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in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
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Barn Hunt is a fascinating new venue where a dog needs to find a hidden in a straw PVC Tube containing life rat. Do not worry, the rat is safe and dos are not allowed to touch the tube, just to indicate the find and the owner/handler needs to call the find to qualify.

Instinct Test - Pass or fail. (Optional, you do not need to pass it to earn your RATN). In this test 3 PVC tubes are in plain sight, one contains a live rat, one contains rat litter and the remaining tube is empty. The dog has one minute to locate and indicate to the handler which tube contains the live rat. The dog does not need to execute a tunnel or a climb. If the team is successful they earn RATI (Instinct).

RATN (Novice). Requires 3 successful legs to get the title. 3 tubes are used, one with a live rat, one with rat bedding and the remaining tube is empty. The dog must complete a straw tunnel and a climb and locate the rat. Tubes are now hidden in the straw and the dogs must search to find the rat. Dogs have 2 minutes to compete all elements and find the rat.

Part of RATN course
Judges hind 3 tubes( empy, life tar and rat bedding before each group

PVC tubes with life rat and bedding
Training: Meeka is exposed to the scent of the rat and the bedding

Straw tunnel. quite low for a BRT! But our Blackies love it!
It was amazing to watch many dogs compete and to see Midnight Solo BRTs doing such an amazing job!
Meeka and Koda competed and did an amazing job!
Meeka - is the 1st BRT in Canada to pass Instinct (RATI), earned 1st Barn Hunt title - RATN, placed 1st in a large dog Novice division x 2 and second once and Hgh in whole Novice class!

Koda- earned 2 legs and placed 1st in large dog division!

Thank you Rachel and Ang for your handling skills, training, passion, for trying different things with your BRTS and success in everything you try so far!

I am so thankful for Midnight Solo Breeding partners, you are a driving force for our kennel, every one of you are fabulous, I am so blessed!

Koda out of a tunnel

The teams are called in a shoot and wit there till they are called to the course, to prevent them seeing where the tubes are placed. Tubes are placed different for each group to prevent cheeting ( sharing where the rat is with a next team, lol!) Need to keep things fair!
Meeka and Ang on the left, Rachel with Koda on the right.

Our talanted photographer- Breyden

Click to Watch a video of Meeka hunting for rats!
Meeka (Marley x Diva) -CKC CH., IABCA Int., Nat. Senior Puppy CH. Heart N Soul Midnight Solo Taras Sarja, CGN, UKC PT1, PT2, PT3, NC, TT, UWP, RATI, RATN

Meeka passed Instinct (RATI) in 12.37 seconds, WOW!

Trial #1 - 55.53 seconds - placed 1st in the large dog division
Trial #3 - 28.94 seconds - placed first in large dog division and got High in Class (fastest dog in Novice)
Trial #4 - 35.78 seconds - placed 2nd in large dog division

Meeka is very driven and talanted BRT, so far she is fabulous in everything Ang and kids try to tech her and do with her!

Koda (Misha x Sadie) UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zavetnaja Mechta, URO1, CGN,TT,UWP

Earned to legs towards RATN title: Qualified with 1.57.75 seconds
and 30.91 seconds - placed 1st in large dog division! Great job handling Rachel!

"Rat" cookies made by Ang and Breydon were absolutely delicious and huge hit at lunch
Koda is ready to be released for her search.


Bruin - IABCA Int Ch. Midnight Solo Urban Myth, CGC, TT, TDI, RN,RATI
Amzing to see such a huge boy fitting through a very low tunnel (middle picture- all covered in straw!)

INKA - UKC CH. Midnight Solo Zlata Chernaja, CGC, RATI, RATN

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