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All Breed Carting Workshop with CKC Draf Judge June Ward

Carting Workshop May 1st, 2010 with CKC Draft Judge June Ward

I regularly get e-mails on how to get started in carting, what equipment to use, at what age is a right time to start the dog in draft work, etc.  I decided to organize a workshop to help people understand what is involved in drafting. What is the best way to learn? Of course from an expert, that is why I invited June to come and share her knowledge with our group, and she graciously agreed.

We had 9 teams and few auditors at the workshop and had lots of fun throughout the day!  It was not a BRT only event: we had a BMD, Malinois and Akita among  BRTs of various ages. Midnight Solo Kennel was represented by RUSAH, MAGIC , MARRUSAH and MISHA

The workshop started with theory on drafting, brief overview of various equipment’s strengths and weaknesses. 
June explained that is crucial to the safety of our dogs to have well fitted equipment designed for drafting. 
She also showed us where the most pressure from pulling a cart is applied on a dog, how a well balanced cart allows safe pulling of a substantial weight and much more.  Each of us received a package of great notes and charts to take home.

Novice teams started slowly with fitting of the harness, using beginner’s equipment, and believe me June had a full size van packed with shafts, carts, cones, harnesses and everything one can possibly use in draft training

It was a great learning experience, lots of time for questions, personal attention from June to each team.

It was great to see how quickly teams progressed from simply harnessing their dogs to pulling various items on traces, and then attaching shafts and finally some were ready to pull carts: all in one day.

Rusah, who is ready to compete in DDX- advanced Drafting competition was used as a demo dog: doing very tight figure 8 harnessed and hitched

Rusah were practicing and perfectly executing commands from me ( the handler)  standing behind the cart, which is a requirement for Advance drafting competition

We thank June for a great and very informative hands-on event  and all participants for 100% effort they have put in during the event.  I also want to thank Bunny and Rich who drove from NY to be with us, Celyne, from Northern Ontario, Olga from Michigan, Dave, Vika and Sergey , Natella and Leon from Toronto.  Especial thanks to Dave for Delicious BBQ. We hope to see you all in Draft competition in the near future.

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