedience , weigh pull and Barn hunt. Click here to see Koda's Achievement page.

Koda has been raised with 4 very lovely, active young grandkids and loves to play with them. Koda loves small dogs and is getting along fine with cats.
Koda loves to play fetch with a ball and she knows directions: forward, left, right, look for it, etc. When she does not see where the ball landed, Rachel directs her and she finds it! Koda is always able to read the situation and act accordingly.

We expect quite a litter! Amazing parents, grand and great parents in pedigree.

We expect to produce very social pups with great aptitude for learning, problem solving, competitive performance venues with tremendous potential for service dogs training.


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