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BRT Carting Seminar 2012 in Troy Michigan with CKC Draft Judge June Ward

Our Guest Speaker CKC Draft juidge June Ward started with introduction to draft work. The theory part consisted of stressing the importance of safety of the equipment for a dog , age appropriate exercises for puppies to get them ready for draft work, basic commands, terminology of the equipment and much more.



Judge June Ward showed various training equipment, went over its use. Explained different ways to get tight turns executed correctly, which tools and equipment to use in practice sessions, various ways and different equipment that can be easily made at home to get our BRTs started with the age appropriate equipment for each dog.

At the picture on the left,June is sharing with us how to teach a more advanced draft dog tight turns with the wheel placed in the hoop.

3,5 months old puppy Stoli Zastava D'Atrognan(Marley x Nika) is learning to be harnessed and getting used to walking in a harness.


Learning Left and right turn commands

Puppies had lots of breaks in between!

4 months old Xena
(Marley x Sadie)
harnessed and getting used to walking with the harness on.

We thank Don and Betty coming from Chicago to be with us and for a great job they are doing with Xena. Xena is going to be Midnight Solo's 3rd generation of carting BRT. Her sire Marley and Dam Sadie both have Draft dog titles and grandma Rusah has both DD and DDX title.


The empty jug is attached to traces to teach puppy Xena to pull. First Don is holding the lead attached to the jug to make sure Xena is Ok with it, then lets it go to . Everything must be done gradually, slowly exposing a new to draft puppy or dog to the equipment and a sensation of pulling various objects behind them. Next step is introducing very wide slow turns.


Anushka (Zastava Vesna of Midnight Solo, TT) , daughter of Urs and Sadie came from Pennsylvania with her wonderful owners Sue and Bill. Anushka is showing in AKC , has 2 majors and passed temperament test. She came to give carting a try and to hang out with her canine relatives and their owners.

ViIDEO of ANUSHKA at the carting seminar


Our lovely Sadie, Dam of Anushka and Xena was the only experienced Draft dog at the seminar. She practiced advanced maneuvers for DDX title. Her full name is Ch Midnight Solo Siona Sadie, BH, CGN, TT, CKC DD, CD-X, RE, AKC CD, RN. This is Sadie's brand new competition cart and we absolutely love it. It is collapsible and will fit in any car.


We thank Karl and Cindi for coming from Dallas, Georgia to learn the foundation of carting with their lovely BRT Jele (Valentina Jelena Vom Aralsee). Jele did very well, had lots of fun and clearly loves to work with her Dad.


Milana (CKC Ch Midnight Solo Unity for Zastava, CGC, TT, RAE, CKC RN) did very well. Milana with Olga progressed in one day from harnessing, pulling training wheels then jug into being hitched and pulling a competition cart . Milana is a daughter of Onyx and our amazing multitalented foundation bitch Rusah ( OTCH-X , Multi Ch Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, DD-X, AKC RN, CD, CARO RE. Mobility Assistance dog)
We are very proud of Milana and looking forward to her future achievements and adventures.

VIDEO of MILANA at 2012 carting seminar

Christy and Bear traveled the most to be with us. They came all the way from Arkansas.

Bear (Russian Bear's Just What Mamma Wanted) came with his own Sulky cart and we all had a blast watching him work.

Betty, owner of 4 months old Xena had a nice long ride in Bear powered Sulky. It was a blast!



We had a BBQ at lunch at the park, then we all had a supper together. Lovely crowd, wonderful time, lots of great food and dog talk. We thank June Ward for taking the time from her busy life as a judge and a breeder to be with us and educate us in a art of draft work. It was wonderful to meet Christy and see again Karl and Cindy,Lauren, Jonnha, John and Jashka. , Betty and Don, Olga, Tim, Shannon, Sue and Bill. We thank you all for coming and making this day a wonderful testimony to the working abilities of the breed we all love. W want to thank again all our puppy owners for your love, care and training of our nest generation of great BRTS.





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