are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
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MIDNIGHT SOLO AND ZASTAVA Get together after BRT Grooming Seminar by Olga Kornienko Chicago 2013


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Olga for organizing the whole weekend, for a great job teaching intricate details of BRT grooming, for hosting Sadie and Rusah and myself and of course for taking great pictures.

Rusah, Sadie and I had a wonderful time during grooming seminar by Olga Kornienko Zastava BRT kennel in Chicago on April 6, 2013.

I would like also to thank everyone for taking time out of your busy schedule and joining us for an evening of BRT fun!

Heart felt thanks to Betty and Don, owners of our Xena for opening their home and hosting a party after Olga's seminar. There were 13 BRTs of different ages and all the owners. Thank you for sharing your home with us and for a great opportunity to see all the dogs together.

All of us. Molly ( Marley x Rusah) showed up later on and did not get in this picture.

It was so nice to see Sue, Chris and Molly (Marley x Rusah) 4,5 year old muscle power house! Molly is in amazing physical shape. She has very active owners, loves to swim and has lots of energy and drive. Molly can fetch for hours! Thank you Sue and Chris for taking such a great care of Molly.

Rusah is our foundation bitch. She is amazing in so many ways and gave her merit to her puppies.I it was wonderful to see several of her offsprings together.

Rusah's kids and Grand kids. Left to Write

Xena (Marley x Sadie) with her owner Betty
Midnight Solo Xena, AKC Star Puppy, CGC, URO1, TDI

Milana (Onyx x Rusah) with her owner Olga
aka CKC CH, UKC Ch, IABCA Ch Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, AKC RAE, CKC RN, URO1

RUSAH Fairy x William)
Multi Champion CKC OTCH-X Furry Rusah Siberian Star CGC, CD, CD-X, UD, OTCH, DD, DD-X,AKC CD, RN, CARO RN, RA,RE,
Mobility Assistance Dog. Top CKC Obedience BRT 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009. Top CKC Conformation BRT 2009
Best Veteran, Best Brood Bitch national Specialty Show 2010

Sadie (Rusah X Vassili)
CKC CH. Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, TR1,CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X, DD, AKC CD, RN, CKC RN, RA, RE

Remo (Marley x Sadie) with his owner Tina who drove 3 days each way to be with us
Midnight Solo X-Caliber, AKC Star Puppy, CGC

Anushka (Urs x Sadie)
AKC,IABCA Int. CH. Zastava Vesna of Midnightsolo , TT, CGC


Sadie's kids

Left to right:

Xena (Marley x Sadie) 14 months old
Midnight Solo Xena, AKC Star Puppy,CGC, URO1, TDI

Sadie (Vassili x Rusah)
CKC Champion Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, Sch TR1,CGN, TT, CKC CD,CD-X ,RN, RA, RE, DD, AKC CD, RN. TOP CKC Obedience BRT 2010. TOP CKC Rally Obedience BRT 2010

Remo (Marley x Sadie) 14 months old
Midnight Solo X- Caliber, Star Puppy, CGC

Anushka(Urs X Sadie)
AKC CH., IABCA Int. CH. Zastava Vesna of Midnightsolo,TT, AKC CGC

Marley's pups and grand pups.

Stoli Marley x Nika)
Shadow - grandson
(Newt x Liza)
Danika (Newt x Liza) Granddaughter
Xena (Marley x Sadie)
Remo (Marley x Sadie)

Remo (Marley X Sadie)

14 months old

Tina, Remo's owner had Rotweilers and never had to groom. she flew from Utah to pick Remo up and I showed her how to groom. She bought Olga's book "Shaping the Shadow" . I spent countless hours on the phone with Tina encouraging her to try grooming and she did bits and pices, but it never came together for her. Tina decided to take a long ( 3 day driving each way!) trip to attend Olga's seminar. Remo's coat was so overgrown that Olga decided to groom him on Sunday after the seminar to give Tina a private lesson. Olga is an amazing groomer and Remo looed stunning after she was finished. Poor 14 months old pup was very tired, but still obliged and we took some pictures in motion and standing . Thank you Olga for grooming Remo and Tina for coming and being with us and showing us Remo.

Remo after Olga's grooming. He is 14 months old, 74 cm in withers. Tina is training him for performance events. We are looking forward to getting good reports from them in a future.



On Sunday I went to Zac and Kimberly's home to visit 2 Rusah's kids Stella and Bob. it is a young family with 2 small children that are younger that the Blackies. Bob and Stella are wonderful companions, great with kids. They love their human grandparents that live nearby and let their Blackies to swim in their pool all the time for fun and exercise. It was very nice to see them all again. Thank you Zac and Kimberly for having me over and showing off your canine kids. I appreciate greatly everything you are doing for Bob and Stella. Thank you for loving for your BRTS.

Bob (Vassili x Rusah) , brother of Moses, Samson, Sadie. is almost 6 years old. He is HUGE. When Zac was telling me he is big, i thought he was 30 inches, so I measured him and was shocked: he is 82 cm in withers, with 102 cm chest circumference and that is with his coat closely shaved, Head is 31 cm, Pastern 14 cm. He is definitely is very large BRT.

Stella is 7 years old (Uno x Rusah) You can tell by the sitting picture on the right that she is very large female as well. She is 73 cm in withers with 95 cm chest circumference, 29 cm head and 13 cm pastern.

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