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BRT Carting Seminar 2014 with CKC Draft Judge June Ward

4th all Breed Carting seminar hosted by Midnight Solo was sold out and a lot of fun!

Seminar was pre-registration only and we quickly reached our limit of 10 Novice teams. We had 8 BRT s, a Border collie and a Golden doodle team. All teams did exceptionally well. We had a blast: great time, good food, all dogs were well behaved and enjoyed working with their owners. Thank you all for joining us!

Our dear friend of 9 years, esteemed CKC Draft judge, June Ward was very informative. Her gentle hands-on approach enabled all teams to progress quickly and learn a lot about team work, draft commands, safety and correct use of draft equipment.

We were greeted by red and black ballons and a gorgeous sign (above) made by MidnightSolo very owm young and promissing artist Brayden., Ang's daughter.

After theory part, the team practiced going ahed, backing up and proper use and fitting of the equipment.
Otis (Eli x Slada) 8 months old pup practicing back up in a narrow cone corridor to ensure a straight line back up.

Bruin (Onyx x Rusah) is being harnessed. June has hand made beautiful adjustable harnesses. I have 2 of them and love them very much.

We started all teams with a harness and a spread bar to get used to the equipment being pulled behind them. Teams started in walking in straight lines, then adding wide turns.
Dar and Anna on the left and Rachel with 12 months old Koda (Misha x Sadie) on the right.

Bruin is enjoying pulling a jug with his owner Carol.

Meeka and Ang are getting used to shafts touching Meeka's side while moving.

Meeka (Marley x Diva) is pulling jug of water.
Good job Ang and Meeka!

Renata and Tess worked great together and had a good time!

Viva (Marley x Cha Cha)did very well as well.
Viva loved to do things with her owner Irena: they show , train in Rally O and competitive obedience .

Normally in training we would take time to get a dog used to equipment: starting with pulling just traces( leather lines from harness attached to a spreader bar to make it wide at the rear. When a dog is comfortable, we add drugging weight ( jug with water or stones, sled, a tire) , then try shafts (wooden or metal) and only then progress into pulling an empty cart. Some dogs take less time than others. Experience of the handler as well as previous training of the dog( foundation in obedience) makes a difference as well. All teams tried a lot of things in one day and did amazing!

Sarah joined us with her boy ramsey to give cvarting a try. Ramsey was great! Sarah is a CARO Rally o judge and a trainer of our Meeka, Koda and Bella.

  Meekais one of our yooung BRT with lots of drive and desire to work. Ang trains her in Rally O and nose work. Meeka is a show Brt as well. As you canb see on a picture, the team is loving it!

Marina and her handsome male Ben are working hard and doing a great job!

This time we had 10 Novice teams entered. June needed my help with equipment and progression of the dogs to have an extra pair of hands to adjust harness and share/change equipment for one team to another.

I decided that i will not bring Marley Sadie or Rusah to demo advanced carting skills, well, it was a good decision. I was very busy helping out everyone and taking pictures all day, I would have not had any time for my furry kids.



Koda and Rachel progressed to pulling a jug. Nice job!

Boston was a star all day long! Thank you Ed for driving down all the way from Boston to join us.
Marina and Ben.
Boston and Ed

Otis (Eli x Slada 8 months old puppy) did amazing! He is gorgeous puppy, well socialized , happy -go -lucky puppy. Thank you Phil for coming out, trying carting with us and above all for socializing and training Otis.

Anna and Dar pulling tire with a lot of drive and enthusiasm! Well done!

Our gorgeous, massive Bruin, son of Onyx and our amazing Rusah drove with his human Mom Carol from Boston, MA. Bruin and Carol worked hard all day and enjoyed it very much!


Boston progressed to a cart and did exceptionally well ! Way to go Ed and Boston!
Anna and Dar pulling a cart!


Viva pulling a cart. Great job Irena and Viva! Your Dad marley is very proud of you.

Many thanks to Steve for the delicious BBQ. Thank you Ang, Steve, Brayden and Rachel for making this day a very special one: for opening your home to host us, for great time together, yummy food, gorgeous cake, nice decorations, sign and above all your friendship. We could not have done it without you! Thank you Julie for taking pictures and helping out all day long!


On the left: June is enjoying a Leonberger jewelry box as a token of our appreciation for her knowledge and teaching! Thank you June, we love you!

On the right: Angela and Rachel with a box of Russian Chocolates they will enjoy later.

Thank you Irena for your thoughtfulness!

We all had a supper together. Lovely crowd, amazing teams, wonderful time, lots of trainng. We thank June Ward for taking the time from her busy life as a judge and a breeder to be with us and educate us in a art of draft work. We thank you all for coming and making this day a wonderful testimony to the working abilities of the breed we all love. W want to thank again all our puppy owners for your love, care and training of our nest generation of great BRTS.

Afterwards all Midnight Solo family gathered at our headquarters for a grooming workshop.

Viva was our demo dog. After working all day in draft, she stood on the grooming table as a real champ!

Then we had pizza and a few drinks, what a day!

Thank you Midnight Solo family, June and friends for supporting our event, for your help and grand time together.

Special thans to Ang, Rachel, Brayden, Steven for opening your home for us, for all all the work you have done to make this day a sucsess.

Thank you Carol and Bruin, Ed and Boston for driving all the way from Boston MA to be with us.

Nancy it was an absolute pleasure to meet you !

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