are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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May 2012, Sadie with her new competition cart

Ben and Brian getting ready for a ride in Rusah's cart in Weldon Park
London Ontario.

Rusah loves kids and enjoys working with them.

Carting Exercises during CC Draft Dog test. Done in the ring. The judging starts when the team enters the ring. First exercise is to harness and hitch the dog. After that all 3 judges will come one by one and inspect the gear for safety. The dog must remain standing all this time. At this trial it took over 6 minutes. Sadie did great!

More Carting excersises. Left turn, one of 3 is being executed on this picture.

More turns and carting exercises with Sadie

Back up exercise.

A hitched dog in a cart on handler's command must back up the cart 4 feet, preferably in a straight line. Of course if during any part of the test any part of a dog or the cart touches any solid object (ring fence, pylons, tree stumps, trees, bushes , shrubs, rocks, etc). , the team is disqualified.

Sadie did GREAT: beautiful straigh back up, tail up and happy to work!

Filed work for DD level consists ofseveral parts:
Hitching , then moving 100 meters to the designated area where the cart must be load and load secure, then part Hauling the load to the final area where the cart is unloaded and dog is unhitched.

The purpose of the field exercise is to demonstrate dog's ability to pull a suitable freight load over a moderate distance in cooperation with the handler. The terrain is natural with sloping land, boulders, high grass, trees, bridges, gravel, providing natural obstacles.

I am finishing securing the load on this picture, then all 3 judges will come and inspect the load, before we proceed on the final hike of this trial.

Left turn during DD trial with 45 lbs Load with Sadie .

Draft Dog Trial with Sadie

Field exercises, in which the dog and handler move forward in a good working pace with approximately 45 lbs load through a variety of terrain that includes going up and down gentle hills, left, right and 180 degree turns.

All work is done of leash and no touching the dog or cart at any time.

It is a lot of fun. Great venue to build solid working relationship with your canine partner. Give it a try.
Please remember that healthy joints and safety of the equipment are an absolute must in this activity.

Scott and Izzy Compited & Earned Draft dog title in a rain

Izzy and Scott have 6 consecutive Open draft dog qualifying trials under 6 different judges. Only 1 judge left to qualify under and then the team will have Master Draft dog title.

Some of the judges comments this weekend... Beautiful attention, inspiring work and outstanding team work.

Fabulous to see that the generations of Midnight Solo BRTs working aptitude is passed to their kids. Izzy's Mom Sadie is and Grandma Rusah are very accomplished Draft Dog in Canada.

Very proud of you Izzy and Scott!

Sadie trying on her brand new cart.

Our friend Chihuahua Intee came along for a ride.

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