are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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Nosework is a new sport. It is an uninterrupted performance by the dog and handler without direction from the official to locate and alert of a specific scent. We compete in UKC trials. The arrangement of the searches that are found in Nosework are randomly chosen and are similar to traditional working detection dogs. The team is evaluated on their ability to search for, locate, and respond to, target odors defined by the UKC Nosework Rulebook: Birch, Anice, Clove,Myrrh and Vetiver.
The overall performance should convey an image of fun, enthusiasm and the ability of the team to work in partnership. Nosework was created for the purpose of allowing any breed and type of dog to use their natural olfactory abilities to work in partnership with their handler and to respond to specific target odors modeled after working detection dogs. This activity provides a safe and enriching environment, can be easily performed in a wide variety of locations, and builds a trusting and lasting relationship between handler and dog.
Each trial is timed, if your dog can not locate a scent in designated time, the team will NQ.

There are many venues within the Nose Work: interior, exterior, container and Vehicle searches are availble for all 5 scents. Each scent is a different level and difficulty will increase: food and toy distractions are added, hides will be higher, several hides in one trial etc.

A team can earn titles in each venue for each scent such as NC( Novice Contaners) or do all 4 elements for a specific scent and earn a complete Nose Work title for each scent.


Meeka- NHD title- 1st BRT In North America with proud Mama Ang!
Meeka in trial.

Meeka on a starting line , ready to go for her Handler Discrimination search.

Sadie at handler Discrimination Trial


Sadie - 1st in HD trial, Novice A
Viva with her PTB, PTA and PTC ribbons




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