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Black Russian Terrier Winning the hearts of Canadians

The article was published in Black Russian Terrier Breedline, June 2005 issue of Dogs in Canada,

The Black Russian Terrier is gaining international popularity, but still is barely known in Canada.

About the breed.† The BRT is a large dog with massive bone, heavy musculature and a wide deep chest.† The body is almost square with a slightly stretched frame.† Males stand 66 to 78 centimeters, females 64 to 74 centimeters.† Sex must be well pronounced.† The rough, thick black hair is ample, measuring four to 10 centimeters in length and covering the entire body.† The coat is well developed on the head and limbs.† The tail is set high, thick and docked.
The BRT is a calm, confident, strong, enduring, courageous, highly intelligent and extremely reliable dog that is rather aloof towards strangers.† The BRTís balanced temperament and good trainability allow successful use of the breed in almost any working application.† Considerable size and strength make BRTs, in common with other working dogs, unsuitable as pets for average family.† These dogs must be properly trained and well socialized and require strong handling.

Breed history
The groundwork on the breed started in 1930s in the Red Star Russian Military kennel with the crossing of proven and compatible working breeds: Giant Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier, Rottweiler and Newfoundland.
The Black Russian Terrier received breed status in 1981 and has been internationally accepted by the FCI since 1984. †In 2004, AKC recognized the BRT in the working group. Twelve BRTs made the breedís debut at Westminster this year.†
The CKC accepted BRTS in the Miscellaneous Class in 2002, allowing them to compete in working-dog-events, but not conformation show until the breed gains full recognition.
Black Russian Terrier (BRT) Ch. Furry Rusah Siberian Star, CGC, 17 months old female was the first BRT in Canada to earn CD.† That was on February 19-20, 2005, at Labradorís Owners Club and Hamilton Dog Obedience Club trials in Ancaster, Ontario.† All four judges were excited to see and judge a Black Russian terrier for the first time.

Jean Brown,Midnight Solo Kennel

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