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Nov 9, 2012 Report on our sucsess at AWBRTA Specialty at Putina Farms, Gray Summit, MI

Seiger Show is very different from AKC/CKC shows. It was judged by an FCI judge Josef Mravik, who lives in Eastrn Europe. Each BRT was critiqued by this judge and a rating was given. Critiques were given orally and recorded by AWBRTA.
In order to earn a IABCA title a dog must earn 3 excellent critiques (V1 rating for adults and SG-1 for puppies) in 3 seiger shows for adults and 4 for pups.

  Our kennel was represented by 3 BRTS: Bruin (Onyx X Rusah), Eli (Moses X Janetta) and Yara (Marley X Sadie .

Our Blackies did exceptionally weill: Midnight Solo won

Eli won BEST In Specialty Show handled by his Mom, Shannon.
Best Kennel Competition by Eli, Bruin and Yara,
Best Breeding Pair Competition (Eli and Yara)
Best Junior in Show (9 months old Yara)
Bruin and Eli are now Internatuional Champions of IABCA (Interantional All Breed Canine Association, FCI affiliated)
Bruin also passed CGC and TDI (Therapy Dog International) with his owner Carol


Int IABCA CH, AKC CH Midnight Solo Benan Elijah, CGC, TT, RN, RA, RE, URO1

BEST IN AWBRTA Seiger 2012 with judge Josef Mravik and Shannon Freeman Eli's owner)

We thank all organizers for a great time together, for beautiful ribbons and trophies. It was awesome to make new friends, to see "old" ones and to put faces to the names of people we know via facebook.

I want to thank Carol for driving 3 days each way to Missouri to show Bruin. For a great job she does to keep him in show grooming, socialized and well behaved.

Congratulations again Carol for passing therapy dog, CGC and new IABCA Champion title. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and was thrilled to see and handle our gorgeous boy, Bruin.

Thank you Shannon for riding with me, sharing the room and showing Eli. You both did exceptionally well. I know you are as proud of Eli as I am.
I am very thankful for the great team we have, for all our extended family members who were rooting for us, who love our BRTs and share our dreams and visions for this exceptional breed. I love you a

Eli's BISS rosette and Trophy, created by talalnted Mary P.


BISS, Shannon is congratulated by FCI judge Josef Mravik and leaves the ring with a huge, well deserved smile on her face and a gorgeous ribbon and a trophy!

Int, Nat IABCA CH Midnight Solo X-Terra Yara , CGC

Best Junior in 1st Annual AWBRTA Seiger 2012

Yara was a real trooper and showed very well.

The Seiger show went from 10 am till 6 pm.
Yara did everything i asked of her, She stacked well and ran like a dream.

What a girl!

IABCA INt Ch Midnight Solo Urban Myth (Bruin), CGC, TT, TD1

Bruin palced 2nd in Open class out of 6 males, recived V1 (excellent rating by Joseph Mravik and 2 other judges, earned His IABCA Int Champion title and passed CGC and Therapy Dog test .

Bruin on the left.
Our trophies and ribbons on the right. The show was very long. We took this picture before Eli won the show, his big rosette and the trophy is on the picture above. We also won 2 back packs for our dogs. AWBRTA did an amazing job putting the show together and had wonderful prices and big rosettes for all class winners.

We thank again all organizers.

Bruin hugging me in while waiting for the critiques on other dogs in the ring. Bruin is a wonderful large BRT with a great bone, nice head and coat. I am 5"11", so you can see how big he is. Bruin is Rusah's pup out of Deb Lynn's Onyx and brother to her Uriah, Olga Kornienko's Milana and our Ulan (owner Doreen Tudor). All 4 of them have great health, are champions and are nice BRTs bringing joy to their owners and make us very proud as breeders. Bruin is turning 3 years old in December.


It was a lot of fun to show FCI style. The ring was huge and Judge Josef Mravik did make us run a lot around the ring several times and there and back . Unfortunately Bruin did not want to run with me, he was looking for his Mom Carol all the time and did not show his movement the way i hoped he would. Nevertheless Bruin looked great and did well.


Eli and Shannon ran, then ran some more...

Best in Seiger ring: winners of all classes compete for BIS

  Judge Josef Mravik was moving all the winners around the ring time and time again.

Then he moved us in pairs, eliminating BRTs after BRT till the only 2 competitors for Best in Seiger were left: Eli and 9 months old puppy Yara.
It was a thrill and honor to have our two 2nd generation BRTs to be last 2 standing for the Best in show competition, defeating over 40 BRTS !
So we run some more and Eli won Best in AWBRTA Seiger show.

Way to go Midnight Solo BRTS!
Shannon did an amazing job handling Eli . We are so proud !

I want to thank my best friend Olga Kornienko for grooming Yara for me . Thank you again Carol and Shannon for a wonderful time together, for training your boys, keeping them in show coat and great physical condition. Hope to see you and your boys soon. Congratulations on your new titles and great success!

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