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tasted stable temperament are
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MIDNIGHT SOLO BRTs in Weight Pulling Training and Competition
Our BRTs are 1st in Canada to earn Weight Pulling titles!

Meeka with Ang,
Irena and Viva joined the girls for 2 lessons (in the middle)
and Rachel with Koda on the right.

waiting for their turns in a pooling shute

I am delighted, honored and very proud to see our breeding partners taking initiative, training and competing with their Blackies!

Rachel and Ang decided to take 4 intro lessons in Weight Pulling at Oxford Dog Sport facility with UKC judge Laurie Soutar. Irena and Viva and myself went with them for 2 lessons. Both Meeka and Koda loved it, as well as the owners Ang and Rachel, so they decided to enter the trial.

Our 2 teams did it all and earned their titles. It is incredible to see how versatile our Midnight Solo BRTS are, how willing they are to work with their amazing loving owners!

It is another "FIRST" in our kennel! As far as we know Koda and Meeka are the 1st BRTs in Canada to earn UWP titles!  

Congratulations to Ang and Meeka (MarleyX Diva) - CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja, CGN, UKC PT1, PT2, PT3, NC, TT, UWP

and Rachel and Koda (Misha x Sadie) - UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zavetnaja Mechta, URO1, CGN, TT, UWP

Well done, so proud of you!

I went to the 1st trial for moral support and to take some pictures. It was amazing to watch them pulling and having fun doing it. I was very impressed with Ang's and Rachel's handling skills, ability to read their dogs and pull a qualifying weight in all 3 trials (under judge Linda Zucker) which is 8 times body weight of the dog after only 4 lessons!

On a right: Meeka pulling her weight joyfully: tail up, head down, great job!

Koda and Rachel getting ready
Koda getting hitched to the laoded cart.
Safety and proper equipment fitting is essential for any sport. Rachel checking Koda's harness

June 2-3, 2018_ Kicka during her UWP title pull . Her 34th title in 7 different sports and shows at 2,5 years of age
  Kicka is starting her pull- 8 times her weight.

Kicka is doing great and pulling nicely!!
  Kevin and 22 month old Katana- Earned Weight Pull title_ June 3-2018


2 more Weight Pulling titles in MSK (Midnight Solo Kennel) !
Kevin and Katana, Jean and Kicka and our awesome judge- Laurie Soatar

  Jean and Kicka- we did it- we earned UWp title_ June 2- 2018

The trial itself is interesting. A lot of strategy is involved not to get your dogs to pull too many times, not to get them tired, but pull enough times to reach their goal weight.
Each dog is weighed each day ( picture on the left) before the trail and has to pull 8 times its own weight to qualify.
More advanced dogs will pull 10, 15, 20 times their weight for the next title. The empty card on the left is 307lbs!

Meeka getting hooked to the cart.
Meeka pulling


Viva Pulling and doing an amazing job

At training all our girls were started safely on a small cart and the weight was added gradually.
Viva pulling less weight on the left and more on the right

The handlers of the dogs of the similar weight have to decide on how much weight will be added in each consecutive pull. The empty cart is 307 pounds and each cinder block weighs 40lbs.  Dogs pull of their own free will, leashes are not allowed in the pulling chute and handlers are not permitted to touch their dog or use toys or food as bait.  The dogs have 60 seconds to pull the load 16 feet for a qualifying round.  Faults are given for touching your dog or being over the allotted time, 2 faults results in being terminated from the trial.  Weight pull is about the partnership between dog and handler and building confidence, if the dog thinks he can move the weight then he will be able to do so!

The girls get a lot of crate and water breaks in between pulls. ( Right)

1st snow pull for Koda and Meeka . Both girls are workinbg towards United Weight Pull Champion (UWPCH)

Happy girls going home after a nice productive practice.
(picture on right)

Gorgeous poodles:
White ws pulling with us

Corded poodle is stunning! It is a first time I have seen one!

Koda with 3 Qualifying Weight Pull ribbons
Meeka and Koda with 3 Qualifying Weight Pull ribbons

Koda and Rachel during Weight Pull competition


Proud Mamas with their babies, qualifying ribbons and New UWP titles! Lovely family! Both Meeka and Koda have an excellent drive and so far sucseeded in everything they have tried.
Thank you Ang and Rachel for all your hard work! You are wonderful!

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