are carefully chosen to excel
in conformation, multiple working
modalities, make great companions
and loyal family friends
from working champion parents
with official health checks,
tasted stable temperament are
available to approved homes
whelped in Midnight Solo
Kennel and sired by our studs.
Visit this page to see
Midnight Solo Stud Book

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Year end Summary of MSK BRTs sucsess   2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013



Please watch MSK 2018 Year Highlights video of how much we have accomplished in 2018!

I am thankful to all Midnight Solo Puppy owners and breeding partners for a tremendous job you do to promote the breed and our canine family in Canada and USA.!

Every one of you has enriched my life and blessed  me in so many ways!
Every one of you is essential part of our family, it does not matter if you compete with your BRT or not.

Please keep loving your MSK fur babies, keep socializing, training, competing and & sending us updates, pictures, videos, weights and measurements.

Thank you for loving your MSK BRT, for doing a tremendous job with your baby across Canada and USA!

I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you and your BRTS in 2019 and plan on having lots of fun together .

The Best is Yet to Come!!!


  Jean Brown

Dec 28-30, 2018 -Central Michigan Club trial . Zander earned AKC Agilty title - Novice FAST Prefered !

Congratulations to Nancy and her gorgeous Zander So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, CGC, RN, TT, AKC NAP, NJP, NFP, AKC NTD, ITD, ATD, PTD.
For earning 2 more legs and a Title n FAST AKC Agility

They ran twice : on Fri and Sunday and placed first both times . Judge Mary Mullen.

FRI - QS with 59 - 50 needed in 28 seconds- needed to get it done in under 50!
Sun_ 1st place Qs with 56 , only 50 needed with time of 25 seconds , it had to be done under 35!
Amazing job big boy! Nancy, you are an awesome handler!!!


Dec 21st, 2018 Mom Viva and Daughter Kicka earned a parkour title each!

Viva earned
Parkour IN Specialist
Level 2, making it her title #66!

We proud of the fact that our Viva is the Most titled BRT in a World!


Kicka Earned last Level 3 in Four Feet on Specialist

This is a title # 53 for this 3 year old super star!
She does not want to disapppoint her Mom Viva ... so she tries to do as well as she does

Dec 20, 2018 Kicka earned her Champion Trick Dog Title

  Early Christmas Gift- Kicka is Trick Dog Champion!
She earned title # 52!

This is her 5th Champion title!

Go Kicka go!!!

Dec 16th 2018 Our Planned "H" Litter out of Trogg and Viva has arrived!

Congratulations to Trogg, Viva and new owners!
All is well, we ae very happy with the litter.

Litter pedigree

H litter album is posted on FB

Dec 11- 2018 - Kicka Earned Expert Trick Dod Title- her title #51

Congratulations to Kicka for earning Expert trick Dog title.

It is Kicka's Title #51 ! She is only 3 years old.
Kicka competes in 9 different disciplines !

Proud of you my girl!!!

Dec. 8th, 2018. CKC RO trial - King Charles Cavalier Club of Canada - at Campain- Georgetown.

Congratulations to Katana & Kevin team on placing First in Advanced A class and earning two legs towards CKC RA title!

Trial 1. Second leg Judge Deb Desjardine final score 97
Trial 2 Third leg Judge D MacKenzie final score 95

There is no stopping you! We all are very proud!
Especially your Dad Bruin and Mom Meeka!

Video of 1st trial   Video of 2nd leg

Dec 1st, 2018 - Reign is our new AKC Champion at Perry Show, Geargia USA !

Congratulations to Laura and Reign - AKC CH MidnightSolo Crime of Passion, CGC
Reign finished her AKC Champion title with Four majors!!!

WB and BOW for a 3 point major finishing her championship!
Thank you Judge, Ms. Patrizio

Reign placed Select Bitch for a 5 point major towards her GCH on Sunday! Wow!!!
Thank you Judge, Mr. Doxtater

Thank you laura for showing, grooming to perfection our lovely Reign! i am very proud of you both!

Nov . 28, 2018 Congratulations to Kicka with Title #50! PKD Specialist IN1

  My Lovely Sidekick you are aone in a million!
Kicka is one of the Most verstile and titled BRTs in a World. I am endlessly proud of her, our journey and our partnership.

You are awesome in every way my baby girl!

Nov 23rd- Rey earned Community Canine Title.


Reysin (Zander x Viva) has her Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) title!

Congratulations!! Jillian and Rey are rocking it!


Nov 23rd, 2018- Rosie recives CGN certificate

Rosie and Shain - congratulations!!!

Nov. 11, 2018 Riverside Canine Nosework Trial in New Hampshire USA


Huge congratulations to our amazing Inka( Misha X Sadie) with new Scent Detection titles!
Inka and Teri eraned Excellent Titles in Exterior and Building Searches,

Placed First in 4 of 6 Trials !

Fantastic Job!!!

Midnight Solo BRTs Love and do so well in scent work!

Nov 10-11, 2018 Barn Hunt trial . Moncton Rat Sports , Petitcodiac NB


Congratulations to Anna and Zina (Zeus x Meeka) placed 1st in all trials and earned her Novice Barn and Brush Hunt titles! NBRHp and NBARp
Zina is only 11 months old.

Way to go Zina and Anna!
We are so thrilled for you and very proud of you boith.
Sending you lots of hugs and
thank you for all you do with Zina!

Nov 10-11, 2018 UKC trial and Show UpState Kennel Club November Classic


Congratulations to Jilly and her 18 months old BRT Rey (Zander x Viva)
on earning URO1 title (Rally Obedience level one- United kennel Club.

The team did a fantastic job, qualifying in all three trials with very nice scores of 91, 94 and 88 and a trird place in class.

We are very proud of you and will continue to cheer you on as continue your jopurney!

Nov 4-5th 2018 Sucsessful Scent work weekend for MSK Family: 4 MSK BRTS earned 3 HITs, , 6 new nose work titles!

Congratulations to Meeka and Ang team for their HIT and a title!!!
Meeka earned her Master Vehicle title with a first place finish and High in Trial at Oxford Dog Sports on Saturday.

Meeka - CKC CH,IABCA International, National Senior Puppy Champion
Heart N Sould Midnight Solo Taras Sarja CGN,TT, UKC PTN, PTA,PTS,PTM, PTE, NN- Novice Nosework title:NC,NE, NV,NI; Advanced Nosework Title: AC, AI, AV, AE; Superior Nosework Title:SC, ,SI, SV, SE; MC,UWP, RATI, RATN, URO1,URO2, UKC HDN.

It is Meeka's HIT #4 Very proud of Ang and Meeka!

Super proud of this young team in their first UKC nosework trial on Saturday November 3rd at Oxford Dog Sports. 11 month old Raven (Midnight Solo Fire N Ice) passed her UKC Novice, Advanced and Superior PTs. Brayden was a calm and patient handler throughout the trials. Thanks so much Barbra-Jean Seancois for your guidance and support. Thanks also to Judge Deb Kramer for her support of this first time team.
Raven is Meeka's Daughter and is following her paw prints!!!

Katana earned Advanced Interior Search Title on Sunday and placing 2nd in their class! Well done
It is amazing to see how much Kevin Has accomplished with his first BRT CKC Ch.,UKC Ch. Midnight Solo Captured Presence,CGN, URO1, PTN, PTA, PTA,NC, NI, NV, AI NHD, CKC RN, UWP.


KICKA earned two more HITs( High In Trial) in Superior Vehicle search and in MAster Interior search!
1 led towards Master Interior and one leg towards Master Interior and Master vehicle3 search.
Kicka is 3 years old, earned BIS, 48 titles and Fourteen High In Trial.
I love her very much and appreciate her willingness and eagerness to work with me tremendously!

Oct 28, 2018 - 2 new UKC titles at GRKC_



Congratulations to Sandy and Don on their New UKC Champion - UKC CH MidnightSolo Dream Maker- Mars x Koda

Thank you judges Sharon Griffin and Deb Bean for recognizing our girl and awarding her group 1 placing in both shows!

Very proud of our baby Indy.



Kevin and Katana earned 2nd leg towards URO2 (second level of UKC Rally Obedience)
Placing 1st in a Class with a score of 97 out of 100.

Well done, you are a joy to watch in a ring, it is amazing how much you have accomplished in a two short years with your first BRT:
Katana- CKC Ch.,UKC Ch. Midnight Solo Captured Presence,CGN, URO1, PTN, PTA, PTA,NC, NI, NV, NHD, CKC RN, UWP.

HIT- Novice Handler Discrimination
HIT - Novice Rally Obedience
HIT- Scent work- Novice container.
HIT - Novice Vehicle Search
TOP UKC Show BRT 2017 #7

Kicka earned her URO2 title
Under judge laurie Sautar

QS of 98, 3rd place,
QS of 99 and 2nd place

Kicka just turned 3 years old.
it her title #47! so proud of my lovely girl!


October 23, 2018 _ Kicka earnd Parkour Dog Under Specialist - Level 2

My loyal Side kick, you did it again!
Kicka earns her title # 46 , not counting BIS and 12 HIT!

Go Kicka GO!

Videos of her title submission:

Category 1 Category 2   Category 3

October 21, 2018 Atlantic Rat Sports Trial (ARS) - Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia


Congratulations to AnnG and her 10 months old puppy Zina (Zeus x Meeka)_ MidnightSolo Forever N Ever , SDDA SC  ARS Barn Hunt Instinct , Brush Hunt Instict

On their Barn Hunt Achievements

1st trial
Earned instinct for both Barn Hunt and Brush Hunt

Barn Hunt : qualified leg, placed 2nd in group and 2nd overall
Brush Hunt: qualified leg, placed 2nd in group and 2nd overall

2nd trial
Barn Hunt : qualified leg, placed 1st in group and 1st overall
Brush Hunt: qualified leg, placed 2nd in group and 3rd overall

Way to go little girl! Very proud of you and your amazing "Mama" Anna


Oct 17, 21 2018 AKC Show Cluster in Georgia USA- reign gets two majors!!!


Congratulations to Laura and Reign for two majors!!!placing Winner Bich twice over the cluster :WB on Thursday at the North Georgia Working Dog Specialty for a 3 point major.
Friday she got WB for a 4 point major

Reign - Midnight Solo Crime of Passion, CGC

We are very proud of you .


October 2018. Ronan- is officially employed as a therapy dog in Connecticut  

Ronan is "emplyed" as a therapy dog in Yale-New Haven Hospital since fall of 2018 in Connecticut, USA .

Ronan achieved a certification for “complex” environments and has been accepted into Yale-New Haven Hospital’s program after quite the screening process. We recently began volunteering there weekly and he is quickly becoming a favorite among patients and staff. Nothing fazes this boy. It’s like he knows he is going to work when he puts on the vest, and he is totally calm and patient.

RONAN- Midnight Solo Zodiac, STAR Puppy, CGN, AKC NTD, ITD, CC, TD

October 12, 13, & 14 Souhegan Kennel Club, Inc "Fall Extravaganza" AKC Rally Obedience trials - RA title!

  Congratulations to Linda and Sochi for earning Rally Advanced title in one weekend with two first and one se3cond placing and fabulous scores!

First Place
- QS of 96 points - Mrs. Betsy Horn Hunter
First Place QS of 97 points - Mr. Darwin Boles
Second Place QS of 96 points - Mr. William R Parrill, Jr.

Sochi- Wriley x Viva - UKC CH MidnightSolo Aviva Bat Haviva, CGC, CGCA, RN, RA

October 7, 2018 Hamburg All Breed Obedience  Club (HABOC) Blasdell, NY 


Congratulations to Erin and Rey in ACT1 trial  - Agility Course Test.
3rd Place QS of 95 in ACT1 trial  - Agility Course Test.  judge: Valerie Potratz
The best part in that Rey , 17 months old BRT female is trained by a junior handler Jillian, who was away this weekend, and Mom Erin sttepped in and did the job!
Amazing family, great working BRT! Very proud of you all
Watch Rey's videos on her FB page

Rey - Zandere x Viva - MidnightSolo Elysium Empress, CGC, DMWYD NTD, AKC TDN, AKC Achiever Dog, PKD-T

October 6, 2018- two new Schutzhund titles in our kennel!

Well done Kicka FPr2- IPO tracking level 2- at London Schutzhund club.
Judge Raino Fluegge, SV
So proud of my baby girl and our breeding program!

Kicka just turned 3 yesrs old and it is her title # 44!

Congratulations to Shain and Rosie on passing BH today at London Schutzhund club.
Judge Raino Fluegge, SV
Midnight Solo Dream of Mine, BH. 18 months old!

Sept 29-30th- 2018 Romulus NY

  Rey with her young owner Jilly polaced - handler- BOB, WB

Sept 27- 28 , 2018 New Parkour titles in our kennel , Viva and her two daughters _ Kicka and Rey

Kicka -(Wriley x Viva)Parkour Dog Champion title and
Parkour Under Specialist level 1
unique Parkour Behaviour
Mom Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) earned her title # 62! Four feet on Specialist level 2
Rey (Zander x Viva) earned Parkour dog In training title.

Sept 27, 2018
Jean added another accomplishement to her long list of credentials


I finished Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist course.

I learned very valuable information about species appropriate diet for my beloved BRTs, how to feed balalnced raw food , what ingredients to stay away from and much more.
Knowledge is power!

Sept 16, 2018 Grand River kennel Club - UKC Show - Luna WB & RW

Congratulations to Shain !
11 months old Luna : Kalinka Emmanuel for Midnight Solo, handled by Jean brown placed WB with 3 bitches competition under judge Kevin Izard-Carroll

RW under Judge Gregory Storms

Luna is well on her way to UKC CH title!



Sept 15-16, 2018 Swansea Dog Obedience Club , Viva got a Novice Barn Hunt title.

Congratulations to Midnight Siolo Dream Team Irena and Black Russian Terrier Viva for yet another title in their 60 title collection!
RATN- Novice barn Hunt title and a leg towards Open level title!

Two Novice runs with a 4th place and the times 43:10 seconds and 1min 04:57 sec (out of 2 allowed min). Novice title (RATN) completed. This is Viva's title #60!
- Open level. In 2.5 minutes, dog is required to go through the L-shaped tunnel, climb a bale and find two rats, at least one of the rats is elevated. In our trial, both rats were elevated.
Viva successfully completed this task in 2 min 05 sec, earned the 3rd place in a Large dogs division and a Turtle award for the slowest qualifying dog I was really in heaven, because Viva was one of five qualified dogs out of competing 22. Everybody commented on how concentrated and methodical she was.
So proud of our Viva ( Marley x Cha Cha)

Sept 8th, 2018 - BRTCC N ationals at Oakville and District kennel Club

What a day! Sept.8, 2018 - BRTCC National Specialty was a fantastic event!

Thank you Oakville & District kennel Club for the warmest welcome of our club and all their help! Stewart E Dankner.
Thank you all BRTCC members for help and all participants and spectators for great team spirit!
Thank you Judge Robin Fay Hughes Hughes for judging our Sweepstakes!

Our nationals judge was Timmy U. Ralfe (South Africa).

I am so happy with MSK results at the Nationals!
Midnight Solo young BRTs and new to the Show and competition World owners and junior owner- handler did a fantastic job!
I am so proud of every one of you and your BRTS! Especially proud of Jillian Jason Keding our 11 year old super star and her puppy Rey (Zander x Viva) and our Junior handler Brayden Angela Helsdon Gradish with 10 months old Raven ( Zeus x Meeka) !
I love and appreciate every one of you and our Blackies!

Huge thanks to every one of you for all you do for our canine family! I am especially grateful for my breeding partner Irena Polonsky for all the help and conducting Ring side mentoring. Judges responces to the session were very positive. they love the quality of BRTs presented and learned a lot.

Midnight Solo Family Group picture
Winner Bitch ring

Congratulations to Viva (Marley x Cha Cha) for
BEST BROOD BITCh in Specialty
with her two lovely daughters:
Kicka (Wriley x Viva) and
Rey (Zander x Viva)

Viva is one of the most talalnted and titles BRTs in the Wolrd with 59 titles earned up to date!
11 year old Jillian and her 15 months old Rey (Zander x Viva) were superstars of the 2018 Nationals!
Nationals: Best Of Winners, Winners Bitch, BEST Canadian Bred BRT in Specialty, Best Bred Canadian Bred Bitch.

Best Of Opposite Sex in a Cluster show Judge Colm Beatie.
What a debut in CKC! 2 majors, well on a way to CKC CH title!

Congratulations to our Junior team, many more victories in a futre!

Kicka- Gch MidnightSolo Adara Bat Haviva, CD-X, RM

Award of Merit in 2018 Nationals!

Katana -Ch Midnight Solo Captured Presence, RN

Placed Best of Opposite Sex under judge Colm Beatie in an afternoon show
Best Bred By Bitch, Reserve Winners Bitch



Rosie- MidnightSolo Dream of Mine

Nationals: Best 15-18 month Bitch in

Best of Opposite Sex , Best 15-18 month Bitch

Luna- Kalinka Emmanuel for MidnightSolo
Ed- thank you so much for beuatifully hanling our puppy Luna!!

Nationals : #3 Senior Puppy Bitch

Winners Bitch x 2 on Friday - 2 points towards CKC CH title

Raven - Midnight Solo Fire N Ice handled by her owner, young Brayden

Second Senior Puppy Bitch in Sweeps and Nationals

Sept 8th , 2018 rally obedience title in Alberta at Calgary Kennel & Obedience Club trials

Congratulations to Randy and Sasha - Midnight Solo Dark Fantasy, RN for earning Intermediate Rally Obedience title!!!
She already had two legs, so one was extra!

QS - judge Darwin Boles
QS of 75 Judge Cheryl Bishop


Aug 31st-Sept 1st _ New AKC RAlly Obedience title for Sochi!

Congratulations to Sochi (Wriley x Viva) and Linda for a new title and fantastic scores!

August 31st 1- 98 -points- 1st place!
Sept 1- 98 -points- 1st place!
Sept 2nd- Day 3 - Second Place with a score of 96.
Merrimack Valley Kennel Club, Inc. Judges: Friday Ms. Marie-Johanne Cloutier Saturday - Ms. Laraine (Lori) Moffa Sunday - Mr. James J. Ham

Aug 30th, 2018 Kicka is our New CKC Grand Champion!

KICKA - CKC GR.CH, CKC CH, UKC CH. Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva,

August 23, 2018

Congratulations to my breeding partner and friend Irena Polonsky on her newest accomplishments: Certified Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist and Certified Raw Dog Food Specialist
Jean Brown is now Certified Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist as well.

Midnight Solo BRT Family are continuing on a road of holistic health and nutrition for our beloved Blackies


Aug 19, 2018 Grand River kennel club Conformation Show and Rally Obedience
Indy , 15 months old ( on a left) Group2, BOB, BW, WB x 2 . Well done
Katana and Kevin team earned 1st leg towards URO2
Placed 2nd in class!
We had fun visiting with our friends . Left to right:
Katana, Luna and her Brother Eley
Luna placed Reserve Winner Bitch twice.

Aug 19th, 2018 . USA, New York. 4-H group Ridge Rovers - huige day for our junior team Jillian and Rey

  Congratulations to Jillian and her puppy Rey (Zander x Viva) for a tremendous sucsess in 4H competition:
1st in conformation ( Equals best in Show)
2ND in rally Obedience
2nd in Obedience

Aug 5th, 2018 UKC Scent work- Nose work competition- 3 HIT! several new titles in MSK!

Kicka earned TWO HITS in Superior Exteririor search - judge Carol Field and Superior Vehicle search - judge Deb Kramer.
Superior Exterior Nose Work Title with two 1st places!

Viva earned HIT in Superior Vehicle Searh
Judge Deb Kramer

Advanced Exterior title and Advanced Nose Work Title

Katana earned a leg in Novice Exterior Search, 2nd place Judege Carol Field We had a fantastic time: Had a lunch together, practiced for conformation, groomed 2 BRTs and of course competed in Nose Work.
Huge thanks for everyone who came to support competing teams and hand out!

July 28, 2018  Sporting Detection Dogs Association -SDDA. Started Containers title. NS, Canada

Congratulations to 8 months old
Zina - MidnightSolo o Forever n Ever, SDDA-NC
and her owner Anna G. for Novice Container Search title with SDDA- Sport Detection Dog Association at a trila hosted by
Scent Detection - Sirius K9.
judge Doug Teeft

July 21, 2018. South Western Ontario Sporting Dog Club Rally Obedience trial

  Huge Congratulations to Shain and Rosie for placing 2nd in CKC Rally Obedience Novice level! We are very proud of you!!

Please watch competition Video of Rosie
  Congratulation to Jean and Kicka for First Leg in Rally Master Excellent level.
Please watch competition video of KIcka- I lost 10 points by givign her wrong hand signal and causing her to stand in motion instee of down, lol!

July 15, 2018 - London Canine Association - conformation.
It was very hot and humid. We were in a ring a 8 am and at 1:45 pm.
Very proud of all our teams and huge congrats to Brayden and Ang!!

Raven (7,5 months old) with 14 year old Brayden was a star : BOS, WB x 2 and Best puppy x 2
Team took home 2 majors!

Rosie and Shain dida good job, placing RW x 2
Rosie moved very well and stood for examoination nicely!
Kicka - BOS, Award of merit.
I was also an evaluator for LCA CGN test and was running back and forth in this heat.
Indy was in heat and did not want to run in such a hot weather. But did great standing for examionation and enduring the shows neverthe less.

Our Planned G litter has arrived on July 7th, 2018! We welcomed into MSK family 4 boys and 4 gilrs!

Sire: Atlas

Dam: Koda

Litter Pedigree


All puppies from this litter were reserved before they were born.

To discuss a possibility of reserving/aquiring a Midnight Solo puppy from our next planned litter , please

Call Jean 519-473-9939 or e-mail: jean@midnightsolo.com

June 29 - July 2, 2018
Viva's Trick and Stunt achievements being honored by AKC with the following titles

Irena and Viva's (Marley x Cha Cha) new titles:

AKC TKN (Trick Dog Novice)
AKC TKI (Trick Dog Intermediate)
AKC TKA (Trick Dog Advanced)
AKC NSD (Novice Stunt Dog)
AKC OSD (Open Stunt Dog)
AKC PSD (Proven Stunt Dog)
AKC SDP (Stunt Dog Professional)

Could not be more proud of this team: they competed and earned 58 titles!!!!

July1-2, 2018 Sarnia Kennel Club Conformation show

Amazing Canada Day Celebration with MidnightSolo Family:

Kicka Placed BOB x 3 and Best Canadain Bred x 2

Koda: WB - 2 point major , 2 RW

Rosie WB - 2 point major, RW

Raven:WB - 2 point major ,
Best Puppy in Breed x 3 times

Congratulation to all teams , especially to Brayden, our young Brand new Handler and owner of Raven.

June 29, 2018 Sarnia Kennel Club Rally Obedience Kicka Earns Master Rally O Title!

  ANother milestone for Midnight Solo Kennel_ Kicka_ is a First BRT in Canada to earn Master Rally Obedience title!

Sarnia Kennel Club, brutally hot day, very difficult and tight course, Placed Third with a great score of 93.5 points out of 100. Judge Susan Bell.

Well done Kicka- title #35,
Ten times High in Trial
Kicka is not even 3 year old!

June 16-17, 2018. Monarch kennel Club - Four CKC Shows

It was a very hot and humid weekend with a fabulous company! Our BRTs have accomplished a lot!

Thank you Kevin, KJ, Shain, Sandy and Don for great time. Your babies are doing better with each show! I am very proud of you all.

Congratulations to all of you!

Kicka - Best of Opposite Sex in four shows with 5 BRTS enetered Katana Congratulations to Kevin and Katana , our new CKC Champion!
Katana placed WB on Sat and Select Bitch x 3

Indy- Sandy and indy placed WB x 2 on Sunday and RW on Sat.

Rosie - Congratulations on Placing Winners Bitch on Saturday

June 11, 2018 Ronan earned AKC Community Canine title

Congratulations to Ronan (Midnight Solo Zodiac,CGN, AKC NTD, AKC CC) for earning new AKC title - Community canine.

Your Mom Sadie and all of us in MSK are very proud of you!!

June 10-11, 2018 Barn Hunt - Mom and Daughter team ( Viva and Kicka ) earned RATI each!

Kicka earned Rat Instinct title and two legs toward Novice Barn Hunt, placing 2nd and 3rd in large dog class!

It is Kicka's titles # 34

She is competing in 9 disciplines!

Viva earned Rat Instinct title.

Viva RATI title is a title #46

Our famous girl competes in n Seven disciplines

June 9- 2018 . Mississaauga ON. Viva earns 4 Stunt Dog titles - First Stunt dog trial in Canada! First Stunt Dog BRT in the World!

We are very excited and happy for irena and Viva! Well done ladies!!
MSK family is very thankful for dedication of our breedding partnersand Puppy owners _ you are fantastic and we are thankful for all you do with your MSk BRTS!!!

We are So extatic about our Magnificient BRT Viva and her human owner Irena.

They particiapted in first Stunt dog Trial in Canada and earned FOUR STUNT DOG titles with fabulous scores:

NSD (Novice Stunt Dog) with honors, 195 out of 200,
OSD (Open Stunt Dog) with honors, 200 out of 200,
PSD (Proven Stunt Dog) with honors, 200 out of 200,
SDPro (Stunt Dog Professional) with honors, 185 out of 200

First Stunt Dog trial in Canada.
June 9, 2018, Mississauga, 
judge Julia Mueller, CTDI, SDJ

June 6, 2018 - Kicka Earned Parkour Dog Four feet on Specialist title level 1

  Kicka met the requirements for her 4 Feet On Level 1 Dog Parkour Specialist and earned this title!

June 2-3, 2018- Weight Pulling Competition - 2 new UWP titles in MSK!


Kevin and Katana, Jean and Kicka and Judge Laurie Sautar

We are proud of our girls pulling 8 times their weight at three trials and earning their United Weight Puller (UWP) titles!


Kicka pulling hard 8 times her weight.

UWP is Kicka's 34th title and she is only 2,5 years old! Kicka so far competed and titles in seven modalities including conformation (Show)

Kevin and Katana starting each trial with low weight. Each handler is allowed to decide what starting weight should be and how many times a dog will pull to reach qaulifying weight ( 8 times the weigh of the dog for this level and it will go up from there)

May 27, 2018 - CKC Rally Obedience trial- Swansee Dog Obedience Club

Video of

Huge Congratulations to Kevin and Katana team for eanning thrid leg and a CKC Rally Novice title!
Team placed Second in Novice A class, Judge Loraine Purnell.

Well done Katana- aka UKC Ch. Midnight Solo Captured Presence, CGN,URO1, PTN, PTA,PTS NC, NI, NV, NHD, CKC RN.

Kicka and I earned two legs towards master Rally obedience title with very impressive scores and placings under Judge Lauraine Purnell:
second place,QS of 96.5
First place with QS of 99 out of 100

Loved her enthusiasm in a ring, way to go my lovely Sidekick! Video of Kicka's competition

Midnight Solo Annual Get together is only few days away!!! Sat May 19th , 2018

We had a great day together! Please visit Facebook to see videos and pictures of our MSK Annual Fun Day 2018

May 2018 Midnight Solo Annual Fun Day with Intro to Barn Hunt Seminar, grooming workshop, Conformation lesson, tricks, rally o, obedience trouble shooting and practice, delicious pot luck lunch, and above all FUN with Midnight Solo family members.

What an amazing group of people with fantastic dogs!


Thank you so much for a fantastic day together!!!
We managed to squeeze virtually everything that we have planned and more!!!

I want to thank Laurie and Dave for hosting us and for the seminar.
Thank you Irena for helping on every front.

Thank you all for helping , taking pictures, vedeos and being your fabulous self.

Thank you everyone for delicious food!

I want to thank again all Midnight Solo family and friends for joining us at our Annual Fun Day.

I am looking to see many of you at our Fun Day 2019!

Especially thankful for people who drove from very far away, I greatly appreciate it.
Midnight Solo family members drove from:
London, Ontario
Aurora, Ontario
Parkhill Ontario
Brampton Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Tillsonburg Ontario
Roseneath Ontario
Hamilton Ontario
Londonderry Nova Scotia
Winnipeg Manitoba
Hamburg, NY
Boston MS, USA
Midland Michigan
Lapeer, MI
Fargo, North Dakota

May 11-14th, 2018. Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club - CKC Rally Novice title for baby Sasha!

Congratulations to 12 months old Sasha for earning last leg and a Rally Novice title!!
Randy and Sasha also earned 2 legs towards Rally intermediate title and placed Fourth each time!
Very proud of you .

Sasha (Mars x Koda) - MidnightSolo Dark Fantasy, RN

May 11, 2018. Forrest City kennel Club, CKC conformation

Kicka and I placed BOB x 2
Katana and Kevin WB x 2

Rosie and Shain RW x 2 at their first ever show

Indy and Sandy did a great job in a ring

May 5-6, 2018 UKC Nosweowrk Trials at ODS: MSK BRT girls rocked again!

Left to right:

Brayden and baby Raven
(Zeus x Meeka)
Ang and Meeka
(Our weekend Star!)
Jean and Kicka
Irena and Viva
Kevin and Katana

Fantastic job, lots of fun, very proud of our canine family!

Meeka and Ang had a fantastic Weekend:

*Two High in Trial
*Advanced Nose Work Title (all 4 elemenyts: Interior, Exterior, Container and vehicle search titltes) ,
*Superior Nose Work Title,

*Advanced Exterior title
*Superior Vehicle

1 leg Master Exterior
1 leg Master Vehicle

Kicka Earned

Advance Nose Work title , compteting all 4 elements: Advanced Container, interior, Exterior and Vehicle searches

Earned Advanced Exterior Search Title and Advanced Vehicle search Title, placeing second twice, and third.

Congratulations to Irena and Viva team:

Advanced Exterior, leg 1, place 5 of 8, time 00:39:27
Superior Vehicle, leg 1, place 2 of 6, time 02:48:78



Congratulations to our younest competing teaM:
Kevin and katana earned a leg towards Advanced Vehicle title. Time 01;33;57. Placed 3rd in class.



April 30th, 2018_. Ronan earned ACK Intermediate trick Dog Title!

Congratulations to Ronan
(Misha x Sadie) and Page!
Way to go!!!

April 23, 2018 - Michigan USA- 4 new Trick titles in MSK earned by Mr.Z and Nancy!
Congratulations to Nancy and Zander for earning FOUR New AKC titles: Trick Dog Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Performer. we are proud of you both!

April 29, 2018. Grand River Kennel Club UKC shows


Midnight Solo Kennel had a great day at UKC Shows.
Thank you Shain, Kevin and KJ for wonderful weeken, for helping out all day long: so nice after years loading and unloading to have male help !!!
Kevin tried handling young Luna puppy for the first time and is becoming a very accomplished handler!
Shain got his training and will start showing soon.
Thankful and very proud of our team!

  Congratulations to Katana, our New UKC Champoion!
Placed WB twice over 3 bitches and Best Of Winners over 3 class bitches and one male.
  Congrats to Kicka- Group 3, BOB, Best Champion, Reserve Champion!
Kicka's firsat show since January 2017. Werll done my lovely Sidecick!

Our 6 months old Import Luna (Kalinka Emmanuel for Midnight Solo) did exceptionally weel at ther first show- Reserve winner twice over 2 class bitches, handled nicely by Kevin!!

April 21st, 2018 High In Trial - All Breed Obedience

Kicka and I earned High In Trial in UKC all Breed Obedience Trial and a UCD title. Judge Laurie Sautar.

I am thrilled with my Kicka- KICKA - CKC CH, UKC CH. Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva, CGN,TT, BH, Fpr1, HDN, HDA, PTN, PTA, PTS, PTM, PTE, NN (NC, NI,NV, NE),AC,AI,SI, URO1, CKC RN, RA, RE, UCD, CD, CD-X, PKD-N.

It is Kicka's High In Trial # 10!!! and second in Obedience! And 29th title. She is only 2,5 years old!

Here is a video of this trial

April 9, 2018. Novice Trick Dog title earned by Page and Ronan- RA, USA

Congratulations to Ronan
(Misha x Sadie) and Page!

Way to go!!!

Very proud of you and thankful that you keep doing amazing things with you boy!

April 7-8, 2018 , CKC conformation at Kent Kennel Klub
It was a great weekend for Midnight Solo young girls! Great experience and great results. Thank you Kevin, KJ , Sandy and Don for all your work and great time together.

Katana (Midnight Solo Captured Presence CGN, URO1, PTN, PTA, PTA,NC, NI, NV, NHD.) She placed BOS (Thank you Kathrine grat for loving our girl!) with a major, placing over a Special Bitch and a class female, and Placed WB i all four shows. She is the last BRt in this picture.

Indy- MidnightSolo Dream Maker, 11 months old pup placed 1st in Puppy Group. Thank you Judge Kathrine Grant for loving our puppy gilr. Great start for Indy and Sandy.

6 months old Luna, our import came to be exp[osed to the ring and get a grooming. We practiced in the ring during breaks. Luna did amazing!

April 7,8- 2018. Alberta Canada Rally Obedience trails

Huge congratulations to randy and his baby Sasha - Midnight Solo Dark Fantasy (Mars x Koda) for earning 2 legs towards CKC RO Novice title!

Red Deer & District Kennel Club, Alberta
QS of 96 out 100, Place 3rd, judge Lionel Whittaker
QS of 81, placed 1st in Novice a Class Judge Carolyn Wray

April 7th, 2018 CKC Rally Obedience , Credit Valley Kennel Club

Heart felt Congratulations to Kevin and Katana on placing 1st and second in B class and earning two legs towards CKC Rally Obedience Novice title.

QS of 90, High in Novice B class, Judge Diana Kirkcaldy,
QS, 2nd in Novice B class. Judge Diana Kirkcaldy Credit Valley Kennel Club

Kevin, KJ and Katan, you are fantastic!!!

It was a joy to watch this team to perfomr! Kevin is our "green" handler and Katana is still very young, we are looking forward to seeing them in performance rings this year and cheering them on!!!

March 30th- April 1st , 2018. Midnight Solo Kennel participated at Canadian Pet Expo -

Canadian largest indoor Pet event!

It is the first time our kennel is participating in Expo.
to say it was busy is a huge understatement. We talked so much, that i lost my voice! All Midnight Solo BRTs did a fantastic job and attracted lots of attention and praise from the visitors.

I am deeply moved and am very thankful to Midnight Solo family and friends for stepping up and volunteering their time and their BRTs to be a part of our team at the expo. Without you it would have been impossible. You and your BRTs are my pride and joy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please go to EVENT Page for details

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Scent work on 03/18/2018 in Nashua, NH, USA. new titles for Inka and Tavo!

Congratulations to Teri and her two Midnight Solo BRTs on another successful weekend in Scent work on 03/18/2018 in Nashua NH

Inka (Misha x Sadie) earned Advanced Containers title (PSD-AC) . Placed 2nd place on her containers run, and 1st place on her speed run!
Tavo ( Bruin- Meeka) earned his Advanced speed title (PSD-AS) and placed 3rd !

Wonderful teams, great weekend! Proud of you all!

March 3-4- 2018- MS, USA . Scent detection trial

Inka - Misha x Sadie

First place in advanced containers (1.44.31) and a qualifying time of 18.21sec and 25.72sec for her excellent distance legs .

Congratulations to Teri, Meile and Inka !
Very proud of Inka, Tavo, teri and Miele teams!

Congratulations to Teri and Tavo (Bruin x Meeka) for a great weekend:

Tavo earned 2 legs to complete his excellent distance (2nd place) and excellent container titles, and FINALLY got the last leg of his novice interiors title (3rd place) to earn his overall novice title (SDN).

Feb.25, 2018. CKC Rally Obedioence competition- New Rally Excellent title in our kennel!

Kicka and Jean team Earned CKC Rally Excellent title today in Compain Dog Academy.

QS of 100, 1st place in Excellent B out of seven team. Judge Lorraine Purnell.

QS of 89, 4th place in Excellent B class under judge Lorraine Purnell.
I lost 10 points on Hanler error- did 360 left turn instead of pivot!

Very proud of my very accomplished 2 year old Kicka (Wriley x Viva): CKC CH, UKC CH. Midnight Solo Adara Bat Haviva, CGN,TT, BH, Fpr1 (IPO TR1), HDN, HDA, PTN, PTA, PTS,PTM,PTE, NN (NC, NI,NV, NE), AI, AC, SI, URO1,CKC RN, RA, RE, CD, CD-X.
BIS, HITx 9 , High BH, Top CKC Show dog 2016, 2017 (#7 in Canada)
Top CKC Obedience BRT 2017
Top CKC Rally Obidience BRT-#2 in Canada

Feb 17, 2018- AKC Agility trial- QS for Zander and Nancy team!

Congratulation to Nancy and Zander for a perfect run in AKC Agility trial-
Open Jumpers and Weaves

QS, 1st place, perfect score of 100 under Judge Bob Jeffers. Feb 17, 2018 .Central Michigan Kennel Club trial.
Very proud of Nancy and Zander ( Bruin x Ruby) !!!
ZANDER - So Charmed Alexandros Midnight Solo, CGC, RN, TT, AKC NAP, NJP.

OFA results- JLPP - Clear, CHUI- N/N, Hips - good, Elbows, Eyes, cardiac- Normal


Feb 11, 2018 - UKC Nose Work Trials _ Oxford Dog Sprots

Our teams earned in ONE DAY:
FIVE High in Trial,
12 new Nose Work titles,
9 placings and 2 legs towards new titles!!!

Thank you Team for a fabulous day together & for training your BRTS!

CONGRATULATIONS again Ang, Kevin, Irena and Jean!

well done Katana, Meeka, Viva, Kicka and Sadie! Very proud of you!!!

Our lovely super girls!!

Katana - Kevin Team Earned:

Novice Handler Discrimintation Title, placing 1st in both legs.
PTS (Clove)
1 leg towards Advanced Container Search with 1st place!

Meeka and Ang:

HIT- High In Trial in Elite Containers!

MC Title( Master Container Search)
SI title- Superior Interior Search
1leg towards EC Search

Viva and Irena:

Superior Interior (SI) titleplaced 4th

AHD  Title (Advanced handler Discrimination title), placed 2nd in class

AC- Advanced Container Search title

Jean and Kicka:

HIT - High In trial - SI -Superior interior Search

SI- Superior Interior Search title
Placed 1st and 3rd in class


Sadie and Jean:

HIT- High in Trial MC

HIT Masters Container Search

PTE title

Way to go Sadie, our lovely veteran at almost 11years old !

Feb.4th, 2018. Hamilton Dog Obedience Club - CKC Rally and Obedience comtetition

What a great way to start our year! proud of my puppy girl!

Kicka (Wriely x Viva) earned 1st leg towards CKC Rally Excellent title with a perfect score of 100 and a First place in B class under judge Del Lunn.

We wanted to see how the new CD-X rules work - Open 18B, so we entered and Qualifyied with 2nd placing in 18B class under judge Mary Montheith.

Great job my lovely Sidekick !

January 14th, 2018 - UKC Nose work trial at Oxford Dog Sports

A wonderful start of 2018 for Viva and Irena! CONGRATULATIONS!

Our results - a new title- PT Elite, 1st place, last one of five PT's! , two brand new legs towards Advanced handler discrimination title and three first places in UKC Nose Work under an amazing judge Laurie McLaughlin.

- Advanced Handler Discrimination. 12 containers, some empty, some contain cotton gloves. One container has a cotton glove with my scent. A dog has to find handler's glove.
First leg - 19.64 seconds out of allotted 4 minutes. First place.
-Second leg - 11.94 seconds out of 4 minutes. First place.
Here are pictures of a tired working dog and her ribbons.

Congratulations to Kevin and Katana for earning First leg towards Novice handler Discrimination Title.

Time 00:22:92, placed 3rd in Novice a class

Jan 12 th , 2018 Zander and Nancy recieved AKC Achiever certificate!

Congratulations to Nancy and Zander!

This amamzing team have titles in three disciplines and received AKC Achiever dog Certificate!!!

Midnight Solo Kennel's Summary of activities and accomplishements for 2017!
Well done Team! Proud of you very much!


As we Celebrating Holidays and entering New year, each of us has many things to be grateful for in 2017.

I am thankful for our wonderful Black Russians, for each of you who gave them a fantastic forever home, for our friendship, for your support and for all the fun we have as a family.

Thank you for choosing Midnight Solo puppies to be a part of your life.

In 2017, Midnight Solo kennel welcomed to this world three fantastic litters, earned 72 new titles,
several of our BRTS made Top in Canada in Obedience, RO and Conformations, earned 12 High in trial and so much more.!
Very proud of our incredible Balckies and their fabulous owners!


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